Taqueria Y Carniceria El Rey

3830 Washington Rd #25, Martinez
(762) 994-0483

Recent Reviews

Onderiah Rogue

Food is on point, always good and authentic. They even offer a bit of Tex Mex for those used to the norm.

Steve M.

Having tacos tonight. I had four tacos with some of the awesome sauce from the sauce bar. Word of caution, however .... If you like the really hot stuff, wash your hands before making a trip to the restroom. She had the Torta Hawaiian with fries. It's an odd sandwich. Filled with carnitas, ham, pineapple, and mayo - then topped with melted cheese. Difficult to eat with that cheese but delicious. As always, we had a great meal.

Katrina Johnson

The salsa bar is amazing! If you are looking for authentic tasting Mexican food...this is definitely the place. The burritos are as big as your forearm!

Pam K.

This is my other favorite Mexican restaurant in Augusta. I love the salsa bar and the service. They're so attentive and kind. I usually order the carne asada plate but today I felt like eating carnitas. Pretty yummy! I prefer the flour tortillas because I don't enjoy the corn tortillas here. Other than that, everything I've had here has been delicious. I also don't believe they serve ground beef (not that I'm displeased) but because I remember hearing two old women complaining about it. El Rey is more authentic compared to a lot of the Mexican restaurants in the area which seem to cater to Southern tastes, which I personally don't care for as far as Mexican food is concerned.

Aston M.

#1 Contender in the CSRA. Bottom line up front. This place is now my favorite. Coming from Texas, my wife's a native Texan....so we like to think we know a little something about what actual good Mexican food taste like. House made tortillas, check. House made chips, and queso, check. Two first things we look for and this place was off to a great start. I love all their salsa options that reside in the center of the room in a little cart, easy access, no need to wait for someone to bring It to you! I'm a salsa fiend. The jalapeno/habanero salsa had me red in the face...its pretty dang hot. They also have horchata! A great list of margaritas, with different types of tequila options. They have a large list of cervesas, sodas and they have a bar.... seriously this place kicks *** and I wasn't even finished when I was already planning my return. I'm so happy we finally tried this place after so many failures... looking at you nacho mamas! The staff are nice and friendly people and they have enough. They are not struggling to keep up with the dinner rush while I was there. They have a little ice-cream-bar fridge, and a small dessert menu as well, but honestly if you didn't stuff yourself full of delectable tacos and still have room for a cheese or lava cake then you screwed up. Lol. Beware of the habanero salsa! It's hot! just like El Rey's

Claire D.

Mannnnnn this place is amazing! Haven't had Mexican good this good in a LONG time! Service was amazing, salsa selection was great. I'm already trying to figure out how to eat here everyday for lunch!

Jaynell Hutchinson

Excellent food. My hubby and I Had the Enchiladas El Patron with Carnitas (me) and chicken (him). Delicious. My little had the cheesesteak burrito. Large enough for 3 for sure and she enjoyed it. Only issue we had was there is no alcohol served! Would have loved a margarita with this awesome meal.

Carlos S.

First of all I'd like to say I've been away from home nearly a year now but the moment I had some of the el Rey molcajete (I really recommend it) with the corn tortillas I was back In my house tasting mommas cooking and for that this place will always get nothing but respect from me. :)

Kinsey Ringer

Definitely the best street tacos in town! And they have a salsa bar you can visit as many times as you want!! Who would go elsewhere?!?!

Laura Suppa

This is hands down the best Mexican restaurant I have been to in town! The food didn’t make my stomach hurt in the least bit, as Mexican food typically does. The salsa bar was fresh (I do wish the waitress had mentioned that we serve ourselves salsa as it was my first time there, but my husband told me). The food was delivered very promptly. Our waitress spoke limited English, but she was very nice. I highly recommend. The surf and turf burrito is delicious and enough for 2 meals!

Woody C.

I've been on 12 mission trips to Tijuana Mexico and one of the things that I loved were the tacos from the roadside stands. They were my favorite food while I was there and I never have been able to find anywhere that cooked them like that until I came to Taqueria El Rey. It was like being in Mexico one more time. The food was excellent. I will never go to another Mexican restaurant because there's tops everyone that I've been to in the states. I ate her for the first time Thursday night and two days later I'm here again

James Griffin

They have a salsa bar with multiple salsas. Their food is absolutely delicious and is not the typical Tex Mex type of food. I had the carne asada and loved it. Every bite was filled with flavour. I will be returning

J D Lesemajeste

Very Good! They have a great menu and a salsa bar! The Torta Cubana is next level. Wow.

John B.

Best Mex I've had in Florida or Georgia. The salsa bar was killer, they actually have a couple of salsas with some heat and flavor. Tacos were excellent, very fresh ingrediants and not warmed over a dozen times. Queso couldn't be better and service was superb. Judging by the accents of the staff, I can understand why the place rocks- this is the real deal, no better Mexican in the CSRA.

Amy Green

I went with a group for Taco Tuesday, $2.00 for each taco. The staff was very attentive. The staff checked back with the group frequently. There was a gentleman singing and playing the guitar. Who had a pleasant voice. I ordered two asada tacos with cheese dip. The flavor of the cilantro over powdered the flavor of the steak. The cheese dip was very oily. I did enjoy the fresh salsa bar. All in all, a nice group experience.

Brendan Heckman

Seriously just order a bunch of tacos, gorditas, or sopes, or a combination of them. They have a fresh salsa bar with just about every topping you could want from blended salsa to more lightly chopped mixes and individual toppings.

Sierra Jamaica

This was the best experience I have ever had at a Mexican restaurant in Georgia. I am a snob about mexican food because I grew up with my abuela cooking for me, so my expectations are high. I was shocked by the authenticity of the food. Service was fast and friendly. Everyone should eat here! There was literally a whole chile relleno in my burrito.

Amber Allen

Soooo good. My husband and I went for lunch and it was awesome. I had the taco salad and my husband had the chori Pollo and drinks and a huge margarita to share and it was right around $30. Very good.

Behemoth PolarBehr

My wife and I were very displeased, we told the wait that we had never been here before and he just ignored that so we had no idea about the salsa bar. When we ordered our food it arrived with several items in it that was not mentioned by the waiter or the menu then when we asked for it to be corrected we were given scowl. Food was returnes twice and still was not right. We will not be coming back, maybe it was a bad waiter and a bad day but we will not tale that chance again. Not to mention my wife is fluent in several languages and we could over here the other waiters and waitresses speaking vile things about other customer and was shocked to have my wife confront them in the language, horrible experience.

Perry Graham

Best part was the salsa bar... Tons of salsa and guacamole options... No worries of sharing a tiny bowl with someone who doesn't have the same spicy tolerance as yourself!

Felicia King

Awesome food

Me Me

Great food and fun staff. Very authentic and eat there often . I highly recommend for anyone !

Paul Dean

As close to Los Angeles as you are going to get in terms of authenticity. Very good Mexican food, great little salsa bar!! Great service!! Very friendly staff, courteous management and very pleasant owner.

Lesa Elder

The food was delicious. The portions we're large. Comfortable and clean. Would return if in the area again.

Tom West

Excellent food and excellent service. Always a favorite.

Yamil Lugo

Best Mexican restaurant in Augusta hands down. This is the go-to spot for my wife and I when going out to eat. A definite plus is the affordability of meals, but would pay more with no problem knowing how good the food is and how great the employees are!

L Huntley

Delicious food and terrific service. The fish tacos are perfection!!

Zenia Anthony

This restaurant was unexpectedly good as we stopped in Augusta. I loved the salsa bar with options for anyone in your party. The tacos were simple but very favorable. My husband had the margarita and said it was very good.


A hole in the wall, but the food was disappointing. It’s a restaurant where you wait to be seated. It’s a large place with plentiful seating. We were seated right away. The service was lackluster.

Mary Ann Harper

Good food. Nice thing about this place is my tacos were ready before my daughter's fajitas and my food was delivered to the table nice and hot. Good service and food.

Kay Rexer

You know it's authentic Mexican when you are the only English speaking people in the place. Very good food.

Sandra Monsalve

I was recommended to come to this resturant. Mexican food is my favorite but was disappointed. The food just did not have any flavor even the chesse dip was not good. I did not finish my plate and left unsatisfied.

Benjamin Holladay

This used to be my family’s favorite place to eat here, but it has gone downhill in a massive way over the last year.

Grecia O.

If i could eat here every day i would, the food is amazing, the service is great and the price is even better.

Ashley G.

This is one of my favorite spots to grab mexican food...especially if I'm craving nachos! Tasty food and amazing margaritas!

Tami B.

Fast service. Great margaritas. Amazing salsa bar... what more needs to be said. But Yelp makes me write more lol. I had carnitas and they were delicious!

Mario Gonzalez

Great place food and staff. A remodelating would help though .

Jamie M.

I don't know how this place got so many good reviews. I moved down here recently from New England, and have never experienced Mexican or even Tex Mex food the way I have here. Yikes! Today is my birthday, so we decided to order takeout. Haven't ever been to this place (certainly won't order from them again) so we figured we'd try it out. The food didn't take long to cook at all. We got it home pretty quickly since we're not too far away. My husband and I both ordered burritos, neither box or foil wrapped burrito were marked, leaving us to guess. At least that's what I thought at first. I opened up (my box) to find my burrito practically ripped open. Okay. I figured I could squish it up to eat it. No. The bottom side was also ripped. Irritating, but whatever. As I'm looking through the burrito I noticed the jalapeí±os I asked for and paid extra for were practically non-existent. What little jalapeí±os that were in it looked like they were minced up into tiny little pieces. I asked for and paid for extra sour cream and got none. I didn't get any onion that I paid extra for as well. Literally only got steak and rice. With minced up jalapeí±os and some cheese. Thankfully, we're home. We have our own site cream and jalapeí±os. But it's still frustrating when you pay extra for something and don't get it. The burrito was okay, and I thought it was weird that they served potato chips with the burrito. Idk. The only good thing is that the chips, although, weird to have were good. And the burrito looks like a real burrito. Not just a long skinny tortilla. The rice and beans were good as well. Basically, if you decide to order takeout or delivery, be careful. Your burrito will more than likely not come the way you asked and be torn apart when you open it.

Bobby Lariscey Jr

My first time trying this place, and I was very impressed of the quality of the food. There are only a handful of Mexican restaurants in Augusta that are truly authentic from the ingredients to the atmosphere. This place I think is the most authentic from the rest in the area. The staff is amazing and provide quick service. Will be back there more often!

Bobby Lariscey Jr.

I was very impressed by the quality of the food, and I think this may be the most authentic Mexican restaurant in the Augusta area, and that comes rarely. The staff is amazing and provide good service. Will be back there more often!