Domino's Pizza

449 S Columbia Ave, Rincon
(912) 826-5383

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Jill Klann

Had a large pizza delivered only to find a hair baked into the cheese, ON THE FIRST BITE!! Drove to Dominos with the pizza after calling and the manager pulled the hair out of the pizza and said yeah, I heard about this. We have a new pizza for you and I can offer you a 2ltr for the issue. I turned down the 2ltr...

Tomi Jean

Ordered the new cheeseburger pizza - it was burnt. Ordered a sprite, got a coke. The other items I ordered were cooked a bit too long as well... made them dry and borderline burnt.

Tracy Sizemore

Husband ordered pizza at 6:51 got a phone call from driver she is off Hwy 17 in Guyton. I live 2 miles from the Dominos it is now 8:24 so we called to speak to Manager on hold for 10 minutes and he said he is not from Rincon and the longer I am on the phone with him the longer it will be to get our pizza and that we needed to call the delivery driver. Manager is rude but not the driver.

inahuri m

I would give a 1/2 * if I could. Terrible customer service, did not bring my pizza out when I arrived, put me on hold when I called for 5 minutes while I waited in the parking lot for my pizza, I eventually hung up and called again, and put on hold again. and then when I came in to get it , then they said I was able to come in or stay in the car and wait. I was already waiting 25 minutes in my car. It was supposed to be contactless service, that's why I stayed out there and waited. After mentioning my frustration as the manager came out, there was no apology, or compensation! Pizza would have been better tasting had it not been almost an hour old.not enough employees! Very disappointing

Kim Reaves Gause

Ordered $50 in pizza it was all burnt. Store was nice enough to replace 38 minutes later and it was beyond burnt and all inedible.

Wendy Kell

All 3 pizzas burnt. Before we left home, the tracker said it was ready. We chose contactless curbside delivery. Pulled up and followed instructions, waited 10 minutes. Went inside to get it and was told they were "too busy to bring orders outside". Very Disappointing.

S Roberts

My order was correct and ready when I arrived. Great customer service!

Margaret McKenzie

Ordered using contactless delivery. Pulled up in front of the store and waited for 30 minutes with my hazard lights on. Called and they couldn't see me....IN FRONT OF THE STORE. They told me to move closer... then they handed my pizza to me through my driver side window, not in the back of my car like I requested.... knew I should have went to lil ceas.....

Jessica Cosgrove

We ordered pizza tonight since we had an emergency and it was easier. Order took about an hour to be delivered which okay, it’s busy that’s understandable. Well one pizza was under cooked- cheese wasn’t melted at all, the other pizza was missing cheese(we ordered no sauce) and was burnt. We called to get the order corrected at 8:30. It’s now 10:40pm and my replacement order still hasn’t arrived.

Mary Corbett

Great food and service. If I ever have an issue they correct it immediately. Always order from them.

Emilly Griner King

Devonte is a very kind and amazing guy!!!! If it were possible to request certain people for delivery, my husband and I agree, Devonte is who we’d choose!!!!

Karen Lipscomb

Got a pizza delivered from this place and it looked like the driver sat on it. Never will buy from them again.

Cheri Dana

I really like the friendly service. The only complaint I have is the Belmont Glen community is so large and you won't deliver even though it's only 10 minute drive. You loose a lot of pizza nights with us because we are having family night and don't want to go out. Otherwise your a great place.

CB Fields

I would die than eat here again. PLEASE DO NOT.

Taylor Banks

The manager SAM is very rude and we ordered 4 pizzas and a few other things our order came to about $60 and still didn't get one of our pizzas for our kids and when I called to say something about that pizza it has taken them over an hour to get here when we have NEVER had any issues with this Domino's Pizza !!! And Sam is just a very rude person! Needless to say a lot of people have lost their business because of him since we know a lot of people!

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