The Crossing Steakhouse

40 S Peachtree St, Norcross
(678) 280-9081

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Jim Harrington

A great neighborhood or destination restaurant with excellent food, service and a fun atmosphere.

Sarah S.

Omg this place was so good! It's cute and quaint. My boyfriend surprised me with taking me here, him and his film buddies eat here frequently when they're in the area! I loved the train that came threw to super cool! Nice date night spot or even a private party!

Dottie Gill

A great place to eat, and a wonderful atmosphere

Jessica L.

For me, this is just an "A-OK" steakhouse. The location is really cool, as it is located right next to the railroad crossing, hence the name. While I was dining, the train went by twice and it was cool to watch as that is not something I see every day. The place has a lot of seating, indoors and outdoors. I dined at a booth inside. Even though I was near a window to watch the train, I kept smelling these chemical & mildew smells near my booth. I don't know if it was because they were cleaning more due to the corona virus protocols or what, but it was not a pleasant smell at all. My waitress was very attentive and did a great job checking in with me. My food was just okay. I ordered the 6 oz filet with fries as my side. My filet was cooked just how I like it, but it was not seasoned as nicely as I had hoped and it had fat around the edges. This was actually the first time I had a filet mignon with fat on it. I was surprised to see it, because the reason I order this cut of steak is to avoid fat. The fries were just okay too-nothing special about them. What I enjoyed most from my meal was my dessert! I ordered the chocolate molten cake. It was delicious warm chocolate cake served with two scoops of vanilla ice cream. I don't know if I would go out of my way to come back here, but if you are in the Norcross area and looking to try a steakhouse, then I think this place is worth a try.

Dick Culp

Excellent service and food. Located in the old train station. Good ambiance. One minor nit: they didn't have a non alcoholic beer even though it was on the menu. Still, highly recommended.

Shelley Slaten

Really enjoyed this place. Food was great! Ambiance was awesome! Next visit to the area, I will be back! I always leave room for improvement.

Juliane M.

Everything I had was delicious! Steak and salmon, veggies, martini and our waitress Katie was amazing!

Dwan G.

I come here every week for the prime rib. Get the prime rib! I only sit at the bar and the bartenders are great! No complaints.

SarahBeth Merritt

Delicious high quality dishes at a fair price. Great for a special occasion. The historic building sets a nostalgic atmosphere and the service was fantastic.

Ricky Howells

I had the scallops and my customer had the NY strip. Both of the entrees were excellent! The steak was seasoned well and was very tender. My scallops were perfectly cooked. Seared on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside. The sides were ok, but I will try some other options next time. The highlight of the meal was the flaming creme brulee. It was perfect.

Juan R.

First time, since my friend recommended to come here. Came during lunch time on a Friday with my gf. The place is nice, It use to be a old train station, from what I was told. The menu is really easy to understand. The service is great. Very friendly, I order the Sirloin Steak, and it was good. The side of potatoes was good too. I should have gotten the mac cheese. I had gotten a bite out of my gfs plate. I didn't try the drinks, since I had to go to work. But they're pricey. But will be back at night in the near future.

Jodi H.

I've only been here for lunch - but we've eaten probably 6 or 7 times. I've had a different entree or variant of one every time and have yet to be blown away. Everything from the fish tacos to the engineer burger and I'm still left with food that simply lacks any flavor or spice. The atmosphere and staff are both wonderful, which is where the stars come from, but the food is a let down.

Bartley Thom

Great steaks. Great service. The building was a little on the cold side.

Finn M

My spouse and I have been here several times over the years and we always love it. The staff are so friendly and helpful. They really know their wines as well!

Margaret P

I had the Cobb salad with Salmon. Perfect combination for me! Pleasant atmosphere and OMG the trains were quieter than I remember from past visits! Great experience for the entire group I was with.

Laurel Turner

Came to this restaurant for lunch. Was not disappointed at all. Oh my gosh, the steaks were amazing. Our server was marvelous as well. Definitely recommend.

Jessica C.

Food was pretty good. Very nice atmosphere! I tried the ginger peach cheesecake because it sounded different... I'm glad I got it because it was delicious and all the ingredients seemed to work perfectly. I was a little skeptical about having diced peaches in my cheesecake but it was great and made in house. If you're getting ordering steak, get the bourbon bacon steak sauce!

Clay D.

What a great restaurant, it is the former train station in Old Norcross, Continental menu, everything from steaks to seafood, great atmosphere and great service.

Chuck P.

The Crossing is one my favorite GO TO's in downtown Norcross. The food is consistent and the employees are so friendly. Today was no exception: Taylor was our server and the French Dip /Chicken Tortilla soup was excellent!!

phil scot

Great atmosphere. The food was delicious. We all sampled each others dishes and every dish was a winner. Fried okra was the best I've her had. Very light batter.

Eric P.

Was staying in Norcross for business and went into this place based on high reviews. I got the southern fried chicken salad and it was more delicious than I even thought possible. Salad was very fresh and the chicken was fried to perfection. I also loved the fried cornbread croutons, they added some beautiful sweetness. Excellent salad and it was prepared in pess than 25 mins. Next time I'm here I will be excited to return for a steak. Also, really nice interior right off train tracks. Very comfy

ronnie chaffin

Food was cold....not even busy but cold fries is not my favorite lunch. In fact, fries & fried shrimp cold. ? The former restaurant there for yrs was great but been there 2x recently and both times, not good. Service was fine. Suggestion, always offer dessert to a table of lunching women. Almost always will sell dessert to share.

Andrea Webb

Girls lunch out and first time here and downtown Norcross! We loved both! Philip our server, the food and atmosphere was amazing! Would DEFINITELY return!

Ben Holland

Excellent food choices and preparation, as well as excellent service, especially by our server, Michael. Never had anything there that was not excellently prepared.

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Great friendly service!!!!

Mark Jansson

Host and some guy were making racist comments toward my race. I will never come to this place again. The guy was loud as hell the whole time I was eating i do not recommend this place to anyone seems like everyone that works here discriminate certain people

Howie Marmer

The best team in Atlanta delivering top shelf food prepared and served in a loving way. Excellent ambiance and live magical entertainment every Sunday during brunch.

Jeremy M.

Dude, this place wasn't bad at all. Cool location and atmosphere. Nice outdoor seating too. Steaks are pretty delicious as are the sides. Drinks are pricey but what you'd expect. Nice change of pace from the streak houses close to me. Will be back!

Marie Adams

Best place ever. The food is delicious. The steak melts in your mouth. The ambiance beautiful. Go now in December, the surrounding decor is gorgeous.

Robert Burden

This is one of my two favorite steak restaurants in the East Atlanta suburbs. I've been here several times with my wife children and extended family on special occasions and always found the service to be impeccable and the food excellent.

Simon Butler

Probably our favorite go to restaurant. A great venue with lots of character. The trains going by every now and then is a nice novelty. The service is always good and the food very tasty and consistent. Always enjoy our visits here and when our family visit from England they always ask to go!


Probably our favorite go to restaurant. A great venue with lots of character. The trains going by every now and then is a nice novelty. The service is always good and the food very tasty and consistent. Always enjoy our visits here and when our family visit from England they always ask to go!

Sean Winnie

Loved the location and the friendliness of the staff. The hors d'oeuvres were excellent. The beef was flavorful but the medium rare was served medium. Not easy to get perfect. We had a great time.

Jay D.

I had a great dining experience here. It's a perfect place for a date. Everyone was really friendly and pleasant. There was no wait for a table on a Saturday night. We started off with the fried green tomatoes (this is a must try). The crust/breading was lightly seasoned and not overdone. My entree was the lobster tails, but I did add a salmon so instead of two tails I got one. The tail comes out of its shell so it was really easy to eat. Presentation of the sweet potato and Brussel sprouts were good. Highly recommend the peach cheesecake for dessert. I had a 9 oz glass of Sauvignon Blanc, per usual - very thankful for their generous over-pouring. I will come back.

Mikhail Akbashev

Food was great. I loved the ambiance and decor. Prices were fair. Service was friendly, but a bit amateur. Presentation was bland on the plate, not sure if it's cause of the lighting it what.

Jonathan T.

Went here with my family on Friday. The service was excellent! I ordered the full rack of ribs. It was the best ribs. I ever tasted. So tender fall of the bone. The fries were amazing as well!

Candace N.

First time here and I was VERY impressed! Food & service was top notch! Will definitely be visiting again!

Elizabeth S.

Terrible experience! They were out of everything!! How can a steak place be out of filet and prime rib?? They were also out of pork chops and the catch of the day. Even their special was out. Then I tried to order dessert, and they were out of flourless chocolate cake!! What kind of restaurant is out of half their menu?!? Terrible!!

Gray S.

I had a really, really bad experience here. Before I get to the unpleasantness, it's worth noting that the service was good. First off, I got sick from (I assume, since no one else did) the scallops. I noticed the 88 health rating on my way in but it was a business dinner so we weren't in a position to go somewhere else. Food poisoning aside, this place just seems to have a pretty standard restaurant identity crisis. They're caught between meat and three, steakhouse and fine dining. At twenty five dollars, the scallops came on a plate. With a side. They tasted very strongly of seared steak, leading me to believe they were cooked on the flat top with the rest of the beef rather than in a separate pan. The scalloped potatoes were mushy and under seasoned. The fried green tomatoes were okay, but they got lost in a sea of bland, untreated fried things in the appetizer samplers that were ordered for the table. The liquor selection is rough. You know you're in trouble when there's a consolidated bourbon/whiskey section on the drink menu and it includes fireball. I realize that some of my grumpiness is rooted in having gotten sick, but this place has some serious issues that I tried to highlight independent of that. I don't mind paying a premium for awesome food, but the level of effort at this restaurant isn't in line with the prices.

Laura G.

One of the best restaurant's I have ever eaten at. My family and I were on vacation and were looking for a good steak house. I am so glad we tried The Crossing, we will definitely be returning on our next trip.