Macon Swirls

5451 Bowman Rd #230, Macon
(478) 812-8181

Recent Reviews

Al W.

I need to go by 1 o'clock or after lunch only to find out they're not open till two sorry I missed out!

Holly Price

Always such cheesy customer services and yummy choices.

Pamela Ceccarelli Nichols

My boys LOVE it here and we love the owners. They have allergen free options and yummy toppings. Itâ??s our favorite place for a treat!

Scott Camp

Great ice cream. Friendly staff! Great way to socialize on a hot day.

Emmielou Mooney

So many options, and its allllllll so good!!! Love this place!

Gregory Murray

Excellent! Great variety and customer service

Elaine Willis

I had the Chocolate Decadence and it was wonderful. The serving was generous and the server was very friendly.

BJ Hampton

Really hits the spot on a hot day! Great place!!

Bob J.

Best ice cream in Macon! Where do I begin?! Everything about this store is amazing! They have a wide selection of soft serve ice cream that changes often. When they change flavors, they have prepacked containers of it for a while after. They also have mayfield ice cream. Young girls operate every element of the restaurant including the cash register and samples. I love how the ice cream is actually affordable, unlike Tutti Frutti where everything is $7. My favorite flavor is Pineapple but they have so many good ones. I highly recommend Macon Swirls

Brian Chambers

Very friendly staff and a large selection of flavors and toppings to choose from.

Jimmy Lyons

Nice people and very fun atmosphere.

Adam Turner

They don't let you get your own samples; someone will stand with you and put the sample into the sample cups for you, and it makes you feel pressured to not try their flavors. The experience is very uncomfortable.

James Gay

Great ice cream, friendly staff and great prices. Best place in Macon.

Christine Millstead

Great family owned ice cream shop with lots of delicious choices. I also appreciated the dairy free options!

Lee Talley

I have a kid who loves it and that girl in there(bailey) now they are bff!ð???ð??

Meng Tsai

Impressive flavours with fun toppings, plus a thermal color-changing spoon!

Shannon Randall

We love Macon Swirls! A family-owned business that has the best customer service! 10 star!!

Karen Renae Daniels

Great selection, friendly employees, clean storefront, unlimited toppings, and delicious flavors!

Brandi Cook Jernigan

Best gelato and friendly owners!

Meng-Hsiu Tsai

Impressive flavours with fun toppings, plus a thermal color-changing spoon!

Eric Arcara

Great for people with allergies. They have multiple options to accommodate most people.

Liza B.

I thought I'd try this place with some friends since I didn't want to drive all the way down bass to go to he froyo place on Zebulon. There weren't that many great options at first glance. The little girl (I'm assuming it's the owners daughter) came up to us and asked if we wanted to try a sample. We said yes, and stood there waiting for some of the small sampling cups, but the little girl explained that she would have to get the samples for us. She wasn't wearing any gloves, which is concerning. I didn't mind too much at first, but then she went to cash us out and we handed her cash and sat down. Immediately, another person came in, and the girl gave them samples of the yogurt just like she did with us, except SHE DIDNT WASH HER HANDS AFTER HANDLING THE CASH WE HAD JUST GIVEN HER. It wouldn't be that big of a deal, except the sampling cups are TINY and it's almost impossible to get the yogurt out of them without your mouth hitting the outside of the cup (the same part of the cup that the little girl held after handling money that had been god knows where). It was gross. The yogurt wasn't even that great, it tasted a little sour and it was disappointing. Won't be back. Tutti fruiti is where I'll be going from now on. I can get a sample myself, I don't have to worry about little kids touching my stuff with nasty hands, and there are more flavors and it tastes way better.

Cheryl Conger

I love this place and the other business they have Macon Pizza Company

Alyssa Mathews

Great frozen yogurt in a super friendly and inviting atmosphere!

Bryan Stewart

Everytime we go to Macon Swirls we love it. The girl that works there is always nice and helpful.

David Attaway

Great froyo and top notch service with a smile.

Karla M.

The desserts and toppings are amazing but I don't need the the mom or daughter working there to be on my back when I want to try samples. I want to pour my own got damn samples instead of having them touch it and watch me. Customer service from the mom can use some improvement. I like that every time I came in for froyo/gelato I didn't have to weigh it. After I reach my $50 spending point (now at $46) for my gas rewards I won't come back. Tutti Fruiti is better and near my place.

Lynn Dubinett

My son has lots of allergies. This place is awesome. They know their product ingredients and are very friendly and accommodating. A fun place!

Jesse Riner

I loved this place! The frozen treats have a ton of variety and endless options for toppings! I wasn't sure what I wanted, so the helpful and friendly staff walked me through the different options, offered suggestions, and FREE SAMPLES! I ordered the vanilla/ chocolate swirl with, chocolate syrup, caramel, M&M candies, Reces's Pieces, and gummy bears!

Tonya Jenson

Decently prices. Decent variety. My kid loves the color changing spoons.

T R.

So far the best froyo place I've been to. Very affordable and they hv delicious flavors. The customer service is awesome as well.

Nicole Rivers Striplin

My fiance and I came here on a date and had such a pleasant experience. We were greeted by the owner's daughter. She helped us pick out our froyo and was polite and attentive. We thoroughly enjoyed the added fact that our spoons changed color with temperature. The owner of this establishment seems to be focused on making sure the customers have a fun experience. I would suggest this business to everyone.

Randall S.

This place is good, lots of options and everything labeled really well. My kids got gelato and Italian ice in some fruity flavors and they were actually really good. Price seems reasonable for what you get and the lady at the counter was very helpful.

Connor C.

It was very good and had a little bit of everything; but they had young kids working and it was unprofessional but overall all the ice cream was very good. The employees were very helpful.

daylon martin

Always fantastic! Take the family and enjoy the Italian ice! Join the club and earn free treats!

Chasity Atkins

I am not from this area, so whenever I am on my way back home, stopping at Macon swirls is a must! Very friendly staff. Wish I could give more than 5 stars!!

Jeffrey G.

My wife and I, along with her step-dad, were looking for a place in the area that served something cold to ease the pallet on a very hot day. We saw this place near Publix, so we decided to stop in... and I'm so glad we did! Frozen yogurt, gelato, AND Italian ice is what this place has to offer. Their are also a plethora of different toppings you're able to put on top of the already delicious frozen treats. The owner was able to give us sample cups for us to pick out which ones we wanted to have and I ended up with something called Tigers Blood! It was seriously the best Italian ice I've ever had! I kept it simple by adding some strawberries, cherries, a little white chocolate and my taste buds were in heaven! We mentioned that our usual frozen yogurt place back at home has treats for dogs, so she actually whipped up some frozen yogurt for our dog! She went out of her day to do this, but that's what makes great business owners! We will surely come back again due to the kindness of the owner and the delicious cold treats!

Rebekah Clark

The family that runs it is really nice. They charge a flat fee by cup size which is great for my 9 yo that loves to load up on toppings. The tropic cooler is my new favorite treat! ð???

Eboni B

I liked it. My only problem was the little girls touching my samples. I would of like to get it myself. When I saw that she was in charge of the cups and just picked a flavor and made my purchase.

Erin Gryczan

Awesome place with wonderful family running the store. Everyone is very knowledgeable and helpful if you want to know what each flavor has in it. They will even give you a taste size cup to try before you fix your cup. They also support something that is near and dear to my family- Autism awareness!!