468 S Columbia Ave, Rincon
(912) 826-9726

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Buffy Mullis Bailey

The lady at the drive-thru kept cutting us off. We didn't even get to finish ordering.

John Massey

So-so, but I've seen worse. Edit: I appreciate that they take the time to respond to reviews. I should add that the service that day was excellent. My problem was with the food, and that may have been a result of traveling several miles before eating it at home. I'll definitely be giving them another try in the near future. Sometimes you just have to have a Krystal burger, and nothing else compares! ?

Candy Outen

I love this crystals one in holy that it's good every time

sondra walls

Krystal was hot and fresh but very messy.

david flores

Me and my kids love this place and it's chilli cheese fries !°°

Valentina Quarterman

You CANNOT beat Krystal's breakfast or the prices for it...JUST SAYIN...

Paul Kemp

My wife and I went through the drive thru and ordered, along with other items, an order of fries and some mustard and ketchup. The girl at the window was lovely, very professional. When we got our order, we had no fries, ketchup or mustard. When we circled around to let them know, a person who I assume was the manager was very snarky and disparaging. Needless to say, we will not be going back. No one needs that kind of attitude in their life, especially for fast food.

Hannah S

They didn’t have hangover Krystal’s or sweet tea at 8 pm. Crazy. But the chiks were okay.


They didn’t have hangover Krystal’s or sweet tea at 8 pm. Crazy. But the chiks were okay.


"Can you pull up to a parking spot or something" was very unprofessional!! Waited 20 minutes just to be able to order with 3 cars ahead of us, got to drive thru and they didn't even know what our order was, only to be asked to "pull up to a parking spot or something" where 2 other cars were already sitting waiting on their orders as well. So far it's been 30 minutes now and we're still waiting on our food. I can only hope it comes out correctly. We will never come back to this establishment again after this awful experience.

Amber W

Food & customer service was good but took 30 min to get 48 krystals.

Ruthann Hein

Ordered 2 krystals, no mustard. Instead got 2 krystals WITH mustard.Why cant they get orders correctly? Must hire illiterates!

Jerry Hounshell

Skeleton crew, but still performed well and food was awesome

Keith W

I've been sleepin' on their spicy wings. These things are ????

Lady Gamer69

Every morning I try yo eat breakfast there and either there is no one taking orders or the food isnt ready. Yesterday the girl said the grill was not heated yet.?? I've worked in fast food in the past so if you know breakfast starts at 6am, you should be there early enough to prep. They have people that are not morning people there. I wouldn't even be complaining if this didn't happen every single day for the past two weeks. I'm almost 9 months pregnant and I work really early. I don't have anywhere else that I'd like to stop to on my commute. Do better!

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