Cheeseburger Bobby's

125 Ernest W Barrett Pkwy NW, Marietta
(770) 919-9110

Recent Reviews

Taylor Cartrett

The worst Bobby’s location I’ve been too. Soggy fries and burnt onion rings make it make sense.

Mike Carman

1st time here and the food was good, service quick, French fries exceptional. We really liked that you could put your own toppings on.Food: 5/5

Lecia Brooks

Very delicious food. Friendly staff. Clean establishment. Frozen custard was deliciousFood: 5/5

Hamma Time

Walked in during a rush, didn't even matter. Ordered my food and came out just as fast as I ordered it. EXTRA HOT AND FRESH is they nickname. They even gave me a free order of onion rings. IMA FAN NOW!

LP Turner

They give you the burger, cheese, and bun and there’s a toppings bar where you can add your own toppings! And they have several seasonings for the fries! Good place!


The burgers have shrinked to almost the size of a Krystal burger. Cut food costs due to inflation? Not worth the expensive price. The femalecashier had a bad attitude and my order wrong.

Mary Kathryn M.

Lovely and delicious! Wonderful employees! Clean, inviting restaurant! A must go-to burger place!

Toni Dufault

This burger place came highly recommended.. It did not disappoint. Burgers and fries were great

Victoria Weitkamp

Very friendly staff. We loved the topping bar and the seasoning for fry's. There is also a variety of sauces. My favorite was the siracha mayo. The mango and peach tea was tasty as well. We are very glad we stopped here for lunch on our way back home.

Charlene Dennis

I wanted to share an experience that happened with the owner of this establishment years ago.When I was in college working as a server the owner came into the restaurant I worked at. He bragged about how he was (his words) “Bobby, as in THE cheeseburger Bobby.”He then said I needed to impress him and tell him about myself. I’m not going to divulge my life story to a random man, even if he is “The Cheeseburger Bobby.”I told him very vague things like “oh I’m just a college student that wants to go into this field, I work here part time.”Turns out he was interviewing me, his friend made sure to tell me.He eventually said “I’ve heard enough. You can go.”I got rejected from a job I never wanted nor applied for. After 5 years I still remember this interaction vividly. My boss at the time mentioned he did this every time he came in. I was talking to a friend a few days ago, and she told me the exact same story.I’m sorry to leave a bad review for a restaurant I’ve only been to a few times (before this happened), but this interaction was so demeaning. Why does Bobby feel the need to reject people who were never looking for his approval?Basically, this left such a bad taste in my mouth. I know I was just a powerless college student, serving to make ends meet. However I never want to give a dime to this man that indulge his weird power trips.

Shannon C.

First and last time visiting. Burgers were hard and zero flavor. If it has burgers on sign, you would expect excellent burgers. Lol not the case here, don't waste your money.

John Peters

A horrible decision was made to change the 1/3 pound burger from one pattie to two. Mine was overcooked and dry, plus they only used one piece of cheese in comparison to normally using topping each pattie with cheese. I will never visit a cheeseburger Bobby's for the cost versus quality.

Ruby Ayala-Barajas

Super clean and friendly people! Love that this location has a large dining area and a very clean topping bar !

John McClure

Their mobile app always says they are closed and it will not allow you to input orders.I drive to the store and I enter my order on a kiosk! Not very efficient or convenient!!!! The kiosk also doesn't give the option to earn rewards.

Monet Sims

It was not good. The fries were over cooked and luke warm. The burger did not taste seasoned and was greasier than I normally like it, which made the bottom bun soggy with grease. Wasted money as I threw it away. I will not be back. Only thing good was the mango and peach tea and the bacon.

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