Chili's Grill & Bar

1350 Scenic Hwy N STE 1000, Snellville
(770) 982-4727

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Bruce Prescott

I would give them 5 stars for their food and service (the staff was very friendly) however, they are not COVID friendly. None of the staff were wearing mask, and though they had limited capacity, they sat all the patrons in a group of tables in the middle of the restaurant with little to no social distancing.

Lydia Pearson

I ordered a sandwich and they brought me a salad. I’ve been waiting on my food for an hour and a half. Will not be returning.

Beverly Peer

At one time it was a decent restaurant. Went 2 days ago…the waiter was phenomenal. Polite and helpful. The food was ok at best. The restrooms were filthy. No paper towels, floor was filthy and they left toilet paper to dry your hands. Toilet paper for the toilets was on the nasty floor. Will not go back.

Shatondra Swopes

The worst ever!!!! We order TO Go and let me tell you they can go straight to hell with what they put in the bag. We ordered Cajun pasta with extra shrimp, there was no shrimp or pasta sauce at all. It was just a plate of chicken and noodles. Next our egg rolls was burned to a crisp we couldn’t even those. We also ordered queso Smh… It was enough to dip one chip in it and it was gone and yes the queso was cold too. We just threw it all away!!!! We definitely won’t return to this establishment.

Avery Sleepystorm

Poor service. Came here with friends for a good dinner, got cold food, then they forgot our table for 30 minutes. Discounted some of our food. Also said we had cashed out, when we never even received a check. Will not be coming here again. Terrible service the entire visit.

Kevin B.

This Chili's has the absolute worst service ,took over an hour to receive my to go order will not come back again.

Frederick Haab

This location had been good in the past, but have totally dropped the ball during the pandemic. We're a year and a half in, you'd think they figured out the curbside equation, but they continue to fail miserably at it, and so I'm done with this location.Arrived when they said, clicked the link they texted me, and got the "we'll be right out with your order" message. Waited 10 minutes, which is admittedly less than I've waited before, but based on last experience with them decided to go in.As I expected, my order was just sitting there on the rack getting cold, just no one to bring it out. When I got home we found the queso dip had nothing to dip in it (no chips). My daughter's bacon avocado chicken sandwich had no avocado.Three orders, two wrong. In addition to being too cheap to hire the people necessary to serve the copious number of to go orders, a 1 out of 3 track record with the food is pretty bad.I generally am very understanding, and I give places plenty of chances. This location has exhausted my patience.

Ansar Sinha

Friendly staff, food was good reasonable portion for the price.

Steven C.

This was one of my worst dining experiences in a while. I was seated promptly. I ordered the bottomless soup and salad, which came with bottomless chips and salsa. My friend ordered a bbq plate and corn as both of her sides. My food ce.out rather quickly much later, my friends food ce.out,.minus the corn. Then several minutes later, the waitress brings out one ear of corn. Such later, we get the other ear if corn. Meanwhile, my chips NEVER arrived. The server never came back to check on us and a different server had to help us with the bill and payment. The manager gave us 20% off the bull, but for all the frustration we went through and not getting the food we ordered, that didn't seem like a lot. I have been going to chilis for years, and often I get the soup and salad with chips. This time did not meet my expectations.

Quanita Wilkerson

Now I eat at this location frequently, mostly carry out since Covid. Usually the service is A1 but last night I sat waiting for almost 20 min for them to bring out our food, which they never did. I sent my son in to get it and it was the food we saw behind the counter when we first pulled up. Maybe the take out staff last night was tired or overwhelmed. I will still visit.

Nicole Devoe

Good food good service food was hot and came out all at ince

Shakeshia Bell

Once arriving we went in to see if it was a wait time, they said it wasn’t a wait time but they needed to clean tables so therefore give them about 10 to 15 mins. We waited outside in the car for about 15 mins went inside and was greeted but was told to give her a moment she had to clean a table, which is crazy because you told us that 15 mins ago, she seated us about 3 mins later. We waited about 15 mins before anyone even acknowledged the fact that we needed a server, a server asked has we been seen we stated no and she said she’ll be with us shortly. Once getting to us we placed our order, I ordered appetizers and entrees & plus a kid meal; 2 adults, 1 kid & a infant. It took her about 15 mins to even come back with our drinks which is insane. So we are patiently waiting the kid meals comes out about 45 mins later, and the appetizers and entrees after about another 15 mins so we waited a total of an hour to get our food. My son was finished with his meal by the time the entrees and appetizers arrived. Before I could begin to even eat my food I felt it and it was cold, but that’s not the kicker, the kicker is my food had hair in it, you can see in the photo below. The other entree the food was hot except one item. I asked my server to get the manager( I didn’t tell the server ghe problem before hand) I jus wanted to talk directly to the manager. I waited about 10 mins for the manager Andrea to come and when she does decide to come she states “you need me”. A terrible way to greet your paying customers, no respect no nothing. I then tell her I had hair in my food etc. that I didn’t want it or for them to remake it just take it off my ticket and the only thing she says is OK. She didn’t apologize or anything, she just gave me a ok. Unbelievable! I will never ever come to this location again!

Dore Jo

I just have to give this location 5 stars. We dealt with two servers and both were very attentive to our needs (Skyler and Cameron) We changed drinks and meals and they were glad to accommodate us with warmth and smiles! I live an hour away but still recommend this spot!

Thankful Grateful

I ordered the Santa Fe salad which included avocado. I noticed once I returned to the car, the salad had no avocado. I returned to the "to go" counter to inform the cashier who indicated the salad did not come with avocado...I showed her the ingredients via the menu. It literally took 5 + minutes for employees to make decision to provide the missing avocado without an "upcharge". Just ridiculous. No apology for the error or inconvenience. This location's customer service was garbage.

Tee S.

I went to Chili's this evening for a particular meal....A southwest chicken ceasar salad..When it was bought out to me, it was an entire MESS! The chicken was uncooked and was not cut properly...And it had ICEBERG lettuce (we all know ceasars are made with Romaine) Ok, so we sent it back with the waitress she tells us, oh he's new, and forgot the spinach, we make ours with spinach....ok cool! ...So she brings the salad back out...With THREE LEAVES of spinach! YES ! THREE!! So we ended up, not getting anything... the manager came to speak with us, and didnt offer us any type of compensation for our inconvenience!!! Bottom line, don't visit this place!! Period.

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