MooMcGinn's Magic Creamery

6014 Hwy 21 S, suite J, Rincon
(912) 295-5502

Recent Reviews

edgardo alicea

Been calling for at least 30 minutes to check the options on water based or lactose free Ice cream and nobody answered. When we got there a young lady told us that the only lactose free where the Nitro Ice Flavors and it was actually like shaved snow. We decided not to buy anything, they didn't want to work and we didnt want to pay for bad customer service.

Lisa Butts

We love it everytime we go. No matter how busy the place is the staff is always courteous. Our go to date night dessert spot!

Todd Johnson

Ice cream made in front of your eyes and a endless menu of different flavors

Cliche' Evans

Amazing staff... Family atmosphere. IMPRESSIVE establishment.

Cailan Howard

So many ice cream choices and they're all worth trying, the people are also very friendly!!

Katie Coursey

I have been two both locations the past two Sunday’s and the wait has been ridiculous! The employees working are amazing and are beyond nice but you can tell that they need and want more help! The girls working are doing the best they can but management needs to get it together and put more people on the schedule on the weekends!!

Josef Myers

Delicious ice cream made directly from cream to your specific order from liquid nitrogen!! Awesome to watch and delicious to eat ?

Patricia Nutting

The best treat in town!

Shannon Joy

Wow, this was fantastic. the service and the food were amazing. The banana pudding one was outnof this world. My kids were so fascinated by the process and entertained.

Jessica B.

MooMcginn's is my families go to ice cream spot! They offer every possible ice cream flavor you can think of! Moos is a very clean shop with seating available. They have two locations one in Rincon and one in Springfield. I am dairy free and they have a great dairy free option. Stop in, you won't be disappointed!

Jonathan Chick

Celebrated my son losing his first tooth!! The staff and ice cream are awesome!!!

Kacie Burton

took my son and niece here today for the first time!!! Our experience was so amazing. ot by far was thw best ice cream i have ever eaten. not to mention its made with nitrogen which the kids were so amazed.

Jayden kel

Wonderful just absolutely Wonderful!

Marcy Graham Welch

Awesome flavors, great staff!!

Erin W.

Hand-crafted & fully customizable ice cream made fresh right before your eyes. You can't beat me the quality, and the experience is very fun and unique! Great family friendly place as well, my kids love to watch the process. It truly is like magic!!

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