2497 Pio Nono Ave, Macon
(478) 788-1150

Recent Reviews

Deitriah Reese

They were a little rude. The person that took my order took it wrong. I was asked did want something else informed her wanted my money. The manager gave the refund but it was like you did not want to go thru the process. You wanted me to have more food.

Linda Booze

My grandkids enjoy their food. Hot when they got home.

Frank Edwards

Great service fries were cooked and salted perfectly and the best Mcflury I ever had

Joshua Bryant

I love how this mcdonalds actually stays open late. I've also never had a problem with the food coming out wrong. I would recommend this McDonalds over any other one in Macon.

Irishboy M.

I always get my lunch in this store through drive thru, but they still don't understand what is less ice for a drink. I can't even taste the flavor of what I've ordered they always give me hard time about my drink. There will be no next time in this store. Poor service!

Sarah Burney

fast quick quick get in and out love the desserts and iced coffee

Xavier Wilson

Quick service in the am. Decent customer service.

Frances Jones

I would give zero stars if I could. Every time in my life I've came the shake machine is broken! The app said they are open 24 hours but they are not. You place an order but can't get it. McDonald's should do inspections of franchises and proper mystery shops. Maurice and Richard would roll over in their graves if they knew how the franchises are running it into the ground! I was so disappointed when you changed tea brands. It's been all downhill since then. The fries are not as good as other fries any more. The products aren't consistent between locations. Unless I want breakfast during the day, I go to BK now. Sorry McD's.

Rainy Berry

Fries good and hot, but cooked in (rank) old oil!


chicken nuggets good and warm, lady said i looked like stuart little so -1 star

Samuel Ardilla

McDondals will forever be that one fast food place that is an icon in the fast food industry. This particular McDonald's has its ups and downs. But mainly its ups. The food is made up to code and I never get the cheese slice on the side of the box or completely off the burger. The burgers are always made properly and they have never gotten my order wrong. However I have sometimes had to wait quite some time for my small order of food. The good thing is that I always get it and right. All in all this spot is adequate.

Torrey Gail

When u need some cheap n quick u can always count on them. Plus they have the best fries

crystal payne

Disgusting. Employees touching their hair then handling food and ice with bare hands, food took 15 minutes to be made. Had 9 orders after me, come out before my food. Employees were rude and unhelpful.

Lakeisha Hill

My boys love their happy meals but the staff are too young and inexperienced.

Rae Jones

By far the WORSE McDonalds in Macon. They are constantly running out of items. Early this morning, they're out of biscuits...what kind of ghetto bullfoolery is this?! Either they cant get your order right or they dont have what you want. This is the last straw...Wont be returning!!

Paranormal Society of Middle Georgia

I'll tell you one thing... there is absolutely no reason for anyone that works at this establishment to be eligible for a $15 an hour minimum wage consideration.

Hummer Anagnost 1 Gmail dot-com Anagnost

Because it's a good place to meet and everything is fine and close to my church

Wallace Poole

Coffee and donuts are always fresh. Friendly service...

Chris F Morris-Hester

Do not recommend this location. Nasty grease used for fries, didn't know the 2 for 5$ special ran out until I paid for the food. Didn't offer any compensation for their blunder. Overall they're not friendly or professional.

M. Ex

I'd recieved my food at a reasonable time without them having me pull up and over to wait longer as if I'm ordering for a whole group.

Rachel Kelley

Love the $3 happy meals. But the staff is going down hill and the ice cream machine is always down at night, that should not happen during summer!

Felicia McCoy

Itâ??s McDonaldâ??s so what more do you expect lol. The peach slush is awesome though!

Larry Carter

No bread for buttermilk chicken. Only had sweet tea.

Amber Singletary

This place is wonderful! The cooking is excellent and the staff very nice. Please, consider if in town.

Aaron Jones

great place amazing customer service

Neshia Too Real Johnson

Bathroom were filthy.. tissue and brown napkins was everywhere grease on the bathroom floor urine and species in both toilet... u could see food capped in corners.. just looked unsanitary... The managers had a nasty demeanor when addressed to them... Ill take my business somewhere else...

Yvette M.

Cold Food!! Drive thru; We don't have tea, sprite, coke....etc Why the hell are y'all even OPEN!!

Tony M.

I don't write a lot of reviews, but this one is needed. I was there on Nov 3, 2018 mid-day. I really like the smokehouse burger, I hope they keep it. It is always a bad sign when you walk in and 5 customers are standing around with receipts in their hand. Place needed to be cleaned, ketchup empty, ketchup cup containers empty, sweet tea empty, ugh not a good sign. There was a pan-handler in side that was asking people for money. The manager instead of confronting the situation just said "I am going to call the police" then asked a co-worker for the phone. I will not be back and I drive by this location at least once a month.

Star L.

I am so tired of this McDonald's on Pio Nono ! Every time I turn around they say that their ice cream machine is down ! It can't be down for 4 years straight ! They are very lazy and unprofessional. I don't even eat McDonald's like that and this is why ! I don't even come here on a regular and the same lady uses the same bullshit excuse just so she don't have to clean the machine . The fries are stale and nasty as well and don't get me started on the burger ! Everything is just horrible except the breakfast and coffee beverages is kind of acceptable . I don't understand how this McDonald's is still open ! It needs to be shut down or under better management and hire a whole new staff !

Demarius Girdner

Just gimme what I ordered

Brad Severson

Use to card u for senior coffee discount but Services fast n ladies at both windows super nice

Sarah M.

There was no sweet tea, the floor was sticky, and the kitchen was nasty!! One staff member was extremely rude to my group because we did not claim an order that wasn't even ours.. one girl in our group ordered at 8:01 and got her food at 8:27. The iced coffee was warm and they put mayo on our sandwiches after we asked them not too. We stood at the counter waiting for lids and employees stood around talking and ignored us. There was not a single napkin in there. AVOID this location!

Video Closet2

Visited on 3/24/18 at approx. 9p.m. I worked in a very busy McDonalds all the way through high school and college moving up into management until I graduated into my career field. I know what it is to be busy but this was simply unexceptible. The bathrooms were very dirty. We ended up taking our food to go since there was only one clean table for 4 even though there were only 2 tables being used. Food was way beyond staging time but since we had returned to our hotel across the street we decided not to go back over. Very, very dirty!!!! Gave it one star because in order to post I had to givevit at least give it that.

LaTara Fowler

This is the worst place to eat everrrrr! #/#IStoppedForAFriend #/#NotOnMyMenu

Jennifer Vaughn

Most of the time the service is great and the food is fresh but every now and then the food isn't as fresh..but that doesn't stop me from going because it doesn't happen too often!

S.J. Briggs

I'm so sick of some of the ladies here because they can be rude! At night when my mom is craving here strawberry shake, she wants to come to this McD's to get one. And 90% of the time, the ice cream/shake machine is down! Now how in the world was it working ALLLLLL DAY, now all of a sudden it doesn't work? I'll tell you how, by lies! I understand why they have to keep calling people in, because nobody wants to work with each other! And that results in short staffing, which strains customer service, and now you got hour long complaints like this on Google Maps! ���� REAL photos to come......

Dawn Wood

theres a couple of different guys that go between the McDonald's and Wendy's asking for for money

Shan Maddox

My son ordered cheese burgers and got home and there were only bread, cheese, ketchup, and pickles. No meat!! Then on top of that, it took forever and the employees have the worst attitudes

Morgan Gruver

The young lady who took out order couldn't speak professionally, was argumentative when we asked to verify our order. She told us one price and when we got to the window we were told another price. The lady who handed us our order also didn't speak professionally.

Sheree Barkley

Ask for fresh food willing to wait on it still got food that was already cook can I just get what I ask for it is my money y'all have got to do better