Taqueria Y Carniceria El Rey

3830 Washington Rd #25, Martinez
(762) 994-0483

Recent Reviews

Yamil Lugo

Best Mexican restaurant in Augusta hands down. This is the go-to spot for my wife and I when going out to eat. A definite plus is the affordability of meals, but would pay more with no problem knowing how good the food is and how great the employees are!

L Huntley

Delicious food and terrific service. The fish tacos are perfection!!

Zenia Anthony

This restaurant was unexpectedly good as we stopped in Augusta. I loved the salsa bar with options for anyone in your party. The tacos were simple but very favorable. My husband had the margarita and said it was very good.


A hole in the wall, but the food was disappointing. It’s a restaurant where you wait to be seated. It’s a large place with plentiful seating. We were seated right away. The service was lackluster.

Mary Ann Harper

Good food. Nice thing about this place is my tacos were ready before my daughter's fajitas and my food was delivered to the table nice and hot. Good service and food.

Kay Rexer

You know it's authentic Mexican when you are the only English speaking people in the place. Very good food.

Sandra Monsalve

I was recommended to come to this resturant. Mexican food is my favorite but was disappointed. The food just did not have any flavor even the chesse dip was not good. I did not finish my plate and left unsatisfied.

Benjamin Holladay

This used to be my family’s favorite place to eat here, but it has gone downhill in a massive way over the last year.

Grecia O.

If i could eat here every day i would, the food is amazing, the service is great and the price is even better.

Ashley G.

This is one of my favorite spots to grab mexican food...especially if I'm craving nachos! Tasty food and amazing margaritas!

Tami B.

Fast service. Great margaritas. Amazing salsa bar... what more needs to be said. But Yelp makes me write more lol. I had carnitas and they were delicious!

Jamie M.

I don't know how this place got so many good reviews. I moved down here recently from New England, and have never experienced Mexican or even Tex Mex food the way I have here. Yikes! Today is my birthday, so we decided to order takeout. Haven't ever been to this place (certainly won't order from them again) so we figured we'd try it out. The food didn't take long to cook at all. We got it home pretty quickly since we're not too far away. My husband and I both ordered burritos, neither box or foil wrapped burrito were marked, leaving us to guess. At least that's what I thought at first. I opened up (my box) to find my burrito practically ripped open. Okay. I figured I could squish it up to eat it. No. The bottom side was also ripped. Irritating, but whatever. As I'm looking through the burrito I noticed the jalapeños I asked for and paid extra for were practically non-existent. What little jalapeños that were in it looked like they were minced up into tiny little pieces. I asked for and paid for extra sour cream and got none. I didn't get any onion that I paid extra for as well. Literally only got steak and rice. With minced up jalapeños and some cheese. Thankfully, we're home. We have our own site cream and jalapeños. But it's still frustrating when you pay extra for something and don't get it. The burrito was okay, and I thought it was weird that they served potato chips with the burrito. Idk. The only good thing is that the chips, although, weird to have were good. And the burrito looks like a real burrito. Not just a long skinny tortilla. The rice and beans were good as well. Basically, if you decide to order takeout or delivery, be careful. Your burrito will more than likely not come the way you asked and be torn apart when you open it.

Bobby Lariscey Jr

My first time trying this place, and I was very impressed of the quality of the food. There are only a handful of Mexican restaurants in Augusta that are truly authentic from the ingredients to the atmosphere. This place I think is the most authentic from the rest in the area. The staff is amazing and provide quick service. Will be back there more often!

Bobby Lariscey Jr.

I was very impressed by the quality of the food, and I think this may be the most authentic Mexican restaurant in the Augusta area, and that comes rarely. The staff is amazing and provide good service. Will be back there more often!

Lucille Mathis

A top site for delicious Mexican food. a preferred evening place. quick, helpful, and friendly service. prices are appropriate for the quality. reminds me of a cafe in chicago i liked to visit.

Jacob Osborne

El Rey is our go-to for Mexican fare. Authentic dishes and everything is made fresh. Order is filled quickly and full of flavor.

C DeRoch

Legit Mexican food. This is what food in Mexico taste like. Definitely not your run of the mill Mexican place.

Hannah Paulus

Confused by the 5 star reviews. This place was recommended from a friend but this will be my last visit. Sign said to seat ourselves, so we did that. We got our chips immediately but waited over 20 minutes (with multiple waitresses seeing we haven’t been helped) we decided to go up to a waiter and tell him we would like to be helped. No apology. They took our order and our food came out to us almost immediately- lukewarm. We ordered pollo con creama and the food was as disappointing as the service. Never got checked on and had to wave the waiter that we wanted our check.

Nikki Frazier

The food, atmosphere and people are great! Wonderful and fast service.

Joanna Garcia

Went there with my Co-workers the food, atmospher and beverages were great. the prices were good as well. Would definitely visit again.

Abc D.

Eh, advertised as a supermarket with taco stand, but really just a big, shabby full-service Mexican restaurant. Service was meh. Food was meh. Gave me the wrong tortillas for my tacos. Chorizo was super salty and greasy. Prices high for what it is. Would not come back. So disappointed.

Sheila Torres

Had chance to try this gem out and wasn't disappointed. Amazing margaritas, and loooooved the 2 musicians playing. (carlos and carlos or something like that). Refried beans are yummy! Chicken was a but dried out, I fear maybe they are using the vat of grill chicken for every chicken menu item (to save time) and just mixing it with whatever cheese or sauce is needed to complete the order. I had a good time though, and enjoyed it. I'm willing to give it another try!

Tabitha G.

Maybe it's because I ordered to go but I have to be up early for work. I should be sleeping right now but instead I'm sitting on the toilet pooping green goo. We've never eaten here before and I made the mistake of mixing the names up with "el patron" who's food we love (my bad) but thought hey I've been wanting to try it anyways everytime I see it. I regret that decision. Food wasn't horrible but the chips were not fresh and the tortillas were chewy. And Ofcourse, the unwanted butt pee.... just be careful. Maybe dining in we would of got better food and not have this issue.

Candie K.

This is a fun spot. When we arrived we were greeted and told we could sit anywhere. There was a live band playing. Which my husband loved. There was a great food selection with amazing prices. Being a family of 5, even with 3 kids under 10, we will typically spend over $50 for a meal. El Rey's was completely affordable for our family, for 2 adult meals and 3 kids meals we still spent under $40. Our food came out hot and fresh, and was super yummy. The only reason I'm not giving 5 stars is because we did have to flag our server down for drink refills and to get the check, as he didn't really check in on us.

ThaGeneral U.

The carne sada was . Went on a Monday and they were doing a special on margaritas for only $3 (go for the frozen for sure)! Gf got shrimp tacos and they were great as well! Grilled to perfection for sure! The service and cleanliness was great. Salsa bar is self-service but you could tell they were switching out salsas regularly and not allowing a lot of mess to compile! Will definitely be back again!

Maria U.

This is not authentic mexican food. Take it from a real Latina straight off the boat. If you want authentic like tacos go to poblanos on evans. The only thing that makes this place slightly worth the trip are the drinks. Other than that the service is TERRIBLE. All the servers are family and friends of the owners and they have no care of how they treat people because they know they won't get apprehended. 10/10 won't recommend

Sharell M.

Love this place! Can't wait to come back with the rest of the family. Salsa bar is the bomb dot com especially the spicy guac, so many varieties! Husband said the Queso con pollo was incredible and I had the beef tongue gordita was yummy but was more fatty than what I'm use to. Everything is fresh, affordable, and service is very satisfactory. Even bought us a cool gray taco mafia shirt.

Brian Vyhnsl

Authentic and delicious. Great prices spent $15 less than our other favorite Mexican resturant. Excellent.

kame 9496

Stopped here because it was packed at Salsa’s and picked the next nearest Mexican food place we could find. I’m not from here and I had never heard about this place before this visit but I probably will never go to a different Mexican restaurant than this one from now on!! The atmosphere is fantastic and the food is the best Mexican food I can remember having in a long time. Beautiful musica, excellent salsa you can self service yourself on, and good prices. My only regret is not knowing about this place sooner!

John H.

I need to explain the reason I came to my overall rating. Food -5 stars. Fresh ingredients and delicious. I ordered a chicken burrito and my wife ordered a chicken quesadilla. Both were very tasty, but I have never received homemade chips as a side before at a Mexican restaurant. Would have preferred rice or beans. Salsa Bar- 1 star. Red salsa tasted like some kind of marinara sauce mixed with hot sauce. Not a fan! May be that I have never had authentic salsa before and am used to the others restaurant salsas. Also, the bar itself was not maintained and wasn't very sanitary. Restaurant conditions- 1 star. Floors were filthy and appeared to not have been swept in hours. The bathrooms were disgustingly filthy and unacceptable by anyone's standards. Will probably try again with the hope that the conditions were an anomaly as it was a Friday night visit.

Arturo Vazquez

great service, and you don't have to wait an hour to get your food. you will be eating with just about when your chip bowl runs out of chips

Rico Dubya

Since the moment we stepped foot in here, this is our spot! This is truly one of the best Mexican restaurants in the CSRA. The tacos are on point. Simple, yet delicious! We love spending time here, the staff is like family and treat everyone so well. Highly recommend.

Sarah Ellen

Our new favorite Mexican restaurant. Just visited for a third time, and each time has been awesome! Delicious food and margaritas and great, friendly service! Love the salsa bar.

Jim C.

I rely heavily on the Yelp community to determine where to eat while traveling. This place couldn't have been more misleading. Salsa bar - a great feature but.... Red salsa - pretty tasty, but similar to most. Salsa verde - lacked flavor, not much lime, tomatillo or cilantro flavor shining through. Avocado Salsa - horrible. Has some heat but zero flavor. This is usually my favorite. Carrots - these are usually pickled and spicy, but here are boiled in plain water. Horrible. Shaved onions - thought these would be pickled as well like an escabeche. Nope. Bland. Peanut Salsa - never seen it anywhere before, but it was actually pretty good. Tacos - for my first visit to any Mexican restaurant I always get the tacos. Tortillas here are great, handmade and fresh. Pastor - no flavor, no pineapple, no spice, had to add lots of salt, lime and salsa. Cachete - beef cheek meat, very tender but again, zero flavor. Barbecoa- tender, juicy and bland as can be. Chorizo - there's no way this one can be bland with all the spices and vinegar that goes into chorizo... but they found a way to take the flavor out of everything. I'm heading over to Taqueria El Patron for one taco before I leave town just to get some flavor. This place was a waste of time and money. The waitress even took away my salsas while I was in the middle of eating chips. I didn't complain, just picked up the phone to write this review instead.

Kimberly Gonzalez

Awesome food, live music, great staff. The food is very fresh. Best tacos in Augusta, GA, hands down!

April K.

Authentic Mexican food. Delicious! So far- the best we've found in Evans/Martinez area. Love the margs and atmosphere. There's a 'help yourself' salsa bar. We have been here and the new location in Grovetown a couple times, we've never been disappointed. Highly recommend if you want some amazing Mexican food- not your normal Americanized Mexican restaurant

Ashley S.

This is hands down the best Mexican food joint in Augusta. No joke. I was surprised to come in during Masters week and no wait. We were told to seat ourselves. We ordered the Mexican Bloody Mary, you choose your own beer for it. When it comes out it has spicy shrimp as a garnish and a stick of spicy tamarind candy. That was neat. I also ordered a peach margarita. It was really good. For dinner we got the Fajitas Del Rey, which comes with chicken, pork, steak, shrimp, and chorizo topped with melty cheese. We even had leftovers to take home. There is also a salsa bar in the middle of the restaurant. So you can pick what you want when they bring your chips and food out.y favorite was the spicy avocado salsa. This will definitely be our go to Mexican food spot.

steph sever

Tacos were great! They also had a large salsa variety. After coming here from Texas, I've been looking for authentic Mexican cuisine. The restaurant has plenty of space and parking. It was a great environment. I will be back again.

Lewis Foster

Excellent food, excellent service at a reasonable price. You will not be disappointed in the quality of the food. I had the cheese steak burrito and the portion size is enough to make another meal. The best authentic Mexican restaurant in metro Augusta.

Deborah Bedell

We really like coming here on Fridays for the live music. El Rey never disappoints. The salsa bar is great, service is always good, drinks are good, food is some of the best, and great prices.