1505 Philema Rd, Leesburg
(229) 430-9020

Recent Reviews

J-Bird 229

This Subway is located in a somewhat secluded location, but I love it. It is, by far, the best Subway I've been to. The service is great.

Cal Cleve

This is a Subway within a convenient store. No sign saying they were out of anything. Out of bacon so had to change my order. Not a huge deal. Got a full meal. Looked for chips and the young lady behind the counter said grab them from wherever. The guy behind the register said no I could only choose between the two that subway had. Again, no sign saying this. No refund offered or anything. Try to do business with the local guys but this is my last time at any of his stores.

Donald Whiteman

Service was ok. Food was not that great.

Britni Rusk

Great food and quick and friendly service

Nicole Jones

This is the best subway that I have had. Clean and friendly staff.

Shanice Carter

Great service

Lisa Cannon

Close to me

Russell Rouse

Lady was fkd up that was working that night!

Never Ending Series

Who doesn't love subway? Vegans problem but they are missing out on the best sandwiches in their life.

Donald Trammell

Boring sammy shop. Make sure to let them know they're being stingy with the veggies. There's a corporate policy on how much of each item they can put on the sandwich.

Brittany Brown

I love going there with my family. Every time we go the cashiers and staff are always kind and really sweet to the kids.

Christy Davis

I love subway

slic 285

Loved it

Never Gonnagetit

Fast and friendly

Shanna Duan

Nice, clean store with awesome staff!

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