2497 Pio Nono Ave, Macon
(478) 788-1150

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Pretty efficient location and on a very busy intersection. They seem to have the COVID process down. Sometimes it can be hard to get in and out of the parking lot so take care when merging back in traffic. This location is a drive thru only for me because I rarely dine in.

douglas lane

Nobody anywhere inside when it was supposed to be open, tried yelling into the drive-thru and nobody responded for 5 minutes. Would rate this 0 if it was possible. There were 2 other cars waiting there after us as well. Person was sitting on phone -_-

Liz T

Good food took very long to get my food when I only ordered chicken nuggets

Imperial Harris

Im always mc lovin it

Valencia Saye

My fish sandwich was fresh just as I asked, was disappointed cause my fry box were half way filled up and barely warm.

Ramona Ramey

Its just average...step it up, smile and be thankful we come to the drive thru so you fet a pay check! Ugggh, people need a overhaul! You either make or break the franchise!

Valeria Brown

That particular McDonald's always has fresh food. I bypass the one closest to my job to go to that one. I give it a thumbs up

Ronaldo Zarate-Diaz

great service. saw employees being patient with a rude customer.?

Kimberly . Washington

Food was hot customer service was great

Brandi Duncan

Drive thru only but quick!

Amber T.

If you looking for fast service and quality food prepared correctly... go somewhere else. I ordered breakfast via the mobile app, I checked in to confirm that I was in the drive thru, my time stamp was 10:56 am. I didn't make it to the first window until 11:09am, where I was then advised that it was after 11am and could no longer get my breakfast order. As I explained that it wasn't my fault that their drive thru was moving slow as molasses. I guess it was the manager who came to the window and advised they canceled my order since it was after breakfast hours and asked if I wanted lunch instead. I declined and advised I wanted the order that I placed and sat in line for 20+ minutes waiting on at this point in time. They ended up making my order as placed. I pulled up as req I checked it to make sure it was correct before driving off, of course it was not. They left out one of my hashbrowns and there was PLASTIC and bacon on my egg and cheese only mcmuffin. I went inside to advise regarding the error. The crew member at the counter advised it was a piece of the assemblers glove in the sandwich. How in the world did they miss a long piece of plastic when they wrapped up the sandwich I have no idea. Anywho....No apology was given, however she did yell for it to be remade correctly. My new sandwich was bagged and handed to me. No thanks or anything. Definitely the worst customer service I've ever experienced.

Ms Jackson

Terrible! Watched mgr. take a French fry from an order then wipe his hands on his shirt right in front of everyone as I waited for my order (Lg Sweet Tea) which was syrup in a cup!!

Elijah Kinton

Was out of a lot of stuff but staff wasnt too unfriendly and we got through the drive thru in like 20 minutes

Brandi White

They need to clean their drink machine. Nice people

Brenda Valdivia

Work area was super dirty. The machines were dusty and sticky. Fries were literally dripping oil. The girl that placed them in bag just threw them. All the fries were out of the bag. I ordered it to eat there but just took everything with me after both sandwiches were still cold and the meat to the egg mcmuffin was half the size. I did not eat the food; threw everything away.

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