Moxie Burger

2421 Shallowford Rd #158, Marietta
(678) 398-9819

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Lakeisha Moore

My brother and I had an awesome Lunch. I built my own burger and it was perfect. The sweet potato fries and onions straws were soooooo good too! Everyone working were so very friendly. I will be back and if you were thinking of coming… DO IT!!!

Jessica Brown

I love their options. I'm doing keto and love being able to order a burger without a bun or with a lettuce wrap. Tasty too! And the zucchini fries are awesome! I didn't expect to love them.Dietary restrictions: They have gluten free buns and a lettuce wrap or no bun option for keto.

Tim Dorr

Great burger place. I particularly love the pickle chips! There's always plenty of parking out front and the patio is great.Food: 5/5

Inside the Bricks

This was my first time at this location. And it was just okay. I had eaten at the Roswell location before. It was pretty good. But today it was just okay. The staff was friendly enough and helpful. But the food was just okay. It wasn't bad. But it wasn't really good. It was just a burger that you forget about. And for a forgettable burger quite overpriced. They had a patio that you could eat outside. But I chose the dining room. Nothing special. Look like an abandoned warehouse. With some decorations on the wall. Definitely needs an upgrade. The booths also need an upgrade there's no cushion to your back just wood. And the cushions seem to be deflated. As in their old maybe it's time for a rehab. From where I set I could look into the kitchen. And it appeared quite dirty. Not messy from the day. Messy for a long time. Like caked on dirt on the bottom portions of the wall that hadn't been cleaned in sometime. They had enough employees just walking around. Rather than walk around maybe clean sometime.Overall I would say this visit was quite forgettable.

Jennifer Burgener

Everything we've tried here is good. Salmon burger is really good. Love the zucchini fries.

Dominique Brown

My family and I agree this place was great. My husband kept raving about his chili cheese fries. If you are like me and can't eat beef, their turkey burgers are excellent.

Sally Clark

Food was great, crispy fries, hot great taste. What grossed me out was bathroom door, floor overall appearance was dirty. Please clean the whole floor and bottom of wall where mop dirtied them up. Paint door both sides and fix wall. Thank you.

Naomi Griffith

Had the Coop salad, which was large for lunch and good. AC seemed to dripping from ceiling vent. Service was fast.

Beatriz Mibach

Love going to *this* Moxie Burger.The meat is always perfectly cooked and since I like eggs in my burgers, know that they're always cooked to perfection.Their recipes are wonderful, but you can always build your own.Service is outstanding. I think they get a lot of the local high school (Lassiter) kids to work there and they're all great. Friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable. We go there at least once monthly and not once have we had a bad experience.Try the sweet potato fries and their sauce.. they'll change your life.Food is miles better on site than on delivery!

C. Hibner

The food was excellent! I can't believe we didn't try this place sooner! We ordered The Heater burger and then several sides. The burger was cooked to order and delicious. They use fresh jalapenos which always add such a nice kick and rich flavor compared to pickled jalapenos like you get so often at other restaurants. Pickle chips, and Fried Green Tomatoes were amazing. Honestly the only thing I was less than 100% impressed with were the Zucchini Fries, they weren't bad by any stretch of the imagination, they just weren't something I would likely order again. Overall, we had an awesome experience, and can't wait to go again.

Sharon O.

My husband and I would order from Moxie almost every week, until we moved out of state. We enjoyed their food so much. It was always delicious, every single time!! If you want quality with an affordable price tag this is the spot!

Rebecca A.

We did a shared order of 50:50 fried zucchini and pickles- delish. Burgers were prepared correctly. I suggest sitting at the bar, you don't need to order at the counter and then find your seat. Ambiance leaves much to be desired (it's cold and bare), but the food is good - so it's fine. Updating this review, going to 5 Stars Based on our 3.27.22 visit. While our favorite menu items remain the same: Moxie (with beef) Heater (with black bean patty) Lolo Ono (beef) Snoop (Detroit coney dog) I wanted to share a new menu item - the Patty Melt ($9) it's DELICIOUS. They also have a salmon burger, which is new, so I'll try that next time. My son likes to make his own burger with a mushroom cap as his protein. Like I mentioned before, sit at the bar and you'll get great service. The bar is the secret when it's just one or two guests. On a beautiful day they open the wall and it feels great. Ambiance has really improved, and the staff makes this place warm and friendly. Hands down my go-to burger joint in East Cobb. (Salads are delish too, but I am a weak woman and I find it hard to resist a burger). Enjoy!

Nico Maralit

Chill vibes and great tasting food. Definitely one of the better places to satisfy your burger cravings!

Troy P.

Not worth the money, definitely not worth the time. Service and experience poor. Sat at the bar to eat and drink. Once order was delivered, any attention/follow up was long gone. Hour prior to closing time but all staff focused on cleaning condiment containers and sweeping. No offer for more drinks followed by no bill so we could escape this hugely disappointing place and try to salvage rest of night. Had to leave bar and get one of many employees at the front to cash us out. By the way - nothing awful about the food (certainly didn't make up for the place) but $12-13 for a 6oz burger? Sides a la carte? Those prices should come with service. Finally - this bar has no bar vibe at all. On a Saturday night it had a group of unparented kids running around. Just not an option for anything good.

Jill S.

Consistently good food. Hugh quality burgers and fries. The service is always nice. My only complaint is the uncomfortable seating.

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