Menchie's Frozen Yogurt

4475 Roswell Rd Ste 205, Marietta
(770) 973-9009

Recent Reviews

Debi Skurski

Friendly service and so refreshing.

Rave Grave

The nicest and best customer service we've had in a long time. Reasonable prices and plenty of flavors.

LimitLess Reviews

Really good selection of toppings including the juice-filled bursting bubbles, marshmallow, cool whip and even Nutella.Prices are very reasonable unlike some of the other weight-based froyo establishments in the area. And their spoons are too cute ?.

Carol Sarasqueta

Muy bueno, muy limpio, y delicioso

Sam Jackson

We love this place! The same gentleman is always there (maybe the owner?) and he is always so nice! He greets everyone and always has a kind thing to say. You can tell he really appreciates his customers. And the frozen yogurt is yummy!

stephen stuk

Good soft serve, nice owner

Carrie R.

This review is for the location at The Avenue East Cobb. I brought my daughter and her friends for a COVID time up with all of the kids and sit outside to enjoy their yogurt together! The owner was super nice, greeting us as we walked in and instructed all of the girls to sanitize their hands and grab a dish. They had about 10 flavors of frozen yogurt to choose from and dozens of toppings including warm fudge and caramel. The owner complimented them all on their masterpieces! The yogurt was free for the birthday girl, unexpected and generous (we had 9 girls there). They also have a points system to work up towards free frozen yogurt for their loyal customers. They have added more outdoor seating for those who want to use tables and chairs. This is one of my kids favorite spots.

Kate Callahan

Employees Very Nice

Norma Blanco

This was my first visit to this menchie’s location and definitely my last. The units were not dispensing properly.Only had small selection of flavors to pick from. The absolute worse was the yogurt had stale taste to it. I trashed it after two small bites. And the kid behind the counter could not provide me with a receipt because he was out of paper. I love this brand. But this place definitely put me off frozen yogurt. It just was not a good experience.

Bob J.

I had a terrible recent experience at Menchie's. First of all, there were no masks enforcing social distancing or face masks. When I went in all of the flavors looked gross to me except for the Pineapple .Dole Whip. I noticed a red flashing light on the machine that said "clean." Guessing the machine wasn't clean. I asked the employee and he just turned off the light. Clearly these machines aren't cleaned welL. They didn't even have samples so I walked right out

Jake Albers

The older gentleman who helped us is the embodiment of customer service

Grace Lewis

Very friendly staff and amazing 'gurt!

Kelly Mills

The proprietor is kind and taking measures to keep patrons safe.

Caroline Gilmer

Talk about customer service! Such genuine kindness. Coming to Menchie’s was the nicest part of the day.

Justin Marr

Such a nice gentleman that helped us. The yogurt is very good also but his great attitude is what made it a great experience!

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