2378 Shallowford Rd, Marietta
(770) 591-9906

Recent Reviews

Peyton Menz

Terrible service in the drive thru. If you’re working with people I suggest you fix your attitude. Management needs to step up.Food: 3/5

Erik Falcone

One of the last good Dunkin Donuts left. Service is fast, workers are competent and the place is clean. Come down here all the way from Jersey. It’s that good!Food: 5/5

Brad Barksdale

The people at this location are amazing. People always say dunkin is one of those places where "you need to go to the right one" and this is definitely the right one. Here they make it right everytime and I've even had times where a hand is sticking out the window with my drink before I even pull up to it in the drive through. Very well made, quick everytime, and very friendly, highly recommended from b-rad

EdithAlejandra S

Good coffee and friendliest staff. Lately my go to is large Iced Coffee with caramel swirl. The roast is rich and the price is sweet. DD, I’ll be back!Food: 4/5

Connie Vogel-Brown

Lemon loaf is yummy. Staff is always quick but still polite.Food: 4/5

Kathryn Smith

Absolutely the worst DD we have ever ate at. Employees are rude -non accommodating. CANT FOLLOW SIMPLE DIRECTIONS LIKE “TOASTED”Bagel was not toasted after I asked them twice. Just IGNORANT.STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS PLACE. WE ARE REPORTING THEM TO THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT. THIS PLACE NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN.

Ascendant Goat

This is the saddest, most disappointing dunkin I've ever been to, and I used to work at this location, so you can take my word for it.1) they had no espressos, so I got a vanilla chai latte. It was luke-warm at best and extremely bitter.2) the bacon egg and cheese croissant was literally half baked. The cheese hadn't even melted when I went to eat it. The egg also smelled spoiled, like sulfur. Not good at all.3) The donuts were so sad. Typically, DD makes new donuts overnight, every night, and at closing time, they'll throw away anything that wasn't eaten that day. These donuts were at least 2 days old. Stale, hard, and tasteless. Ended up splitting them out and throwing them away.Save yourself the bad experience and go to the DD near Sprayberry high school or wait in the long line at Starbucks. It'll be way more worth it.

Finding Chelsea

Just left this location store 2378! They made my french vanilla iced coffee to PERFECTION!!!! And my chocolate croissant was warm and delicious! Thanks so much staff ☕️ ?

mike mitchell

I came thru this morning ordered a frozen coffee on app when got there was told they can’t do it in morning’s I said it’s already paid for and it’s almost $6 with tax they said order a iced coffee which is $2 less what about my money no refund given or anything

Murl Harmon

Clean, fresh doughnuts, friendly service. Overall, a really good visit.Food: 4/5

Elizabeth Moore

It was not the Dunking Doughnuts experience I have been accustomed to. The doughnuts were very stale and flavorless. It was very disappointing, because only 2 out of 6 doughnuts I purchased were edible. Also, I was told by the server/cashier that 5 of 6 of the flavors I requested were not sold at their location.Service: 4/5

Derra Sillah

The customer service and food presentation was absolutely horrible. At the drive thru, I was not greeted with a welcome. My breakfast sandwich was missing the meat after returning it twice and the third time, it was thrown on the sandwich, such poor quality and presentation m. The ladies at the window were not excited to be there on a Monday morning.

Jennifer Lee

Nice people working. Coffee is pretty good but other food is just not that great. It's not just this location it's all dunkin donuts in my opinion.Food: 3/5

Jenna Barnes

This location is hit or miss depending on who is working in the morning. They may or may not forget half of your order and then stare at you crazily when you ask about the other half.

chris dyar

Donuts are alright. Decent coffee. Friendly staff, good service when they are staffed. I think I just prefer the Krispy Kreme style donuts, plus they were out of the blueberry cake last time we came.Food: 3/5

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