Yummy House

150 Butler Ave #4575, Midway
(912) 884-4488

Recent Reviews

Dianne Edick

The worst Chinese food I ever had. To salty, fried rice had no flavor. Find somewhere else to eat.

Chad Deaver

I was skeptical to eat here, but it's really good. 4 and not 5 stars because they got my order wrong. But the food was still good.

Bruce Adams II

This place is so good. They give you plenty of food to have left overs.Food: 5/5

A. L

Went to the canal location on Pooler and it's been closed for a while, Google still shows as open. Went 30 minutes away to the next lication expecting to have a nice sit down dinner like the Tampa location and found out it was a take out place. I decided to order anyways and the food was not the greatestFood: 2/5

BSWEET'S Pie & Cake Co

I ordered sesame chicken and the chicken was hard and dry. It looked like they just dumped sesame seeds on top. It was so disgusting and disappointing ?

Anjelica P

The food we had made us so sick. My husband especially. He had the shrimp egg fuyung. The chicken was questionable and the fried rice was the worst I’ve had. He only thing decent was the shrimp. 4 dinner meals for $50 that I’ll never spend here again. Midway needs another Chinese food option. In the meantime I’ll just keep going to Hinesville for it.

R G (Vitomous)

Coming from Augusta I was really happy to have a decent Chinese restaurant close by. While it’s not what I’d call the best it’s far from the worst. Definitely a big fan of the General Tso and crab rangoons.

Tamara C.

These folks added over $21 to my order after I left and I posted the picture from cash app. I will NEVER go there again. I hope it was worth it cause you're gonna lose more in the long run. One star only way to post but it ain't even worth that.

Tammy rackleff

The food was just ok. The fried rice didn't even taste or look like fried rice. Overall, probably won't go back there.

Raymond Harrison

Love our local chinese restaurant.Food is flavorf.

Diana Fontana

Amazing food. Moved from South Florida and haven't been able to find good Chinese food. We stopped by and ordered soup, spring rolls, bourbon chicken. So delicious. The Special Wonton and vegetables tofu soup has so many vegetables and meat. Could be a meal for me! Good service and reasonable price. Food was quick as well. Was a fantastic experience!

Angus Mcleod

Oriental take out. Lot of good food for the price

Breyonna Brown

Ordered sesame chicken and Lomen, received shrimped fried rice and some very dry and old sesame chicken. Very bad first impression won’t return wanted to call but not worth my energy.

Catherine Murphy

Food is decent and is a fair price considering the quality. While the food is always fresh and cooked fast, there are some items I would definitely recommend staying away from, and that's anything battered and fried. The sesame chicken, orange chicken, and honey chicken is usually hard/burnt/overcooked. Their wonton soup is lacking, too. However, their lo mein, steamed dumplings, egg rolls, and house fried rice are top notch.

Mercedes McCullough

New to the area. But this place honestly has the best shrimp fried rice I've ever had! Will be having dinner here more often!

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