427 South Columbia Street, Rincon
(912) 826-0137

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Linda Johnson

This particular McDonald's, must have changed management. The customer service is horrible as well as their competency. The whole point of fast food is being able to get in and get out. On one occasion I literally stood there for almost 10 minutes until I took the initiative to say hello excuse me is anyone taking orders at the front counter. I started to take my business to Chick-fil-

Elizabeth Davis

Customers are allowed to walk-in for pickup orders.

James Tuman

Horrible. Just horrible. Waiting 25 min just to pay then have Sidel be rude when you do.

Brandon Fox

I ordered 4 Apple pies two large French fries large and vanilla shake with no whip cream I get to the window they told me that they had no shakes then they gave me cold frys and Proceed to ask me to pull up so I did a female came out and ask can we replace the cookies for the Apple pies as I simply responded sure give me the equivalent of the four Apple pies that I bought they give me 3 cold cookies so I've then pull up in wait they finally meet me outside they come out with 2 totally different drinks and asked me would you like your Apple pies I I think we have them ready now they didn't give me any Apple pies after waiting for 30 minutes and watching 2 other families ahead ahead of me leave this place is an absolute joke It was almost as if there were nothing but young kids running this place bless their hearts they tried so hard but didn't know what the h*** they were doing The Line in the drive-through was tremendous amounts of people good not going here hope this helps

Cassidy Riner

We went through, it was pretty late but all we were going to get was a shake a frappe and a small fry. We went through someone asked what we wanted we made our order and nobody answered. So we pulled through nobody ever came to the window so we pulled back around and they did the same thing but she told us they didn’t have any frappes.So we asked for an iced coffee instead and she repeated we don’t have coffee. Then turned around and asked what size. So we went to go ahead and just pull off and while we were pulling away she yelled again asking what size. So we just left I don’t think it was worth the trip.

LaHonda M

Noncompliance regarding mask rules. If the company says wear a mask Just wear it, especially when you are standing over the food preparing it. This is one reason why the virus is so abundant in our area!

Jared Morris

Breakfast food is amazing but pretty slow on getting the food other than that good place!

Janice Jones

Ordered coke with light ice, no ice, cup was 1/2 full asked at window, what happened, it was the machine,yeah right, I'f you pay for a coke or fries, they need to be at top, they are good filing it 1/2way

David Greer

Really good biscuit and gravy. Pleasant surprise.

Shannon Foard

They were super fast and the food was fresh. This was the first time I visited this MD. I would go again. The cashiers were really friendly as well.

Brandon Staten

Rude abrasive woman stepped in front of a long line after we waited 15 minutes to keep us from placing an order without rhyme or reason. Don't know what the food is like but if the personality of the person placing the cones outside was anything to go by, I didn't miss much.

Homer Sloan

I still feel wait times are too long to be considered fast food.

Jonte Gantt

Drive thru night shift workers claimed that their “system was down.” While listening to loud music in the store and I watched as they clearly took one of who I would assume is their friends order after claiming the system was down because they didn’t want to work...

Sharon LaFleur

Drive thru was fast this morning. And my order was correct and hot. They people at the two windows were very friendly and had a smile. A great way to start any day.

Esther Bayles

I would love to have one closer to Springfield. Im sure many people would.

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