Five Guys

5500 Abercorn St Suite 38, Savannah
(912) 692-1161

Recent Reviews

Leslie Johnson

I have always loved how they would add an extra cup of fries to the bag! The best fries I've eaten in a long time.

Damion Allen

Flavorless burger under cooked fries. 20 dollars on lunch what a joke.

Daniel M

We have been going to Five Guys for years and overall have been satisfied. We ordered through the app, but unfortunately, I think this location is still figuring out their process for online orders. When I arrived I let the cashier know that I arrived and picking up an online order. It took a total of 40 minutes for our order to be completed. It wasn’t until 8 customers had ordered and were served before our order was finished, I asked for an update and was told they were waiting on the fries. Come to find out they had our order sitting on the side and had been overlooked. We will continue to dine here but hope their customer service and efficiency will be improved.

Larry G.

Five Guys has undoubtedly the best fries and hamburgers money can buy, and has long held my esteem as one my all time favorite fast food eating places; however, I was disappointed today, in the midst of a pandemic, with restaurants trying their best to coax us out of our homes and trust them not to infect us, to see the staff at Five Guys on Abercorn in Savannah, not properly wearing their face masks. It is not enough to have the mask covering just your mouth, guys, not when you are preparing my food. It must cover your nose, too (that's where you normally breathe). Do this: hold your nose close to a mirror and exhale. All that fog that appears is droplets coming from your lungs, and if you are a carrier, those droplets are loaded with millions of Coronavirus germs. Oh, and one more thing ... don't grab up a bunch of ketchup packets and drop them into my fries, where they are touching food that is going into my mouth, please. Put them in a separate cup, or bag. It is a matter of trust. I want to believe you are not a carrier, but unless you were tested right before your shift started, you don't know, Andorra would appreciate your wearing your mask properly and minimize your handling of my food. We will make it through this.

Jordan Long

Was very surprised on how low class this store was, orded a hot dog and received a cut up halve of a hot dog on a bun. Not what I was expecting at all from this food chain.

Neal Hauser

Kitchen Chaos. I called in my order and they told me 15 minutes. I arrived and waited an additional 30 minutes to get 2 hamburgers and fries. Only 2 customers waiting when I walked in. 3 kids running the place and only one seemed knowledgeable of proccess.

Sarah Bender

I hadn’t eaten at this location before but it was close by. Boyfriend and I both thought our burgers tasted a little off and threw most of them away. 5 hours later we both had some pretty awful food poisoning. Usually I love Five Guys so this was disappointing.

Yelena Hunt

Their food is ALWAYS hot!! Love the fries with either regular seasoned or Cajun seasoning. Simply delicious!!!

Mike C.

Dissapointed this afternoon to see two cooks preparing my burger with face coverings over their mouths but not their noses! How exactly does this protect customers? Seriously?!

Denise Gann

Why do they constantly blare the music here it just gets louder and louder. More than any other 5 Guys. I witnessed 3 different customers trying to talk to employees. Couldn't hear anything. They are asking again what did you say ? Slowly as employees are talking to customer they are walking away like its customers fault and rolling there eyes. Good food sorry employees.

swole ninja

One of my patties were raw and the other was well done. Fries were really salty as well. I should've went elsewhere to find better quality food.

Claudia Chonko

Good clean environment, food is good, for myself I love the Cheeseburger.

Bonnie Sharpe Dyches

ordered online for convenience and speed . . . When we arrived at the restaurant the app said my food was ready . . . 25 mins later we got our food and it took another 10 mins for our milkshakes!! Now our food is cold. this is ridiculous!

Randy Caulder

Great food. Great price. Service was fast and accurate

Becca Jennings

Best chain burger restaurant ever!!! I hate how its 15$ for a meal...... but its worth it

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