Good Kitchen + Market

116 Margaret Ave NE, Marietta
(770) 726-2561

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Ashley P.

If you have a soy allergy, this is your place! I was so relieved when the waitress told me they don't have any soy. Only having to worry about gluten and dairy was a breath of fresh air, and the staff was knowledgeable about allergens and substitutions. My whole family enjoyed the meal. I was so impressed by the kids meal because the choices were healthy and delicious. I cannot recommend this restaurant enough!

Siobhan C.

I got the hot honey chicken wrap and seasonal veggies on the side. The food was SO good. So flavorful and you don't feel gross even with a full stomach. The staff was so nice and took the time to explain the menu and provide more info if you are vegan or vegetarian. It's also so cute inside! I wish I could eat here everyday lol

Cara E.

Met family for breakfast this morning, and it was just as lovely as usual! We sat outside because the weather was perfect. I ordered an iced chai latte which was presented in a wine glass, and the water glasses were so cute! I ordered the avocado bacon bowl and it was so tasty - especially loved the crispy hash browns and the gruyere cheese. My husband ordered the sausage burrito and liked it, and my stepmom ordered the veggie burrito with a GF wrap. Not pictured but ordered by my fam are the bacon quesadilla and the traditional pancakes. Thanks for a wonderful breakfast!

Esther P.

Great service! Came out for a spontaneous breakfast on a weekday. Food was tasty and staff was attentive and friendly.

Emily G.

This is my first Yelp review. Hubbie and I had the day off (and the kiddo at daycare!) so wanted to have a nice leisurely brunch. We'd hit up all the fave spots recently - Hoboken bagel, Fellows Cafe, Crooked Tree, Sugar Cakes Patisserie, etc, - so thought trying a new place would be fun. Reviews on Yelp looked really good, menu had a couple of interesting things, so thought we'd give Good Kitchen a try. First concern: the table we were brought to hadn't been cleaned. It wasn't apparent at the time, but my husband noticed stickiness on his hands and arms and so inspected and found out there was quite a bit of syrup from the previous guest. I wiped it up myself. Not cool! Also service was very slow and the waitress was not super helpful. It was mostly empty, so not sure why service was slow or tables not bussed. We ordered: *Guacamole appetizer - comes with raw veggies and toast points. Guacamole itself was good, if not a little bland, as were the raw veggies. But there were barely any toast pieces and they were oiled inconsistently...most toast had very little oil and one toast point was soaked in oil - I ate that one so my husband wouldn't have to. And not a lot of veggies. So were were left with a lot of guac after having only a few veggies and few toast points. Very disappointing! *Coffee and lemonade - coffee decent, but not standout. And I really liked the lemonade. *I got the veggie bowl without cheese (I'm pregnant so need to avoid certain cheeses) and added bacon instead. When the food came out it looked marvelous and it was a big portion. But proportion again was a problem. There were a TON of veggies and almost no egg. The bacon I added was really disappointing...I got like 2 pieces placed on top and it was the kinda soggy, fatty, undercooked kind that I honestly wasn't sure I wanted to eat. Overall, the meal lacked real flavor. Very bland. Another bummer was that the sweet potato hash on the bottom was burned on the bottom - burned all the way to black. Burned food doesn't taste good :( *My hubbies food looked more disappointing at first glance. He got the breakfast meat bowl, which was a small portion. The eggs were cooked fine, but none of the delicious finesse that we expect from our great brunch standbys. And it came with like 5 pieces of that sad bacon. He ate it all, but also not a great meal. He told me it was very bland. *Seasonal pancakes - After our disappointing meals, we were excited to share a big plate of berry pancakes. We got 3 gigantic pancakes with berry compote on top and there was a side of butter and syrup. What could go wrong? The pancake consistency was weird and not good. It tasted gritty, almost like there was cornmeal in it? We ended up dousing the pancakes in syrup so that we could distract from the bizarre texture. A note about the pancakes - they were not fully cooked. As we got closer to the center of the pancake stack, it looked like they had put cream on top, but on closer inspection it was obviously just pancake batter! The pancakes were not cooked and I had already ate some. Normally this would be concerning, but I'm 6-months pregnant...not a great time to be eating unsafe food! The bill came and it was ~$70. Thing is, I don't mind dropping that kind of money on a nice brunch and routinely do at other places, and feel really good about it. What irked me was being charged so much for such a bad experience, for bad that honestly was pretty bland, burned, and undercooked. I probably should have sent the food back, and gotten my money back, but just wasn't up for making a scene at the time - was feeling pretty upset. I've never had to send my food back before, so was feeling a bit bashful about it. I really wanted to like this place. They have zoodles on their menu for pete's sake - how cool is that? But the food wasn't just mediocre, which would just be sad. They actually served me burned food and undercooked/unsafe food, which is really, really not OK. And then charged me a lot for it :( And it did

Jeff S.

Wife and I found this pace for lunch. If you ask, they have a separate vegetarian menu. Good all around menu of high quality foods and quality ingredients. I had gazpacho and the chicken piccata bowl and my wife had the Thai vegetarian bowl. Both were good. The piccata was over cauliflower mash which was quite good but the dish needed more salt and lemon, a little bland. The Thai bowl was very good over cauliflower-rice. Nice setting, as we ate outside on the lawn under sails. Good stuff over all.

Ken Wilkinson

Outstanding. Friendly helpful people. I got the Carnivore bowl with sausage, and it was arguably the best sausage I've ever had. And I make sausage. Highest recommendation.

Jessica Richardson

Food was pretty great! Service was good and the staff was kind. Food is definitely high grade and organic. Staff is well versed in food allergens. My only issue was that a cinnamon and honey small latte with oat milk was almost $7. However they had small packets of monk fruit for sweetener, which I was impressed with.

Erin N.

Loved my experience here with my friends. Enjoyed a salad, hard kombucha , and the guac. The outside seating area is beautiful, and the food is delightful. I loved the healthy options. I would like to come back and check out the coffee bar. If I was a local, I would be a regular!

Kimberly Johnson

Coffee and food were delicious! Our server, Aiden, was so much fun, great to talk to and master water pourer! ? We sat outside on their lawn, it was beautiful and honestly perfect way to start our week vacation!! Definitely a must if in the area!!

Kalley H.

I came here for breakfast. Everything was amazing, everybody was so nice, the food was healthy and delicious. But the I came here for dinner and the vibe was just...different. Beautiful porch and but the service was odd, sooooo slow and it was just a strange experience. It took forever to get drinks let alone food. Our waitress (who was really nice, just a little awkward) told us all about how amazing their ribeye steak is, only to tell us they are all out of the ribeye steak. Bummer! So we asked for the skirt steak appetizer which never came until we asked about it. She admitted she forgot to put in our order (it's okay mistakes happen) but she was like, "would you like us to take it off your bill?" Um yes? Only for her to replay, "okay I'll have to see if we can..." like why did you offer of you might not be able to do it? And you should be able to do it! By the time we got it the steak was chewy and tough. Disappointed. Dinner finally came, and our "cauliflower mashed potatoes" were ice cold. We've never had cauliflower mashed potato's before so we honest we're not sure if they should be cold or hot, so we asked someone and they danced around the question. "They mash fresh cauliflower and purée it into a mash and...yeah it should be hot". We got new ones...about 20 minutes later Overall, everything was just soooo slow. The dinner was bland, burger was over cooked. I have a feeling the kitchen was overwhelmed. It was busy but not that busy. I might go back for breakfast, but definitely not dinner.

Nery Correa Mendoza

Love this place! Super cute! Our waiter was super nice and funny. I will definitely come again.

Jessica B.

First time here, and won't be the last! Our server was incredibly friendly and helpful. She recommended the burger, which we both got and loved. It was cooked exactly as ordered, medium, and it was super tasty. The side salad was great, especially with the ginger dressing she recommended. They carry a line of seltzer I've never seen in stores, Montane, which I think is local, and for which I'm now on the hunt. The patio is dog friendly. It's so nice to find some healthier restaurant options in the area. I can't wait to come back and try the breakfast bowl and everying else they have. The parking lot is a little awkward, but I think across the street has a bigger lot that's available for customers.

Justin Powell

I took my girlfriend here for a birthday breakfast and it was AWESOME. I love the decor, the server Abbie was super sweet. The coffee (of which I am super snobbish about) was on point. Veggie breakfast bowl and pancakes delivered as well. Thanks for making her day super special!

Inechia Johnson

Outstanding ambience and costumer service. Food was fresh and delicious! I will definitely be back! Thank you for such a great first experience!

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