1207 Johnson Ferry Rd, Marietta
(770) 578-8009

Recent Reviews

Krista Hilley

I love this Starbucks. They are one of the better ones. Especially compared to the one on Sandy Plains. I'd rather drive the extra distance to this location.

Stephen Prettyman

This place gets super busy and you’ll wait regardless of placing a mobile order, going inside, or hitting the drive thru. They can’t really help how many people visit this location but what they can do is make drinks in the right order. There is no rhyme or reason on how they do it. I’ve had people get in line after me, order the same type of beverage, and STILL get theirs first. I’ve waited while three customers back got theirs first. It just doesn’t make sense and ordering ahead doesn’t work either. I was told “we prioritize in store and drive thru” which isn’t quite true either. It’s really the luck of the draw I guess. As long as you have that expectation you’ll be okay.

Kristy Lytle

Horrible experience. We've been in the drive thru line 38 minutes to pick up a mobile order. I hopped out of the car (after passing the time the app said the drink would be ready) and went inside to see if that was quicker and was told that no, getting back in the drive thru would be faster because my order was behind the drive thru orders. What's the point of using a mobile order if sitting in the long drive thru line is "faster"? Will not return to this location.

Loretta Walls

Have a little patience with the wait times, Beautiful Ones. They are kind and working hard, okay? Good experience overall.

Echo G.

Our usual Starbucks at 2424 Roswell Road, which I give 5 stars for its management and wonderful, friendly staff, doesn't open early enough on Sundays for our schedule. My husband and I go to the river by first light to take photographs, so I arrived at this Starbucks at 6:03 to give my order since my app for some reason won't allow me to do online orders. I was ignored for the first 4 minutes after entering the store. The three employees kept their heads down and didn't even look at me. Finally, one begrudgingly took my order, but they were busy opening the store and fulfilling online orders for CUSTOMERS WHO WEREN'T even there yet. Two drive thrus came through and were promptly served. Meanwhile it was already 6:15 and no one had started on my drinks. Finally, one of the three made my drink and then left to go to the back. I started getting impatient, because this was ridiculous. They continued making 15 lemonades that they were chattering about. Finally, a second woman made my husband's drink and we were finally in the car at 6:20. Kevin took a sip and his sugar free vanilla almond milk latte had no vanilla in it, but by that time we simply went on to the river, knowing that we'd never return to this lame location. The staff all seemed angry at each other and deliberately rude to me -- the sole customer in the building.

T Atcheson

The customer service is above exceptional! They ALWAYS get my coffee perfect.

Sierra K

Nick was working the drive thru and he had such an amazing positive attitude! His friendly personality was a great start to my day as well as my coffee!!!

Ben Griffin

The baristas here are always so kind and inviting! Sara is super sweet, remembers my order and always has a bright attitude!

Tarla M.

Another great experience at this location today. Sara went above and beyond and made my day a little brighter and as usual my drink was yummy!

Steven P.

Tried this Starbucks for the first time because I was working in the area. Davis helped me at the drive through and he was so nice and courteous...and my drink was pretty yummy!

Justin L

Never liked the coffee they over roast their beans. They have a drive thru so easy access. For some reason people always gift me starbucks and don't want them going to waste.

Wesley Williams

This used to be one of my favorite locations. They used to be quick and super friendly. My hours visiting this location have been weird but I’ve never been told that they don’t have brewed coffee. It’s a big part of their name. I ordered a venti pike roast and the girl said I could have a venti blonde americano. When I got to the window, I told her I would like to use my stars. I had 50 in my app which covers a brewed coffee. She said I do not have enough stars so I cancelled my order. Do not offer something that is not comparable to when I was asking for. Every other location that offers this does not ask for 150 stars. Believe me, if I have 150, I’m not going to order a worse version of something and pay more. Call me crazy but I feel like a company with coffee in the name should have coffee available during all their business hours. I’ve been a gold member since around 2009 but things like this happen too often.

Kevin C.

We came here to get a couple of chai tea lattes. R ordered ahead using the mobile app, and the order was for us to pick up inside the store. Parking was plentiful in the free parking lot that was physically close to Starbucks. The drive thru line was long, and it didn't look like the cars in line were moving very quickly. It seemed like the customers who walked inside to order and wait for their orders got their orders quicker than the customers who went through the drive thru. We got our lattes after a few minutes of waiting and went outside to drink them at one of the tables outside, since customers were not allowed to site at any of the tables inside the store. This was too bad because the music playing inside were upbeat popular songs and there weren't any speakers outside, so there wasn't any music to listen to while we were outside. Tables outside weren't clean, so we had to get some napkins to wipe them off ourselves. The chai tea lattes were good.

Ashley Sewak

Miss Nicole is the highlight of everyone's morning here. Her positive attitude will turn anyone's day around. It's just a bonus that we get delicious coffee and breakfast too! ?

Rick Parkinson

I've used this location 10-12 times in recent years. Personnel are always friendly and service faster than most Starbucks.

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