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Mary Clark

If I could give them no stars I would. The regional manager promises people jobs at buffalo wild wings and corporate knows about it and corporate never follows through. People are wrongfully terminated.

Daniel Vegiard

They promise my wife a GM job and they did not hold to the promise and they keep pushing her around. They discriminate against veterans and also their employees they serve real food and their stores are not as clean as they say they are. They also harass you when they see things ain't the way they want it

RuthieWorld POV

This is the Arby's review I posted to Yelp! From incident that happened Sat. august 10, 2019 at the Arby's located on Alpharetta Hwy between Commerce Pkwy and Mansell Rd.I was there at 4:50p. I remember distinctly because I was able to get my so-calledd sliders for a dollar each because of the time.

Gillian Clark

What a dump

Jennifer Barnett

Very disappointed that Arby’s no longer offers Pepsi. I like the food but it’s not the same without an ice cold Pepsi. I now find myself taking my family to other places that do have Pepsi.

Nikki Wegner

Inspire brands now

Nikki Wegner

Inspire brands now

Cindy Williams

Greek gyros ok but I'm sick of the advertisements showing samdwichs that look nothing like what you get. Sandwiches stuffed full of meat but only in the pictures. Very little meat, all bread. I HATE THAT! I'm done with Arbys. Cheap!!

Lorraine Pelletier

Only giving one because cant give 0. Manager was rude and not very helpful. Ordered 2 coke floates may as well just ordered a small coke for 2 dollars very little oce cteam no whipped cream. I let her no she had a very bad attitude.Should have made another od refuded money 1.99 a piece.Had abetter one at a different arby's.

tmaejewski .

Only giving a one cuz I can't give a zero. When it says the dining room closes at 10....why were the doors closed at 9:55........very upset that I couldn't done with my family........

Lil blue

Sad day you took Pepsi out of your Lincoln locations. Arbys was my go to place when I didn't know what to eat. A big part of that was because you had Pepsi and most places don't. Well now I will be look for a new go to place that has Pepsi and that will probably be Runza

Rhea Paris

The Arby's on 2350 Murfreesboro Rd in Nashville, TN is awful, that store really needs to be looked at, make some changes maybe start with management! I know the health inspector very well and I will be talking to him.

Carissa Harris

We came to the Ozark, mo location for dinner. I did one of the surveys that they tell u about on the back of the receipt. I expressed my concern of the lack of cleanliness in this survey. And this wasn't after a rush dirty, there were things that looked like they hadn't been cleaned in months..maybe longer. After we finished eating, we saw quite a few crew members & one that looked like a manager standing around up front talking. I went up there & I asked the man if he was the manager & he told me he was the general manager. So I had him come out to the dining room so I could show him just how dirty it was. After I had pointed out 2 or 3 things (and I wasn't even close to being done) he said he would get someone out there, completely dismissed me & went right back to standing there w/his employees talking. We left about 5 min later & nobody had come to clean. They were all still in the same spot talking. Not sure I will ever come back to this location, as this is not the 1st time I've been unhappy w/the quality/service of this establishment. U guys could really use a complete change of management down here.

Craig Mashburn

I went thru the drive thru at the Arby’s in Emporia, VA. I had a coupon for a buy one get one bacon beef n cheddar. The girl taking my order said they didn’t serve that so I changed my order to 2 reg beef n cheddars. When I pulled up to the window I showed her my coupon and she proceeded to get her manager, who was VERY Rude, said he would not make this sandwich for me and refused to honor the coupon. I pointed out the shirts the staff were wearing stated, “making your bacon dreams come true,” I told him he failed in making my bacon dreams come true. It wasn’t like I was asking for anything free. I was willing to pay, but was shocked at the manner of rudeness I was met with. Worst customer service experience of my life and I will NEVER go to another Arby’s.

sandy s

Purchased the gyro and fries very salty and over seasoned not even able to eat it globs of green dry seasoning.

John A. A.

I stopped in at restaurant # 7507 for a beef and cheddar sandwich. I was in the middle of a nasty head cold, and just wanted to grab something quick for lunch. I walked up to the counter, told the cashier I wanted a b & c to go. She proceeded to try to up the sale; I repeated I only wanted the sandwich. She told me she was trying to win a contest, and that "it was okay for me to smile" in a happy, bubbly way . I looked at her. I told her I was quite ill, felt sick, hungry, and only wanted my sandwich. I gave her my money, she handed me change, without a word, then I stepped back, waiting for my sandwich. Within two moments she grabbed one off the rack, bagged it, handed it to me and "apologized for making me wait". Pure sarcasm. I called up the store manager, and told him of my interaction with this individual. I wasn't smiling? What if I had just come from a funeral? Who was this woman to tell me it was "okay for me to smile"? Further, sarcasm - really? I've called up the Atlanta, Georgia corporate office and frankly I'm not happy with the response I received there either. There really seems to be a corporate culture in Arby's that isn't particularly focused on a positive customer experience.

Jimmy Dawson

I was in Arbys store 6047 at approximately 2 00 pm. Covington, GA I frequent this store often. Today was a total shock. The GM was raising H...... With the employees in front of the customers. I was in management for almost 40 years and I know this is not the way it's done. The approximately 12 to 15 other customers in the store was as shocked as I was. Most of them are frequent customers as i. I am not an attorney, but if I was one of that GM employees, I would consider filing a law suit for verbal abuse. This GM needs some serious training on customer relations and anger management. .Some of those employees have been there 15 to 20 years. All of the times I have been in that store I've never seen such a display of this kind. It was also prevalent with the GM before this one not quite as bad. However that GM was there only for a short time. I and some of my friends in there said we would not be back until this GM is retrained or given a serious attitude adjustment I have no knowledge of any talk of a law suit, but if they do they have plenty of witnesses. LOVE Arbys but now will have to drive to Conyers, Ga. Be advised. This is serious.

Rebecca Smith

So I just left the arbys at 110 river point Dr in danville va... I wasn't sure if I was being pranked or what you walk in to a crowded restaurant which is good till you realize its because the lady at the register is arguing with a customer and not handling out peoples food then you finally get to place your order and you are halfway thru ordering and she walks away mid order because she forgot something then you try to order dessert for your kid and she is like I got it don't worry about it then never gives them to you.. Then she talks bad about the customer she was arguing with to another customer which is causing people to walk out... There was no sauce in the dispenser half the drinks were out of order and no one got receipts just overall cleanliness was awful.. Don't think I'll go back there ever

Kent Peters

Clean, quick stop off of the interstate before getting into the chaos of Lincoln. I’d give it five stars if they played Dean Martin. Get the BLT— its not advertised, but its the best sandwich they have.

Barb A.

Sorry Arbys but you get a failing grade! As long as you continue to support animal cruelty and source your chickens from suppliers known to abuse the chickens in their care I will not support you!!! Please With so many other casual food restaurants supporting cruelty free chicken I implore you to adopt a cruelty free source!!! Thanks to BK, Subway, Chipolte, Quiznos, Panera, Starbucks, just to name a few who are acting ethically and buying from suppliers who are known to use human practices.

Rhonda L.

Having learned that Arby's purchases chickens from suppliers who are allowed to treat birds cruelly, I won't be eating at Arby's until it publicly adopts a chicken welfare policy. Arby's needs to join Burger King, Subway, Chipotle, Quiznos, Panera Bread, Starbucks, Qdoba, Jack in the Box, Ruby Tuesday, TGI Fridays, and Red Robin in publicly committing to improved welfare for chickens in its supply chain. Until Arby's makes the same commitment, I will tell all my friends and family to boycott Arby's, and I'll continue speaking out on this issue.


Fresh fast and good food. Easy parking and very clean. The restrooms were very clean as well. The value for your dollar is worth it.

michael p

You go to Arby's because you like what Arby's has to offer. You want what you liked before to be the same at this one and it is. They have everything that every other has and they serve it with a Southern smile.


Easy to find and close to where I was staying. They had a very nice staff and fresh food even late at night when I ordered for my kids. Pleasantly surprised


The place was clean and decent on the inside. Service was ok, not outstanding like at some Arby's, but cant say it was bad either. We had the Turkey BLT and a Roast Beef Classic both with curly fries.. The fries had a little too much grease, but the sandwiches were good. Probably will give another try when i am back in town..


Ate at this Arby's one evening after finishing up shopping and not wanting to have to search around for something. One of the rare times where convenience crossed paths with reasonable quality and price.It is not dinner at a fine dining restaurant, but never claims to be, good selection, fast and accurate service, friendly... good value!

Nick B.

So it's an Arby's, fast, good and clean. They are so proud of their work they hope you ring the bell at the door as you leave. We and others rang that ship bell.