Tropical Smoothie Cafe

732 Cherokee St NE #200, Marietta
(678) 540-8138

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Ashley Glenni

Horrible experience. I walked in and no one even said hi. I asked for a avocado grilled cheese. It’s supposed to be toast and the cheese melted. I also asked for no bacon and they still put bacon. Disgusting place. 1/10. The employees were rude. Don’t recommend this place at all.

Bill Webb

Really nice people working behind the counter!Really fast with our order!And who knew their sandwiches were So Delicious .... I mean REALLY GOOD!!Plus they have a discount if you buy a sandwich and smoothie .... which is a no brainer! We'll definitely be back and eating more sandwiches as [email protected]

Kat Gee

It was ok. Nothing spectacular and nothing bad. I ordered a salad and the lettuce tasted like it had been out for a while and the avocado was just store bought guacamole

Tia L

Really nice mid aged women who helped me. She was very patient, kind and called me sweet heart, which made me feel nice. Next time I see her I am going to tip her/them.

Jamie Webster

This use to be my favorite location. I understand restaurants have been slammed due to labor shortages, but the customer service here really let me know. I did a mobile order and arrived 30 mins after for pickup. My food was ready but my smoothies were not. I waited and waited. After 20 mins I asked for a refund on because my food was now cold and still no smoothies. They advised they didn’t know how to process a refund and stated it would be done shortly, but they were out of what I originally ordered. I waited another 10 mins and told them to just cancel the order because I had to go. They cancelled ordered and advised they still could not refund my money because the district manager was not in, and they weren’t trained on the process. They referred me to contact corporate for a refund. I filled out a refund request in the app and contacted corporate (who opened a case for a refund). Almost 3 weeks later and still no refund on an almost $30 order.

April Traylor

Was in town visiting my family My Brother was like let me take you to this cool spot. Smoothie and Chipotle Flatbread was GREAT!

Edna Blackman

This place is amazing. It has fast and friendly service ?

Dominique Price

Yes 1 Star. I understand that they might be short staffed but there was 2 pieces of chicken in my flatbread. They act like they don’t know what they’re doing and they probably don’t. One girl stopped making something and rang up someone on the register and never changed her gloves. Not going back to this one again.

Thomas Keillor

Friendly staff, great smoothies. Bahama Mama was recommended and it was really good ?

Brenda Trujillo

Nice place & clean ,good hospitality,loved the smoothies & costumer service they have.


Smoothies are okay. But the food in my jerk chicken bowl order was soooo salty and inedible. Terrible food. Wont be ordering food from here anymore, but the review about finding hair in her food has me rethinking ordering smoothies as well.

Zo L.

Has to be the worst location in the metro Atlanta area smoothies taste different disappointed when I left here.

Jessie C

I was not going to write a review about the unprofessionalism, I was not going to write a review about the overly iced smoothie. I am going to write a view about the hair that I found in my Sante fe quesadilla. I lost my appetite. Tropical smoothie Cafe was a place..I loved to go to all the time. It is has changed drastically, the staff does not even acknowledge you when you walk in. You pretty much stand near the register, and someone eventually walks up to it. The staff is talking amongst themselves (loudly). The hair was super fine, but I took a picture of what was left. I didn't even finish my smoothie because I was so disgusted. P.s. I work at the hospital near by, and I am telling EVERYONE I know ...NOT to go over there.

Akil Gordon

They have a sign about being patient but they sat my food on the counter and didn't call my name. So, I was waiting 20 minutes before I realized I should check.

Christy Michele Humphrey

Tropical smoothie itself is not the problem! The Cherokee st location in Marietta however... they are a joke. Management is RUDE, they basically stole my money by not refunding it after I was told it was being refunded. Thank God for corporate being nice and listening (instead of talking over me) to my issue. I just won't be back to this location and it's sad because they lost a bunch of business since our medical practice is right down the street!

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