461 S Columbia Ave St, Rincon
(912) 826-7660

Recent Reviews

Christine C.

I am extremely disappointed. Try getting a coffee here - but the machines were "broken". I waited in line to find that out. Not cool. So I tried again today, and they are out of decaf (I medically cannot drink caffeine). How does this happen? I'm very disappointed and really don't feel like trying again.

Jack S.

Consistently dilute my coffee with way too much cream no matter how many ways I try to specify "just a little bit of creamer" smh

Courtney KH #HealthcareHero

Love having a Starbucks FINALLY in Rincon!! Thank You Starbucks!!

Denean Gammons

Coffee good girls great

Bri Bug

They usaully have good attitudes unless there is any kind of issue (that you normally run into at work) loading cards, big orders, etc. They seem to get frustrated very easily. Your drink never turns out the same because one puts 4 pumps & one 6 pumps & one 3 pumps, they are not trained properly. They need proper customer service training and training on making drinks correctly.

Steven LaFountaine

Don't like starbucks. Been once and will never go again and that is to ant starbucks. Do not like there coffee.

Daniel Fields

It was okay but over priced

D Q.

Corporate really needs to hire new workers wIth better attitudes. The extra large girl named BRITTANEY was very rude and up charged me for a drink I get every day at the same price. If I didn't know better, I'd say some pocketing is going on here. Four different times my same drink has been different prices. When I inquired about it she was like "oh well" prices went up. Which they haven't. This Starbucks is slow, and rude and corporate will hear from me. Btw Kudos to Felix and his nice attitude, i couldn't imagine working with such a rude prick like Brittaney!

Sandy Williams

Prices at Starbucks are too much, yes I understand that the coffee is good, the food items are ok, but do we have to pay that much "to be seen with a controversial logo on a coffee cup"?

Jennifer Hensley

Mom loves the coffee.

Sheena S

Love their coffee!

Steve Richards

Iced coffee rules. This is a great place to get coffee.

S Hayes

Great options Great prices food and drinks Great workers I love this place

Michael Joyner

Great service and the best coffee and Lattes

Barton Alderman

Overpriced coffee. Snooty staff looked down their noses at me because I ordered plain black coffee and not some froo-froo super sweet drink so they could show off their expertise. Better coffee at McDonalds and friendlier service. Plus it was cleaner. Won't be back to Starbucks.

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