892 Riverside Dr, Macon
(478) 745-5958

Recent Reviews

Linwood Cummings

Krystal's gives you a break from typical fastfood. They also offer a good variety of tasty food. They have great service and the prices are reasonable.

andrea card

My food was fresh and made as I ordered it. I love the new tots; they're always perfect.

Edward Bouyer

This location was excellent. This is an older location, so there's nothing special about the building or grounds. Where this place stood out to me was with the staff and the food.


I am giving 5 stars because of David who was working breakfast at 5:30. Friendly , great customer service. Positive attitude. We need more people that act like David.

Big man

I know this isn't in line with this more healthy conscious eating of today, but sometimes you just gotta get a sack full....splurge and add cheese to each one (will probably double your cost) to fully enjoy

Kathy Nolan

The place was dirty were they get your food. Potato on the floor , bags they put your food in .You had to wait 15 minutes gor your food. Want go back. An I love Krystal. They need more help .

Michael Horton

Good food but got our order wrong and took long to het food

Brent Kilby

I don't know what was going on with this place today, but it was not together. After waiting for our food for 30 minutes, employees arguing and orders getting mixed up and lost, I asked for my money back. Very unpleasant and unprofessional.


We waited for no service and just was ignored because drive thru orders are more important than customers in the lobby

RATO Press

Always good. Everyone has to have a Krystal now and then.

Jeffrey Small

Food is a 5. Tons of food for almost no money. Customer service late night sucks. First of all they told me to pull up to the window (even after I explained I’m not from around there and have no idea what’s on their menu) and then asked me what I wanted. After that, the food took forever to get to my hands. Daytime is probably better.

James Bryant

Friendly Staff tonight. Manager was helpful. This is an Awesome restaurant. Krystals is nice place to eat. Enjoy this location 030p.m4/2019 9:30p around till 11:00p.m. Keep up the good work? :)

Schnetura Patrick

I ordered the original scrambler and coffee

Tasha Mcneil

Cheap food at this spot - super tasty. Two thumbs up for this place. Bring your appetite because portions are generous.


It could have just been this particular shift but holy moly were they disorganized. Food took forever to get to us in the restaurant, I saw 3 guys standing at the counter trying to get drink refills for almost 10 minutes and I waited at the counter myself for half of that but then gave up and went to eat my meal. I was able to get my drink as I was leaving but sweet lord it was the most disorganized thing i've seen in quite a while.

Ginny G.

Unbelievably slow. Horrible customer service in the drive thru. Not one apology. Disgusting restrooms. Oh and they totally screwed up our order.

Finn Sumowski

I have been, and am still in the car waiting for my drive through food. I was asked to pull up 45 minutes ago. Hurry up.

Tray Thrasher

Tried the slider burgers they were great I want to go back ASAP.

Tisa Davis

They had good customer service & they moved the line pretty fast.

Donald Henley

It way too long for my order and they let me know after I'd waited too long that they were out of chili for my chili cheese fries and thought they were doing me a favor by giving me a large fries in place of the chili cheese fries. Their not McDonald's so I don't think that was any kind of deal.

Ginger Thigpen

Service and friendliness great. Low carb scramble was good but tbe bacon was overcooked.

Pamela Spencer

If you want good food fast but short on cash Krystal have all kinds of 2 and 3 dollars meal

Les Hopson

This is the 2nd time within a year I have ordered the 24 party box of Krystals and not one of then had a pickle on it. I'm done.Whats a Krystal without a pickle..A White Castle..

Dusty Conley

The food was good but the service was not ..we ordered at the drive thru was asked to pull up even though no body else was in line and waited 20 min for our order when I asked why we had to pull up I was told because there on a time limit and they didn't want it to time out and age never apologized for our wait

JoAnne Stanley

Don't know what was going on last Friday around 11 a.m. but we always stop here when in area. The 2 girls in drive thru had the nastiest attitudes ever! Not our fault they were running behind on lunch items, we weren't even upset ! Don't like your job, please get a new one, someone else will be happy to take your place and appreciate it, cause these girls sure don't. Besides that food is good.

Melanie Drake

So when you call to corporate And complain about how the managers are rude and disrespectful don’t care about their employees or customers, but none of the managers are qualified to do nothing else but make Krystal’s so they stick together. TIA, HERBERT, nor ALTHEIA have any other options so if you want a nice respectful job where managers ain’t so busy being in the faces of the employees that they like and plotting up on the ones they don’t like I recommend you don’t attend RIVERSIDE DRIVE. THIS IS NOT A GOOD ENVIRONMENT TO BE PLACED IN IF YOU HAVE OTHER OPTIONS.

Chantilly Oliver-Cross

Food wasn’t as fresh and the sunriser eggs were hard. Came from VA and had to make a stop on my way through, but it wasn’t worth it. Very friendly staff

rhonda hightower

Great fast service and no attitude from employees. Will definitely return. Great food at a great price

Joshua Hasty

Went to krystal's on gray hwy this morning. Ordered 3 breakfast plate 3 eggs scrambled. Got back to the house and if I had 2 scoops of eggs on each plate that would have been amazing but it wasn't. Never going back to gray hwy krystal's. I'll go to spring st krystal's for now on. At least I get my moneys worth.

Howard Davis

Burgers not steamed or moist like they use to be. And no more Ba burger witch wa the best they had. Stop the gimmick and get back to basics.

Aicha Fade

I have ate a lot of things in Krystal. I mostly eat a number 1 with cheese, but I get it plain with no pickles, onions, or mustard. They also sell chilli cheese fries. We always go inside to eat. But you can do whatever you want. I hope someday you have a great lunchdinner at Krystal.

Felecia Mcwhite

They should really do better. Try adding sour cream to the grits, it makes them creamy. Food is never fixed with love....

David Goodwin

This restaurant was not very crowded, workers were not attenative at all and not friendly. Facility was clean but not deep down clean.

Bernard Freemanjr

Very clean. Good customer service. Food is good.

Les Hopson

Just 30 minutes ago I ordered 24 Krystals w/o cheese, and 3 large fries..when I arrived home, it didn't take long to realize there were no pickles on the krystals..seriously..$25 and no pickles..I'll check from now on, or just go to Burger King next door..

bambie wodkins

Drive thru is alittle slow!

Mindy Tank

Great service and always open after midnight!

Scott Floyd

I grew up eating at this Krystal Location, so glad to know that its still going strong. I love this Place, I now live in Tampa, Fla and I go to the Krystal on Fletcher Ave.

Danielle Swinger

I guess you can't ask for too good of service at fast food....

Roger Walker

The egg in the Sunrisers suck. Don't get it!