Bonefish Grill

5500 Abercorn St #44, Savannah
(912) 691-2575

Recent Reviews

Tiffany Rosa

My friend and I go to Bonefish when we have had a hard day and we need a boost. Every visit is GREAT! The food is always flavorful and cocktails are always the best. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. They always remember our favorite drinks and offer then on arrival.

Boop Boop

All the staff I interacted with were very polite and made sure I had everything I needed. The place was also very clean and even when I had my mask off to eat the staff made sure I was distanced enough to not risk my health or the health of others! Thanks for a great meal!( Everything is pricer than an olive garden or applebees but the food was amazing and my $12 salad I was full after half of it so it's worth it to me)

Monay Sanders

Social distanced, clean, and the food was flavorful.


The food was great and Matthew our sever was nice ,fast and patient

Artinique Thomas

You get so much food with The Family Bundles! Everything was delicious: Lily's Chicken with garlic mashed potatoes, house salad & chocolate chip cookies!! We plan to try all of the selections! New Friday tradition!

Amanda Turner

My husband I came into bonefish tonight and had a awesome experience. With everything going on with COVID they are very clean and respectful of the rules. We had Maxine as our waitress and let me tell you...she is THE BEST!! She was very attentive and kept our glasses refilled. (That is a big thing with us). She also recommended certain entrees that were awesome. The Manager Kelly came over and checked on us as well throughout our visit and was awesome. They even knew it was my birthday and wished me a happy birthday. I highly recommend this bonefish! We will definitely be back soon and hope to see these 2 great ladies in here!!

James C. Johnson

The Bang Bang Shrimp appetizer was amazing, then we both had the stuffed Cod. Great experience in all, the server was new and did his best but you could tell he was thinking to hard.

Jamie Jimenez

Bonefish Grill is requiring masks and providing safety procedures to better protect their customers and servers. I love a business that makes an effort to take care of their people. Food was amazing, service was stellar, and atmosphere was positive!


Always wonderful meal with great service. One of our favorite places to dine. I must mention that it is a good value in a relaxing atmosphere. Be sure to go with friends and family; no one will go away hungry or disappointed.

Plus Size Model Rain

OMG I will be back at bonefish grill the food was magnificent this is my first time trying out this restaurant and I must say I was very surprised at the quality of the food I will be dining there again

Remilio Oliviere

This place was amazing. Shea or server was one of the best I ever seen. Being in the hospitality business I know

Missy Searson

Two of us had lunch there yesterday and it was delicious! The most impressive part of our visit was the service we received. Shay is a wonderful server and a very personable person with a great knowledge of the menu. She was always there at the right times and provided exemplary service.

Lauren Mckinney

Bonefish is and always will be one of my favorite places to eat. Everything was fantastic and the service was amazing. Chase is amazing!

Phyllis Walker Gleaton

We waited 45 minutes like they said and then we waited 20 more minutes, only to see a group of 5 sit down before us. Yes we were a group of blacks and they were white, we of course were not pleased so we left. Will never visit again!

Alex Cooper

Was told there was a 45 minute wait for a table despite there being several tables open. Ok they're not available due to COVID restrictions, fair enough. So we were offered a spot at the bar instead. The bar seats were not scatter spaced like the tables. There were 3 of us but only 2 bar seats consecutively available. The host graciously offered we could ask the person in the middle of the bar ourselves. A little hypocritical to ask us to sit inches from strangers at the bar but not be permitted to sit in a partitioned boothed table that's next to a table in use. I get that those were probably the technical legal allowances per the city of Savannah at the time but it felt wrong. We chose to wait for the table.

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