3851 Evans to Locks Rd, Martinez
(706) 305-9466

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Braun Properties LLC

Enjoyed a fantastic lunch today! The blackened chicken was seasoned and cooked perfectly and was great with the crispy Brussel Sprouts! Look forward to trying more of the lunch options soon.

Ken P

I sat at the bar and the most hospitable bartender took care of me. I didn’t catch her name, but she is amazing. Made me feel at home and had great recommendations. I’m visiting from out of town and needed a quick bite, I had the local burger and it was seasoned properly and came out hot. This place is clean, organized and well managed. I’ll be back!

David S.

It looks pretty plain when you drive up. But the food and service is quite pleasant. Excellent food quality. We had breakfast there. My wife had the southwestern frittata with breakfast potatoes and a dressed salad. I had the cheddar biscuits and sausage gravy with potatoes. Both were phenomenal. Our server was very attentive. We will definitely return.

Bri zij

Great place to try. Staff are friendly and polite. Coffee is a good brand full flavor and the meals have flavor and are plated nicely. Definitely a place not to pass up if in the area. Will be back

Marvin Brown

Just got the sausage, egg and cheese sandwich on toast. It's great and the potatoes are as well! I highly recommend Local!!

Tone D.

Arrived at 1240p. No reservations. We were able to walk-in and sit immediately. It was very warm in the building. The thermostat was 79°. . The menu is a bit expensive from a glance. Both the pancakes and French toast are $8.50 and they don't come with anything. All of the frittatas are $11.50+. The sandwiches are $8.50. The menu is very lazy. Nothing descriptive at all. The beer selection is LACKING. A lot of domestic, Hopsecutioner and Savannah River IPA. They also have mimosas and Bloody Marys. I initially ordered Hops. Spouse ordered a mimosa. The beer came out super warm. Send it back for a mimosa. The mimosas were okay. We have no idea how much they are bc there is no drink menu. . The food came out fast (about 1255.) That's good. I hate when a place is empty and we still have a long wait for food. I ordered the bacon egg and cheese on Texas Toast. Sandwich was very thin. Kinda skimped on the bacon. It wasn't bad but definitely should not have been $8.50. Nor was it anything I would crave or want to revisit. It came with breakfast potatoes. They weren't hand cut. Definitely came from a bag and most likely frozen. Spouse got the Kitchen Sink frittata and French toast. The frittata wasn't a frittata at all. Was really an omelette. She describe it as bland. Said she saw the ham and onions but barely any sausage and bacon. She said it was better after adding salt, pepper and hot sauce. It looked over cooked to me. The French toast was not "Frenching" at all. It was two slices of bread, cut into halves. I am a novice chef and could make something better. Without a doubt. Literally tasted like bread. French toast a la carte for $8.50 is excessive. Overall. The service was above average. But we would never return. They seem to be cutting corners in every way possible. No marketing. No website. Clearly no chefs with REAL cooking experience. I'm always open for more breakfast spots in the city but I'd be surprised if this one stuck around long. I was very hopeful but the effort just wasn't there.

Deidre S.

Edward does it again. Great food, awesome vibes. My mother and I had the Short Rib and Eggs. The portion was large, and the food was well seasoned. Everything was hot and the Bloody Mary was tasty.

Mark Rearden

I had been told this was a good breakfast spot. I came on Wednesday, 7/6. I arrived at 8:00 AM to find the door locked. I waited a bit and called to ask if they were going to be open. I was told yes but that the cook was running late. I asked if I could come inside for some coffee and was let inside. When I asked if the cook would be here shortly he responded with a yes. The person who let me in got me some coffee and went about his business. At 8:24 I asked if the cook had arrived yet and he responded yes. I was surprised he did not tell me that when the cook got there because I was obviously there to eat. He handed me a menu and took a phone call. The menu was for lunch. I finally ordered some eggs and dry toast. If that was the manager his effort was minimal and made a poor first impression. I may try again because Edward is a good guy. If not for that I would write this place off.

Susan R.

I think this is one of the best kept secrets in Evans! The food here is delicious and healthier than most! I've visited here 4 times already, including this morning, and have enjoyed everything I've ordered. The wait staff are professional and pleasant. I'm often particular about any kind of breakfast or brunch-type restaurants. However, I highly recommend this place for anyone who is interested in a quality meal! P.S. Try the avocado toast!

Elizabeth Chao

The food is fresh and delicious! I ordered the short rib frittata with breakfast potatoes and a small salad and everything was great. Service is good, Waitstaff are tentative and take care of whatever you need.

Ann Marie D.

My husband had been dying to try this place, and since they only serve breakfast and lunch it was tough to find a time to dine! We got lucky and had an opportunity on a Friday. They were not very busy, so we were able to "have a seat anywhere". There was only one server and bless his heart- maybe it was his first day. We had the BBQ plate with fries and brussel sprouts as sides and the meatloaf with mashed potatoes and fried okra. Now- I'm going to make you wait for the food review like we waited for our food. We waited and we waited. I began to wonder if they had to make everything from scratch when we ordered it. We waited almost an hour for our food, and then drink refills? Well.... Food finally came and the BBQ was fine, and I was not a fan of the sauce- you can also see from the photo that the portion was small! I did get lots of sprouts and fries! Fries were pretty good and brussel sprouts were good- not as good as I'd hoped for. My husband had the meatloaf and it was fine, nobody is winning an award for it or the sides. I don't like to wait- I'm firmly team reservations, OR if I wait an hour you better knock my socks off. So the biggest takeaway was that we waited a really long time for decent food. We left saying, "well, now we've tried it. Don't need to go back."

Tiffany O.

Best brunch food in Augusta, hands down! Staff is also super nice.

Kathleen Hutcheson

Husband had a cheese burger. He said there was no flavor in the meat and no condiments on it. I had a cod sandwich. It was supposed to have aioli on it. There was a speck of something white on it- guess it was ailoi. When my husband asked for more aioli. The person gave him a mayo packet. I then said for tarter sauce and was told they didn't have any.They also only had two people working lunch on Sunday.

Lisa R.

It does have an unassuming exterior but the food was fantastic. I got an omelette with goat cheese and pancakes. The wait staff was great too. There was zero wait on a Sat late morning. Will definitely return. It was also very clean at table and restrooms.

Debbie O.

Best kept secret in Columbia county !! Love the Frittatas here. The veggie frittatas reminds me of my Dad's omelet. The feelings from this restaurant is very relaxed . They also serve a yummy lunch too. Bagels and lox..... What else can I say? Run to this restaurant its wonderful

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