811 Church St, Marietta
(770) 794-1443

Recent Comments

Shawna Briggs

As usual the caramel frappuccino is delicious. The baristas are friendly, and really work hard getting those orders out. Great job!

Chris Robinson

Overpriced sugar drinks. The drip coffee is always overcooked and bitter.

Lauren S.

Best drive thru experience ever! They asked my name, asked if I wanted anything else added. The girl that gave me my drink at the window said, My name is "Lauren, too." I told her it was a great name!!!

Amanda Gillette

Everything was well. Food & drink was yummy. Employees were kind. Service was timely.

katelyn Haick

Me and my momma got our fix on our way to Tennessee! Wonderful Starbucks here and great southern hospitality!

Ceny Terrey

Nice customer service. They made me feel right at home, my beagle was tasty and my coffee perfect

Linda P.

People were super friendly!!! Service was fast! When goofing around with the cashier, the manager even came over to make sure everything was okay.

Sara Norouzinia

Rude people. Made me feel very bad and not a fun experience.

Kurt Leibel

Best local Starbucks hands down in Marietta area! I drive twice as far just to go to this one instead of Dallas Highway. Staff always friendly, order right every time, and efficient. Great job!

D.W. Matthews

Went through the drive thru and asked for a mocha cappuccino and got a ground cappuccino. I had to go to another Starbucks to exchange them to a mocha because the ground cappuccino was absolutley disgusting.

a russell

Had their eggs and it was better than I thought it was

Model Oliviée

I love their ice caramel frappuccinos and the flavor vanilla bean ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Nate Mansfield

A really good Starbucks. The barista was on point!

Peter Smith

Very typical, not fantastic but fine.

Jay Taylor

Clean facilities, very kind staff, and my drink was delicious. Also pleasant was the availability of outlets for plugging in my laptop. I like to go to Starbucks to get work done while I'm travelling because it beats being shoved in my hotel room by myself, so it's nice to have that availability.

Harry C.

A disaster. I will absolutley not come to starbucks unless theres no other option. I always prefer small coffee shops but my brother insisted on coming here, so I did. I ended up getting a carmel macchiato, but by the time I let the drink cool down a bit and we were already a ways down the road I noticed it said "decaf". Defeated the whole dam purpose and made me upset. Would not come here.

Barb. Wing

Quick service, good coffee and enjoyable atmosphere.

Francis OBrien

Best muffin ever!! But coffee seemed like it had been cooking awhile and was almost burned taste. Not up to 🌟 bucks standards.

Derek Cook

I rated this chain location three stars previously but am revising 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟because Edith is an amazing barista and what Starbucks should expect. She connected with me and suggested an off-menu drink tailored to my liking.

Nora M.

Of course everyone knows what products you can get at Starbucks, but this is the first time I've been to this location, and their positive attitude and professionalism are worth noting! What a friendly staff and pleasant atmosphere! Thank you for a nice warm stop on this cold rainy day!



811 Church St, Marietta, GA 30060