Seafood Cafe Riverdale

555 GA-138 Suite B, Riverdale
(678) 565-2887

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First time tasting and they did not disappoint! Its hard trying to find good food for delivery that does taste bland and rushed. There was a delay and they took accountability. It was worth the delay. I spent about $80 for a family of 4. The family loved the fried broccoli! My favorite dish was the potatoes & sausage. The corn was sweet and plump not dried out....OMG it was dripping with seasoned garlic butter. Every item was WELL seasoned. The house is quiet.... i am sure they all have 'itis' going down for a nap. I had to give them a call personally to tell them AWESOME JOB! I will be back for the lobster and crab legs soon!

The Life and Times of Yoboislim

Been Buying the food for years. Started buying at the location in Stockbridge Ga but that location is no longer there so when I'm in the area I stop here. Great food. A must try if you in the area.Food: 5/5

Lasandra David

First time and won't be the last time good and hot and my fried lobster is good and tender as well. Money well spent I can eat twice on 1 plate

Regina Rosser

This was my first time at this restaurant. It was so amazing the food was so fresh. I had got a pasta plate. The flavor was amazing I Also got a fried lobster tails to die for my daughter had got her some crab legs. They was amazing also. And not get my started on the corn go check them out. I will definitely be going back.

Kametra Harris

You Can’t Go Wrong With ANYTHING YOU ORDER!!! The GROWN MAN made me wanna drive back and Kiss the cook!!!!OMG!!!!


I've worked less than 2 mins from this place for years and have never tried it until I got a recommendation from a coworker. She insisted that I go and try the fried broccoli and fried sausage. I chose beef sausage instead of pork just to try something and I was not disappointed!! I got the half portion of each which came out to a lil over $10. The food was cooked to order but I didn't want any longer than 10 mins. The sausage comes with a garlic butter seafood boil sauce but I asked for that on the side. They also gave me ranch and sweet chili dipping sauces. The food was sooooo good. The broccoli was seasoned and fried perfectly. I have to try more of their menu soon. The cashier was so nice and polite and answered all questions I had and even gave more options. I'll be a frequent customer of their business.

Tasha Taylor

Great food, great service, nice staff. Clean space. Great addition to the neighborhood. All they need is my amazing desserts on the menu!Food: 5/5

Sunserai Fulgham

I have been here three times so far and I love this place. The consistency has stayed the same. I did try the juice but it was too sweet for my liking on the other hand the millers meal is great and you can’t go wrong with choosing it.

Lisa Santos

OMG!! My first time here and this place is amazing! The fried shrimp is huge and so crunchy and flavorful. The seafood pasta is good a little dry but really good the grilled shrimp in it is good. The beef sausage omg! So good I can't wait to go back.

christina fair

I called to let these ignorant people know my food was old and not cooked properly all I got was a argument this is disgusting that so called black owned businesses want to do business but not good business I hope this place get shuts down they have changed the name once because of food issues let’s see if they change it again for having bad customer service and terrible cooks on their staff the lady not sure if she is the owner but the whole day shift needs to be fired FYI same owners not new ones they just changed the name I know this for facts look at the response just ignorant people or check the Secretary of State like I did

Jared Williams

Some of the best customer service I have had on the southside in awhile. To me personally good customer service makes the food taste better. This place has it together all around from customer service, image, and down to the main course which is the food hands-down great place to go

spiritual nyuh

I love it here. The foods always good and they have healthier options too. They have very good veggies and quality food

Marinno Moreno

Had battered shrimp,steamed broccoli with seasoned rice.Excellent seafood seasoned just right. Butter base sauce is delicious.Definitely a must try.

breylan hicks

OMG!!! This place is great!!!! Made fresh!!! If you don’t have time to wait on quality, just go when you have time… make sure you try it soon!!! Ask for Shawn!!!

Shawanna Murphy

This restaurant has the best seafood you can put in your mouth, I’ve never been disappointed ❤️

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