City Market

219 W Bryan St, Savannah
(912) 232-4903

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So many interesting things to see. Wish we had something similar to this in our town.

Danielle Grondin

The city market is a nice place to walk around day and night with plenty of places to eat and grab a drink. There is many things to see and this is an epicenter for tourism information and tours. Definitely worth more then a day to explore especially if taking any tours or walking off to tour yourself. Talk with people from the area and find out key places to experience.

Lori Newman

Love City Market in Savannah. Have been back several times and always enjoyed our visits. We live 4 hours from here but it is worth the drive.

Mel K.

Nice market area , nice shops to look at. . But to be honest really not much to really see . Wouldn't go out of my way to see it again

Bev Milo

Our first time to historic Savannah. City Market was booming with people from all nationalities along with various pets. There were shops for all ages, art galleries, candy , ice cream even a jerk shop. Enjoyed being part of the crowd.

Michael LeBlanc

We stopped here for a bite to eat after first arriving in Savannah. It started out fine but after a while, our server came out and asked us what we ordered for dinner. REALLY?!?!? He said they lost our order. The place had mostly cleared out from the dinner rush and they lost our order. I just don't get that. Our food was an Alfredo looking meal that was supposed to have a Cajun spice to it for my wife and mine was a simple burger. The burger was "meh" and the noodles for my wife had no Cajun spice whatsoever. Try someplace else. Not recommending this place.

Bruce Lazenby

It's a neat area to walk through and look around. I'd recommend not eating anywhere there nor purchasing trinkets.

Katherine Yocom-delgado

Always a great place to visit and spend time when downtown Savannah. Make sure that you stop by the local restaurants like Sorry Charlie's for awesome oysters and Wild Wings for a quick drink and some tasty wings.

meredith kendig

Great touristy place to bring family that are visiting. I do not recommend eating anywhere on this strip because there are many better places off the beaten path. But this market is great to walk through and look at all the nice stores.

Robert Lampen

Lots of fun little places and restaurants. They seem to always have different entertainment going on. Stop by the Tree House for a drink and watch the game. I dont suggest the Cafe at marketplace. The food is sort of ok. You can definitely find something better.

Justin L.

Maybe it was just me, but I didn't find the City Market all that special. Essentially this is 2 pedestrian-only blocks on the west side of Ellis Square close to the water. There are a collection of building with restaurants (many on the kitchy side), the Prohibition museum (also kitchy), a bunch of art galleries (kind of cool), and some souvenir or snack food shops (popcorn, cookies). It's fine if you're going to do those things, but there is no draw beyond that. I respect the history, however the name makes it sound like a bigger deal than it actually is. People watching is probably the best thing over here, as it's an obvious tourist area. Surrounding the actual City Market are some higher quality restaurants and bars too to be fair. I would walk through this area once, and spend time at those places instead. It says something we spent next to no time here and stayed only a block away.

Rick Adkins

Awesome and we LOVE anywhere in downtown Savannah. The market place is great and for great pizza go to Vinnie Go Gos

Tim Pettus

Just across the square from Lady & Sons, this place has a lot of neat shops and restaurants. My wife and I couldn't help ourselves so we bought some Peach Shine at the Georgia Tasting Room, and some cookies at Byrd's. Definitely will be back!

Betina Davids

It was a fun outdoor space to explore while my husband and I were staying in Savannah. I'm giving it four stars because there really isn't that many places to shop here. More restaurants than anything. But it was enjoyable and if you're in the area, is recommend checking it out.

Vivian W.

Very live, music, live band. All kinds of restaurants, places to drink. Everyone is walking and laughing. It's definitely a good place to hang out on a sunny day like today!

Misty Angel

Great festive atmosphere. The people are very friendly and the food is great any where you go. Lots to do. Everything within walking distance. So hard to name one spot. The city as a whole has so much to offer.

Jon M.

We love markets whether they are farmer, craft, but mostly a combination. Here in Savannah its everything plus shops for food, art, candy and pubs, at least on the day we went. Fortunately for us our hotel provided free transportation so didn't have to worry about parking. When we arrived, the streets were not only lined with shops but lots of tent venders, live music playing in the central area. Several outdoor patios for eating, drinking and of course people watching. This is mostly a pedestrian area as most of the streets are closed so you can just stroll and enjoy. The city market is a nice stop for visitors to downtown Savannah and only a few blocks up from the river walk in the historic district. It also has two trolley stops. Recommend visiting the market wear walking shoes and plan on several hours of enjoyment listening to the music, shopping and of course watching the people from around the world. Parking is very limited.

Brandon Rohrbough

Cool experience in Savannah! You can carry alcohol open in historical district. There are many neat places to go and see. Plenty of restaurants and bars downtown. They have horse rides downtown as well. Ghost tours at night. We went to a couple plantations outside of Savannah which is a very neat experience. Alot of history I never knew about. Also everyone was very friendly in and around Savannah. Looking forward to visiting again soon.

Ella Gaye

Loved this quaint little spot. Felt safe with the police sub station on the square. Loved the shops. Wild wings is good but very lengthy to wait for food. Convenient parking nearby.

Thomas Ryan

Love this place. Right In the heart of it all. Beautiful. Active. And so many places to go

Eli Tuggle

Fun and energetic area to visit any time of day. Great restaurants, treat shops, shopping. Lots of places to sit outside and eat, rest, or enjoy the weather and people watch. And sometimes there’s music playing which adds to the vibe.

Jim Swink

Really enjoyed City Market in Savanna. Found baskets from Africa for our collection at very good prices. Enjoyed the frozen wine coolers at Savanna wines and great hamburger at Wet Willie's.

Tom O'Dell

Awesome market! Large selection of goods. Bakery, meats, fresh produce. Home made items. Great location

Patricia Bradby

So obviously only for tourists but a worthwhile stop if you need souvenirs. We just went for Byrd's Famous Cookies (worth making it through the crowds to get a bag of these to take many flavors to sample!).

Lynda McCarty

Great music! Food was delicious at Sorry Charlie’s!

Jon Fassett

This is a fun area with lots of shops, restaurants and art galleries. Easy to spend a relaxing afternoon, have some lunch then sip on a drink under one of the trees in the square. Plenty of options for gifts or that unique momento.

Nancy Floyd

Absolutely fabulous fabulous place to dine, listen to live music, walk around, get a Wet Willies, eat some candy, dog treats from Wolfgang puck, and just relax after shopping in the very cute shops!!!

Sherry Sudduth

Politeness and good customer service

Gloria OBrien

Great place to shop and eat outside. Frequent live music and nightlife. The area is closed off to traffic it's nice to be able to have a drink and listen to live music outside. Great atmosphere!

Jeanette Michelle

The city market was our favorite. I t was directly outside of the hotel. Nice place to hangout when visiting Savannah. Candy, stores, restaurants, and bars are throughout this market. There is also live music. Loved it and recommend anyone to visit this area.

mikey montz

I liked the meat hit the spot... also the candy store was delicious... everyone around city market was friendly and nice... not pushy and trying to sell you something..

chad mcdowell

Nice area! Great bars and restaurants with some neat shops along the way. Live music and very diverse crowd. I always visit this area when in Savannah.

Susanne V.

It was neat to come here for a little bit of everything. You can grab to go drinks from a bunch of bars or The Taste of Georgia was a neat place to try some wines and get some slushies (non alcoholic too for the kiddos). It's definitely a tourist trap but still a neat place to stop. You can also get the trolley tours form here and a horse drawn company is there too. The live music playing and even just DJ in the street were a great touch too.

Derek T.

If you've never been to Savannah, you probably need to go. Especially on a Saturday. It's a very lively block. That being said, it was a bit too touristy for our taste. We walked through and enjoyed the atmosphere, bought some dog treats at a store, and then left. We saw all we needed to see!

I am Shawn

What a joy to shop at a relaxed pace. Definitely made sure that I picked up some freshly made pralines for my mom, who simply loved them. We strolled to Paula Dean's a had a great meal.

Erin West

This area lies between Ellis Square and Franklin square. We were here on an evening in during Christmas holiday season. A beautiful large Christmas tree was on display on Ellis square right next to City Market. It wasn't too crowded and we enjoyed a good stroll. We checked out the art center. Studios were closed but lights were on and we could window-shop art displays. Savannah's Candy Kitchen caught our eye. They always have Savannah's Original Pecan Pralines samples at the entrance door. The shop is very colorful..with beautiful displays. A must visit if you in city market. I can't comment on the restaurants as we didn't try any.

Kriss Thompson

5 minutes ago

Donna Besley

This is such a great, quaint place! Lots of charm and a variety of restaurants, bars, shops and galleries. Local musicians entertain as you meander or sit to watch them. Parking was fairly easy to find although the lot we found was a little pricey ($10 an hour and any minute over an hour constitutes another $10 so we paid $20 for an hour and 15 minutes.) Can't wait to go back when I have more time to browse and enjoy all it has to offer. Will definitely look for less expensive parking options next time though.

trey cole

Wish i had more money to splurge on this place. Right next to the river, we saw a HUGE cargo ship pass by, something ive personally never seen before! Awesome crafts like candles, henna, personalized items like bracelets, coasters, dog toys/bandanas, there were so... So many hats. It was fun and the locals were very nice!

Amparo Polanco-Suero

great places to eat and shop. I love the people and the history.