5405 Abercorn St, Savannah
(912) 352-9029

Recent Reviews

Mark Storms

The pickles were thicker than the meat. Chili fries were put in bag sideways so everything went to the side and clumped together and leaked everywhere

Chuck Todd

Absolutely the worse staff in the area. Rude and claims to never have parties at 10pm nights and I've tried 3 separate times. Do not waste time here.

Chasity Cuyler

Amazing customer service at Drive thru ( Ms. Rea Bryant) above and beyond expectations fresh food

Sy Smith

Good menu, kinda sad though that they removed their meal deals.


I'm assuming it's good. I was on call with my cousin (Pop n Lock) due to the Lead person not being able to get in the store. He spent 40 minutes trying to unlock the door so that the business could run as usual and come to find out the back door was opened. He said he stuck his hand in the door slot and yanked it open ?

james liles

It's like white castle up north not a bad burger but you have to eat a bunch of them and then it's too much bread

Christian Rekowski

The food was okay... It's Krystal. The fries a bit soggy. They did manage two mistakes on a single order; no cheese on the cheese Krystals and adding pickles to the Chiks when I had requested no pickles. Small issues but it's evident of the simple lack of attention.

Lizzi Love

Very good this time, krystals were hot, chili not burnt

Ron Holzkamp

Love this place! Food is always excellent! I've been eating here for over 30 years!

Tracey Cokley

The food was good and fresh. The custmer service was great .

Destany M

All the other krystals are open at the times they’re suppose to. So, why in the world would y’all be closed from 8-12?? People get off work, especially around y’all and wanna get something quick to get home to their kids or family, cause I know that’s what I wanted to do. I got off right at 8 and wanted some krystals for my family, cause that’s what they wanted. Had to drive ALL the way down Abercorn just to get what they wanted. Y’all suck. I will not be coming back.

Jerry Chambers Sr

If you want something quick, it's the place to go.

Dyane Googe

Service getting better..always good food

Marion Buchheit

Worst fast food burgers I ever had. I have had better burgers from the frozen food section in the grocery store.

Maxwell S.

Absolutely the slowest restaurant I have ever been to in my life. Takes 20 minutes per customer. If you have less than an hour to eat DO NOT come here.

casetta Johnson

The service was very good and the cashier was very pleasant.

Jacqueline Flynt

I've loved Krystals since I was a child and the burgers were 10 cents. They're just as delicious now and still a bargain! The restaurant was very clean and welcoming and staff friendly and fun. We need one in Charleston, SC. Please.

Jim Ruquet

I was in Savannah for the day (from Charleston) and since we dont have Krystal's in my area anymore i made it to stop before returning home. i see the negetive reviews for this location but that wasnt my experince. the staff was friendly and even though i special ordered my burgers the wait was not bad at all. i was happy

Mitchel Montes Imbett

Got a 3 cheese krystal and 3 chik combo and they were amazing! I liked the crispy chicken burger the best. Will totally go back!

Dawn Willoughby

We went in the evening and mentioned getting the 20/20 deal which we had gotten not long ago. The man argued with us saying that was only with a coupon but there were literal bill boards around town exclaiming to just stop by for the deal and as stated we had ordered it before no problem. He decided to honor the deal which was fine. There was literlly no one else there but he still had us pull forward and park. It took them nearly an hour to bring out the order and when they did it was cold and wrong. We left extremely disappointed and have never gone back. We even tell others not to go here.

Kimberly Cone

I did not get my order because once i saw their health grade i walked out.. What a shame that you can't hire people to do their job..

Alma Graves

I went through the drive thru. My order was correct but the food was old so the Manager had no problem with getting me fresh hot food that was making sure the customer was satisfied. Thanks a lot

Randy Spivey

Food was fresh hot and delicious! Mens room didn't even have a handle to turn the sink on to wash my hands. The paper towel roll was on the floor sitting in pee bside the toilet. That's seriously disgusting

Eli Mavro

3egg breakfast is perfect. The way the made my over easy eggs and great deal for 5 bucks.I m hooked.

Michael K.

Great sushi chef for a haole boy! We've been here a number of times and the food is always great. Really good service.

Kimberly Spratt

Save your time, money and frustration. DO NOT EAT here. I went only at the request of my 11 year old son. The chicks were not fresh and old and the fries were horrible. I made it back to my hotel and at the parts that did look decent and not even 10 minutes later, I was hoovering over the toilet throwing it all back up. I should have driven off when I noticed that he outside of the building didn't look well kept and the first straw that she gave me was dirty. I won't be coming back here during my stay in Savannah.

Online Operations

😊Taste Good going in...hurts coming out😞

Ric Hollis

Again, an older location and fairly run down. Employees were accomodating and food was what I expect from this restaurant chain. Could use a little work on the inside. Part of the ceiling had been removed for service and not reinstalled.

Joan Nay

Their serving sizes are perfect. Great grandson, 16 months old, can have his own hamburger. And he loves the french fries.

Thomas Simmons

Krystal has always been one of my favorites. The food at this particular restaurant is pretty fresh and hot.....most of the time. But they are soooooo slow!

David Wells

Very clean dining room. Cashier was very personable, not an act! Breakfast was delicious 👌


They have all you can eat here. After a few of those little burgers and a few cups of coke you are good and full.


They have all you can eat here. After a few of those little burgers and a few cups of coke you are good and full.


😂😂😂😂The Scrambler brings back memories of GOOD TIMES with a dash of salt and pepper added !👌👍👌👍👌👍!! Oh yeah, nice courteous service, but don't try a purchase with a hundred dollar bill, good or not

Sasha Provencial

Would be better if their system wasnt down half the time. Or if they would replace empty pop boxes. Usually always get nasty pop.

Sophia Cooper

My food came quickly, but the cashier was in a mood.

CJ Grant

food is good but the service is terrible. the cashier was rude and was working slowly. rather than getting people's orders out in a timely manner, she chose to socialize with her coworkers and blast music.

Mitchell Vallejos

It's always a great place to eat and get full at a great price

Thomas Allison

Not the experience I was expecting. And most likely the first and last time eating Krystal. A quick "fast" food trip turned into an hour and a half of blah. We elected to get the all you can eat and an additional mini chilly dog. It took almost 40 minutes to get the order, which wasn't complete. The burgers had no onions. Some had pickles some didn't. All had an over abundance of mustard. It took additional 20 minutes to get the remaining portion of our order, a french fries and mini chili dog. I could go on. I believe this is a mismanaged store. And if it keeps up on this track, won't be around long. My opinion....

chris pope

1st and only time I'll be eating from there! That store needs a deep cleaning behind the counter and dinning room. Food was soggy some fries were cooked yet others were not how does that happen? Oh yeah out of Coke, Dr Pepper or Sprite!