7 Jones St NW, Norcross
(770) 300-0250

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Alejandro Geigel

Great service


Really tasty pizza. We ordered the express lunch special with one topping of pepperoni and that pizza was covered with pepperoni....yum. My buffalo chicken wrap was good too. The fries were crispy .. Fried just right.

Michael Armstrong

the seafood pizza is the only thing I had from there,today was my first day going there.But hands down this seafood pizza is the best Pizza I ever had

Avery Who

Very authentically Italian, the cheese is amazing and you just wanna keep eating it. I recommend the lasagna.

Jefferson Carney

Excellent place to get food when in a hurry. Their service is quick, prices are affordable, good mood. Keep up the good work

Nicholas Brooks

Friendly Service that is prompt and great prices. They have a 2 slice deal at lunch that is great value. I had a prosciutto and gorgonzola pizza. It was great. Will be back.

Stephanie Latasha

Good experience overall. The food is great & the drinks are on point. Customer service was wonderful & the customers are friendly.

Joe Eagens

The pizza is excellent, closet to NY Pizza we have found in Georgia....

Jeff Demos

Stumbled upon this place while exploring historic Norcross. Delicious pizza and wings!

Nerissa T.

My friend showed me this place and it's great. It's located in downtown Norcross which has a local feel to it. Our go to order for Paizanos is their garlic knots and Margherita pizza. The garlic knots are delicious and is not too overwhelming with the garlic flavors, highly recommend it! The Margherita is a classic. Delicious and light, love how the crust isn't too thick and is just the right amount of thickness. Prices are reasonable for the portion size. Give this place a try if your in the Norcross area.

Awesome Painter

Authentic food, huge plates. What's not to like.

Drew Baldwin

The food was good and an excellent deal for a quick lunch.

Vina L.

When arriving, we had mixed feeling on whether or notto stay or not. Our waiter seemed very nervous, and new to serving, which I'm sure he's probably just like his awkward I guess. He didn't come to check up very often, and we had to wait until the end to get our salt and pepper from a different person. Which is fine. I guess We had the garlic knots & fried calamari to start. It was pretty decent. Garlic knots: could've been hotter (temperature wise) it was a lot of oil at the bottom of the bowl. It was okay over all. Fried calamari: it was fried good, came out hot and wasn't over cooked, their dipping sauce was sweet and tangy. Not my cup of tea though. My bf got the chicken & sausage penne pasta (we saw a picture on yelp, and we just asked the waiter to see if they can make it.) It was very bland, could use some more seasoning. Idk, maybe Italian? I got the chicken fettuccine Alfredo, it was very wet and runny, like not thick in consistency. I don't mind a lot of sauce, but it's like the boiled the pasta in oil & water and the sauce was not sticking to the noodle because it wasso wet. It was lacking flavor as well. My bf's mom got the Stromboli at first, she said no mushrooms (she's very allergic) so, she had to send it back but, it took us almost 35-40 mins to get our food! she didn't want them to make it over because everyone at the table would've been done eating. So, the waiter took it and never came back out to say, "okay, they're making a new one," in order for her to say, "it's okay, I don't want it anymore." So, we told a different waiter, she was a girl, and she said, "well it's already in the oven, but I'll go tell them." OK AND? That was just very unprofessional in my opinion. I wouldn't have said it was in the oven made already. So, our waiter came out and then he said, "they already made it and it's here so do you wanna go ahead and try it, like it's here." LMFAO that's soooo pushy! Like you do not tell a customer, "well it's already here and it's made.." So, we just ended up eating it. Surprisingly, that was the only decent thing there. If you're coming here, you're probably more safe to just try the pizzas and what not. The manager was there and he didn't even come say anything to the table about the mushrooms being in the Stromboli. Poor management if you ask me :)

Daniel Brainard

Great food! $3 beer specials on Thursday. What more could you ask for?

Debbie McCranie Byers

Are you kidding they are great, food most awesome and love the people! Shout out to Britt who always takes care of me! Love ya!

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