Tony‘s Express Restaurant

4471 Columbia Rd, Martinez
(762) 222-7484

Recent Reviews

Nicoll Pistorius

I chose Tony's for my birthday lunch and I'm so glad that I did! The food has gotten better every time I go. I got the almond chicken and it was absolutely phenomenal! The chicken was not fatty or greasy at all. It had a very crisp flavorful breading with high quality chicken. And the house fried rice tastes like heaven in your mouth! The serving size is astronomical and I was able to enjoy 4 meals or of my entree. I highly recommend eating here!Parking: Nice sized parking lot shared with other businesses in the plaza.

Hannah Strieter

We tried something new and enjoyed the frog legs. That was fun! Also, we enjoyed the delicious beef&broccoli. This place was definitely worth the money and was pretty speedy at getting it ready! Definitely check this place out.Food: 5/5

Anna Everson

This is my favorite place to pickup food for my family. The staff are the sweetest! The food is AMAZING!!! I also deliver with uber eats here and the service is super fast. They are also my favorite place to deliver for b/c they are so gracious and kind asking me how my day's been I can tell they actually purposefully ask too they genuinely care.❤ when my customers ask my favorite local Chinese food I tell them Tony's Express every time!

Jake Speed

Massive portions and fast service.The fried rice is terrific.Reminds me of my favorite spots back in New York.

Mark Lavoie

The food is great and portions are worth the money I was unable to finish my plate and that doesn't happen very often. I highly recommend giving this place a try!


Great service, love the fried fish and seafood and you always get your money's worth and then some.

John Kovacs

Friendly service, delicious food and quite clean. What I didn't expect was to be served a to- go box while dining in.

Stacy Smith

The food was great the first few times we ordered but the last couple of times the lo mein seemed different and not as good as the first.

Peggy Florence

The food was great and was pleasantly surprised with the amount of food I got. You have got to go try their food

Nicole K.

Awesome service every time! They're usually really quick with our orders as well and friendly staff always.

KayLeigh L.

Ordered the donuts, veggie lo mein, and egg drop soup- The donuts were 8/10 in my opinion; only because they tasted like other food from them being fried in the oil. My lo mein was very different than any other lo mein I've had and tasted more like butter/garlic noodles (which is fine but I was really craving lo mein) and my husband said his egg drop soup was too salty to eat as it was (To be fair it even smelled salty but I didn't try it). He ended up diluted it with chicken bone broth. Probably wouldn't order again.

Katrina Hoyle

2022-04: I've ordered from here several times over the past handful of years, using take out and delivery by a third party service. My most recent experience was using a delivery service. I've never had an issue with getting the wrong order/missing items, the food has always been hot, and the portions have been very generous.That being said, I am giving 3 stars because everything was simply "okay". Nothing spectacular, nothing horrible.

Janis Johnson

I purchased 2 fried shrimp dinners on 2-15-2022. My daughter starting eating the shrimp fried rice and noticed after taking a couple of bites it contained cooked roaches. I called the restaurant and the owner offered to make some new rice but not a refund. A waste of my time and money with COVID out not caring about customers health. We will NEVER eat here again and I hope others won't either after reading this.

Tamika Harris

I came to this place because of the food it was my second time that my food wasn’t good. I have talk to the owner but He was rude. I ask him what can be done or can I talk to young lady that help me all the time but he caught attitude I ask can i talk to someone else the phone hung up smdh ..A Lady name shell she is so sweet she made sure I was okay in had everything I need in she always told me to check my bag before i leave you can’t find to many worker that do that. I hope would see her again to give her a nice tip ?


Ordered take out and when I arrived home items were missing. Some of the order was entirely wrong and the one order that we request no onions die to food allergy was loaded with onions. It was late so I just decided to call the next day it doesn’t with owner. I wasn’t expecting a refund just to inform them of the issues. The lady that answered was extremely nice. I explained I wanted to talk to the owner and she said he will have an attitude when he comes to phone. I said that’s fine I would like to speak with him. I heard her ask Tony to take my call. I could hear him in the background running his mouth that he was too busy and didn’t care So Tony you have lost this customer and a couple more I have already spoken to. I can get over a mess up in the kitchen but customer service attitude I won’t tolerate.

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