3868 Stone Mountain Hwy, Snellville
(770) 972-0841

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Ailec Selot

I’m totally perplexed at why you would close the dining room for take out orders and only operate a drive thru line during your peak hours of operation. I arrived at 11:22 to find the drive-thru line wrapped around the building, doors locked, and an empty parking lot save for what I assume were the employees. This place needs better management as it’s arguably the WORST Bojangles in the Atlanta area, no actually at all that I have visited when it comes to service. I wouldn’t be surprised if they tell me they’re out of biscuits when I do finally get to place my order. It’s 11:39 and I’m still in line.

stephanie simmons

my food is usually fine and my service expectations for a drivethru are super basic, but man are these folks irritating. you will think the order system is broken unless you happen to hear them speaking to a customer before you, because no "just a moment please" to let you know someone is alive inside ever issues forth, and man do they take they sweet time to speak. just park put a movie on your phone cz it's gon be a minute before you order and it's gon be a minute before you get your food. they do come to the window w glorious smiles like an awesome job is being done, gotta give them that. They need that Chik-Fil-A training, word. I wrote this essay waiting for my biscuit, and i'ma have no trouble watching my figure on stone mtn highway- I will get my chicken biscuits when i'm in Loganville, bruh. Them folks function at a rational pace, biscuits be hot and fluffy, chicken just as crispy...then they mess around and give me a RAW piece of chicken, which as you can see I bit into. I wasn't even gon submit this review until I saw they tried to shorten my days w salmonella...guess it's prank day or sutn, that explains all the smirking and smiling, I guess...just keep driving till you see the wendys or sutn istg- they do not care, in here playing w ppl food. gross

Omar Heard

This is really sad. I know you must have an issue with hiring people, but make the effort to at least train the people you hire. The serving area that I could see through the Drive through was disgusting, the employees were slow and unresponsive. It appeared that someone returned their meal and the employees at this particular restaurant decided to give it to me. I know you must here hear this ALL THE TIME... But at the risk of sounding redundant, I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO A BOJANGLES RESTAURANT. It not worth it

Shaun Hemingway

I placed an in-app order and was not informed that an item I had ordered was unavailable. I selected curbside and checked in upon arrival. I waited for over 15 minutes without anyone ever coming out. I finally went to the drive thru where I was immediately asked to wait and sat for several more months minutes before being serviced. Only then was I informed that the item was unavailable and told I needed to use the app for a refund. My order otherwise appeared to be ready despite no one having come out. I was then only given a part of my order and had to reverse to retrieve the missing available items.

Marlene Nikley Sutherland

Ordered 4 mashed potatoes for the family. It smelt and tasted burnt. How long do they have to be sitting there for them to be all burnt? I spent $40 and very saddened.

Dayna Wright

The cashier was super friendly and personable. The fries tasted like they were old and some of them were extremely crunchy or a little rare. The chicken biscuit was delicious. They also have fly's which it was very disappointing.Kid-friendliness: They sell chicken fingers and other kid-friendly food

Darlene S.

This Bojangles used to be very good and preferred to other Chicken places. But today there was no food cooked and all stainless containers were empty as if there had been no food in them all day ( no crumbs either). Neither did they answer their drive up speaker service. The windows were full of greasy finger prints and the landscape was full of overgrown weeds. It was horrible to see this establishment in such shambles. What happened?!

Nichole Koonce

Very good fry chicken. Another chicken place has gone done hill. So we decided to use the Bo. Much better. Chicken cooked right. Sides hot and tasty. You can even eat the biscuits that are not round cements blocks. The sweet tea, just right the southern way. Will be getting the Bo box more.

Chad Rowe

Never had a good experience with bojangles in general, but decided to give it another try. Ordered the safest thing I could find on the menu: the chicken sandwich. Visually, it looked great. Nice thick chicken, fresh lettuce, no shortage of pickles, and the right amount of Mayo. Biting into the sandwich, I immediately noticed an odd red/orange color (could’ve been seasoning from the breading but idk). Chicken was crispy but dry as a bone. I’ve never tasted anything as bland and flavorless as this poor excuse for a chicken sandwich. Fries were seasoned well, but floppy as if they were going through a mid life crises. Even the Dr. Pepper tasted off like there wasn’t enough carbonation. My buddy, who ordered the 4 piece chicken fingers, simple described it as “terrible” and cold as if it was left on the counter. The only reason this review gets 2 stars is because of the customer service. The cashier, Candace, was kind and brought the food out quickly. Candace has a bright future with her customer service skills, the restaurant, however, will be good when the mountains blow in the wind like leaves.

L W.

Just plain RUDE!!!! Today the Oder taker doesn't let you finish your sentence before interjecting. RUDE!

Cynthia Hayes

Drive thru line long so I went inside to order. Not a long line inside but I waited 23 minutes to get my to go order. I saw at least 7 people working so no shortage of help but they were extremely unorganized. Enjoy their food but not to stand and wait that long when there's plenty of help. Maybe they need better training.

Julie Bradley

The lady at the window was very nice and very professional, which isn't always the way things are in fast food. I think her name was Ayana or close to that. Everyone needs employees like her! Food was good and hot! Bring back Bo Sauce!!!

Lanna Clarke

Never again !! The fries were over cooked , hard and cold. The biscuit is self explanatory and the tater tots I ordered had a pool of grease at the bottom of the bag which lets me know they were re-dipped !!

Mouri Bee's-Productions

Excellent everything fresh n tasty. 1st time going n loved it. It was better than Popeyes, churches and Kentucky. The box is a good idea for all u get u can't go wrong.the blue berry frosting hot biscuits is WOO!MAMAMEIA! THE ICE TEA WHICH AUTOMATICALLY COME WITH IT IS EXCELLENT. CHECK THE PLACE OUT. ALL THAT U GET IS ALL ECONOMICAL FOR UR FAMILY. AND OH LOVE ❤️ THEM FRIES. KEEP UP THE GOODIES

Edgar Chavez

Cashier placed our order wrong and my family and I waited 30mins in the lobby for our order.I was over charged and the majority of the team was unprofessional. If we didn’t triple check our order before leaving the lobby our order would of been completely messed up. Team member didn’t know the difference between dark & white meat chicken. They also handled our meal without gloves and when we got home 2 the chicken thighs were undercooked. The polite GM asked if everything was ok before we left but we were fed up with the unprofessional team that we didn’t bother letting him know about the unacceptable experience we had. Don’t expect our family business any further.Sunday 06/26/2022

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