Sakkio Japan

3661 Eisenhower Pkwy #24, Macon
(478) 477-1100

Recent Reviews

naomi sellars

Love their Terriayki Chicken with Steamed Vegs and Fried Rice!! I even order it doubled up!! Try it!! You will love it!!!!

Evan Thomas

Great food! Been coming here for years and is excellent everytime with low prices for the amount of food.

Stephen Fowler

Driest rice I have ever tell the guy to put 5 scoops of sauce on your food and he spills most on the grill and you get nothing

Melinda T.

We LOVE Sakkio! All 3 of our kids (ages 13, 11 & 9) do as well & THEY CAN be picky eaters but Love this food! HIGHLY recommend the teriyaki chicken/we usually order extra meat. We can feed our family of 5 with just 2 orders..u get THAT MUCH FOOD! We've eaten there for over 3 years!!!

Linda Marks

Excellent spot for delicious Japanese food. I love it here. Looking forward to coming back with my friends. It has an awesome atmosphere. Mood here is similar to Fresno's scene.

Monica Walker

My fav place for quality Japanese food. food with real quality ingredients. the service here is above par. menu is like a cafe in indianapolis i loved.

Eddie Robinson

Went their on 2-10-18 I'm not the one to complain but the young man on his phone while cooking and drinking water on the line not one time did he go wash his hands don't think I'll be going back again

Linda Grinstead

Was there 12-19-2017. Ordered 2 chicken Terriyaki plates. Rice was very dry and the chicken was burnt. 2 males, 1 females working which was NOT friendly. Didn't give me the yum yum sauce that I purchased but plenty of Terriyaki sauce all over outside of plate. The 2 guys was too busy talking about paying for booty.

Jeni M

Go often, chicken is delicious, always a line!

Jeni Meadows

Go often, chicken is delicious, always a line!

Jennifer White

Best around!

Albert Brown

Nice area and great parking, I didn't go in.

Robert B.

Food is amazing! Price is amazing! Just dont get there too late on a friday night. They close at 9 pm so they will close down early so they can be gone by nine. Got there at ten till nine and they were already closed.

Jana M.

Food is DELICIOUS! A friend travels 50 minutes about once a month just to come eat here. I see why. It really is some GOOD stuff. Just say YES to the sauce! Only drawback? Location. That Macon Mall parking lot is not where I want to be after dark. Consider visiting for lunch instead.

Monique Curry

Great food

Benji H.

Best food place in the mall. Teriyaki entrees are cooked to order rather than sitting in a tray. Food is tasty, fresh, and filling... And they give a lot for the price! They don't give you tap water though so be prepared to pay for bottled water if you want water, but then again you are already getting a great deal for the quality and amount of food you'll be getting.

Matthew Denmark

Been eating here long as i can remember best thing about the mall!

Martha W.

The food here is very delicious. I enjoy eating here when we come to Macon. The prices are not bad either and you get a lot of food. The chicken teriyaki is what I normally get.

Harold Duckworth

nice ,cheap and good food

Shea L.

I love their chicken teriyaki and stir fried veggies! Great taste at a great price! We will definitely go there when we go to Macon Mall!

Zack Tedders

Nice, cheap, quick Japanese food. Don't whine about the service; it's essentially fast food anyway. Be very _very_ clear on what you want. Double meat for chicken is always $0.99.