Gigi's Cupcakes

5521 Abercorn St STE 100, Savannah
(912) 349-2778

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Tonya J.

I'm not from the Savannah area, so I've never heard of Gigi's cupcakes. However, I had a sweet tooth and craved something sweet. Searched for cupcakes in the area and Gigi's popped up. I ordered the Margarita, confetti and Oreo cupcakes and I was extremely disappointed. The cupcake was not fresh at all nor were they moist, and the icing was overkill-super sweet(sugary). I've had delicious, flavorful cupcakes in the past so perhaps my expectations were too high.......but, Gigi's cupcakes in my opinion are no different from the cupcakes you purchase from the grocery store-plain, dry, and high in calories! I gave a 2 for the decorations.

Lara G.

Every single time I have been here or placed an order online, it's been nothing but an excellent experience. I feel bad for those who didn't have the same experience but for me, it's always 5 stars. No matter what we get, the cupcakes are never dry. They are the most delicious cupcakes we have had from Gigi's. We have been to other Gigi's locations (years before) and have to agree about them being super dry and tasting old. This particular location in Savannah is not like that. We placed an order for our anniversary cake, so we will see how that goes.

Non sibi Sed ipsi

Amazing cupcakes. Highly recommend them

Mica S.

Really loved all these cupcakes! Definitely a bit much on the icing side. However, the cakes were all extremely moist and absolutely delicious. Icing had a great consistency. The banana pudding cupcake was hands down my favorite. Super easy curbside pick up as well! Would recommend for sure.

James M.

Lance, from Gigi's, was an especially fantastic Gentlemen. Despite closing for the Covid-19 concerns, he still agreed to meet my fiancé and I at the store to pick up our cupcakes. This made our wedding day absolutely perfect. The cupcakes themselves were phenomenal - a brilliant offering with both visual and taste appeal. An absolute gem of an experience.

Vic Whitehead

Very nice cupcakery we visited while in Savannah, Ga. The shop was very clean and was a nice size. Even had ample seating if you wanted to enjoy your cupcakes there. I got a cookie dough and a banana cream cupcake and both were really good. Definitely worth visiting if you're in the area!

Sally Wisner

I just love the lemon cupcakes. Very flavorful and pretty.

SKSBotanica LLC

3rd time in. Cupcakes are a bit too sweet and lack enough salt for contrast. Wish they were more flavorful. The Wedding cupcake can use MORE salt, vanilla, and butter, and LESS sugar, and icing. The amount of icing and sweetness of the cupcakes is OVERKILL and I have sweet tooth.

Leigh Champion

By far the best cupcakes in town!

Leslie Anne Terranova

Delicious Gluten Free cupcakes! The cupcakes are almost too pretty too eat, but eat them anyway! they are delicious! It's a friendly place to spend time with a friend or family.

Singing Bling

I ordered just over a dozen for my b-day. Everything was right and ready to go when I got there, and of course the cupcakes were fresh

Rilnell Alford

me and my spouse ordered our wedding cake from here and she walked us step-by-step price by price and gave us a lot of suggestions this is one wonderful place to get cakes from

Jennifer Connors

Great customer service and great tasting gluten free cupcakes.

Melissa F.

I absolutely love desserts so of course I'm going to come here and try it out. My sister took me here because she was constantly raving about them and had to come get them after moving out of state. She got in total five cupcakes and one cheesecake. The cupcakes were definitely good. I love frosting so if they loaded it up I would be happy regardless but for someone who doesn't really like frosting you might think that it's too much. They are salted caramel cupcake has a caramel inside which I found way too sweet! But still delicious. After trying all the cupcakes my sister bought which was basically a variety pack I'm going to tell you why you really need to go to Gigi's. The cheesecake. Holy cow! I'm not gonna say I'm a cheesecake connoisseur but I definitely know my cheesecake. They probably gave me the best cheesecake of my life. It comes in a cupcake shape and I believe it was $3.95 The cupcakes were $3.75 I believe each. So definitely a little more expensive than something like Kroger or Walmart but the quality is beyond... if I was rich I would get cupcakes here daily.. they do have a rewards program so that something to look into to earn free cupcakes!

Derrick Grant

The flavor and variety of the cupcakes were amazing. Gigi’s had a great selection of cupcakes, it was very hard to choose. I decided purchase five because the choices all looked delicious. Peanut butter truffle, strawberry shortcake, and white pumpkin (which is probably seasonal since it’s October) cupcake were noteworthy. If they have those in the daily selection, I highly recommend those flavors. The price was very affordable at only $3.75 per cupcake. If you like cupcakes you will not be disappointed, Gigi’s are probably the best cupcakes I’ve tasted in the United States; I have sampled cupcakes coast-to-coast.

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