4285 Roswell Rd, Marietta
(770) 321-5550

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Jennifer G.

Great pizza and calzones! Not overly salty or greasy which is so nice when compared to other places in East Cobb. Their garlic knots are so good too! Lots of butter and garlic in the sauce. This place has pasta, sandwiches and dessert which we plan to try next time. Definitely a place we will return!

Joshua LaPointe (Josh)

We have been looking for good Italian since we moved to Georgia about a year ago. While this place doesn’t make fresh pasta like we are used to from NYC places, the flavors are amazing.The sausage and pepper taste like a homemade meal from an old Italian grandmothers recipe that you eat every Sunday with family.The Alfredo is thick and creamy like you want it to be and the chicken was perfectly cooked.Calzones are amazing. We’ve tried them a few times now and they have always been good.Garlic bread tastes like it’s been frozen and just heated up to serve, a little disappointing but the rest is awesome.

Jory Robbins

Staff was super friendly and helpful. Portions sizes big. The garlic bread could be a little more garlicky and their meat options aren't very copious for their pastas. Overall, delicious pasta. The Pasta Forne was sooooo good!

Lynn A.

Love love love Capozzi's! Great pizza, yummy pasta, even the sandwiches are good. I usually get the chicken ranch sub and they are so generous with the cheese, and the bread is chewy in the right spots, and crunchy too. My favorite pizza is the tomato ranch with bacon--soooo good! I wish they had draft beer, but at least they have bottled. Seth at the front register always takes great care of me and with a smile. Great little restaurant!

Fred P

Had best slice of real NY Pizza with that thin crunchy crust we former New Yawkers aka Damn Yankees yearn for!! Great Pizza!! Thanks Guys!! ?And now looking forward to devouring some of their delicious Veal Parmigiana and Linguine and meat sauce!!! ?

Jessica Tanner

Update: Apparently there was an issue in the kitchen but we gave it another shot and it’s back to the great food we’ve always received!We’ve always loved their food but the last few times we’ve been extremely disappointed. Wrong order twice and the last three times we’ve gotten really burnt food. Here’s a pic of tonight’s hero…. It shocks me that they would actually wrap and serve this. Both of our heros were burnt to a crisp and hard as a rock. Really disappointed in our recent experiences.

Mahriah Grosh

Edit a few minutes later: I called them up they remade the pizza the pizza the new pizza that is is perfect! It's a good day! Apparently I've been given lightly cooked pizza before in the past and didn't know that it was a style and was upset the first pizza wasn't that way since it's what I was used to. I'm sorry. 6/22/2021As of 6/22/2021 I usually like the pizza at capozzi's and is normally my favorite but today the pizza was way overcooked the crust is hard and crunchy, the cheese is overcooked and it's difficult to eat. Normally it's soft and floppy in the middle with a nice crust. Not this time though. Just check pizza before you leave

c tracy

I am from New Haven/New York Where we are very serious and opinionated about our Italian food. I feel like I’m back home when I sit down in one of the booths. The eggplant is incredible so is the red or white linguine with clam sauce. Believe it or not one of my favorite things on the menu is the garden salad with their homemade creamy garlic dressing which is very New York! I’ve moved a couple months ago and I’ve been at least once a week sense. On top of it everybody that works there including the owner Bud treats you like family. Im in love!

Tanner Harris

Great food and very friendly staff. The pasta and sandwiches are outstanding. I’ve not had the pizza yet, but I’m sure it’s excellent too. Highly recommend this place. Wonderful people.

Ailar Zarekani

The food is great! And super friendly staff! We got there late but still they were super welcoming and friendly!I recommend this place to everybody in the area!So happy with this place

A Zarekani

The food is great! And super friendly staff! We got there late but still they were super welcoming and friendly!I recommend this place to everybody in the area!So happy with this place


I love this place, I made Pizza @ 12 y/o and at 57, This is NY Pizza , Freshly made with perfection!

Michael Porras

New to the area and received a free 16 inch in the mail as a welcome gift. Smartest marketing ever. After today, I refuse to buy any other pizza. This pizza was DELICIOUS!!!! Thanks for the free pizza! I will see you again very soon!!!

Onikey M.

[Review from an HONEST, REAL New Yorker] I stumbled across this place by accident and SOO glad I did. I only got the 16" pepperoni. BEST pizza I've had in the south yet (I don't say that lightly). Most similar to great NY pizza you can get. It's big and not too expensive considering. The sauce to cheese ratio was on-point I'm also a stickler for seasonings. I can't stand when pizza makers have never heard of seasoning the sauce. DELICIOUS sauce. Definitely not a pizza for people on a diet (you're annoying if you eat NY pizza on a diet anyway). Cheese was rich, savory, and the pizza had the PERFECT amount of oil (when I lift a slice, I should see an oil mark in the box: I don't trust the pizza if not). **The Crust** This is the game changer and why most "NY" pizza places aren't actually NY style. I LOVED CAPOZZI Roswell's, crust!!!!! Let me just say that it did differ from traditional NY ultra thin floppy crust. Even with the great moisture from the cheese and oils... THEIR CRUST STILL kept it's general shape, was flakey, and had surprising tiny crunchy/airy pockets. Hard to explain. But it was a really good unique NY style crust. I personally love when pizza places add butter and seasonings to the crust (which isn't NY style), and they did so upon request. I'm a blunt and honest critic, and you should trust my review on the pizza. 10/10. Wish I took a picture in the car before I ate half... but it was beautiful.

Tearsa Black

Hands down this is THE BEST NEW YORK STYLE pizza in Atlanta!Their pizza has the thin, crunchy crust, they use real mozzarella cheese and homemade sauce!We order from here almost every Friday.... it’s THAT GOOD!If you want REAL NY style pizza in Atlanta....this is the ONLY place to go!!#welovecapozzis

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