3941 US-78, Snellville
(678) 353-6205

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Cyndi Moore

Place was packed. But they were pretty quick

Brandy Andrews

I walked in to get a coffee . Both employees looked at me the one at the counter turned and walked away. Drive thru employee turned to see me. Neither employee greeted me. Stood there a couple minutes longer.. the employee who walked away came back from the backroom. I was still not acknowledged.. I ended up walking out of the store .. never getting my coffee.. disappointing thing is the store was completely empty... There was not a single person in the store.

Sean Diallo

Order same thing at every locations n I've visited. Only location that charged extra for flavor shots but drink was nowhere close to what in use to tasting. No hint of flavor at all. Last time visiting


I absolutely despise this location. Coffee taste like @$$. The don’t sweeten your orders properly. How do you mess up orders consistently. Chicken sandwich no bacon still put bacon on it. Bacon sandwich turned into a sausage sandwich


I’ve ordered a 10-count donut holes from this store twice through Door Dash - the first time, the donuts were fresh and a whole different variety! The second time, I didn’t give me just 10 donut holes - they gave me 15!! Totally above and beyond!

Mark Kirchen

Staff doesn’t listen to orders and makes sandwiches however they want. Twice in 5 days ordered bacon, egg, cheese on English muffin. Both times they put it on a croissant, even after confirming with the cashier the order details. Staff needs better training or management needs to set a standard for fulfilling orders properly. Having the same issue twice in the same week shows there is no standard.Otherwise the order is quick but that doesn’t make it okay when it’s wrong

Joy's L.

During my order the lady cut me off multiple times. Rushed me and than got to the window ...drink was not what I ordered the donuts were under cooked and soggy and they charged me for something I did not receive . Food was not at all Good and drinks tasted thrown together . Do not go to this Dunkin' Donuts ! They need new management ASAP! Was not satisfied at all

Kelvin Hardnett

Even though they didn't have my strawberry icing , they still get 5 stars!

Sierra Mearkle

I live Dunkin so much and they always make my drink how I like it. The people are nice

BB Cart

I frequent this location over the new Centerville location from now on. They are consistent with the drinks & move pretty fast. Doughnuts at Dunkins are never fresh when I order but again coffee & breakfast sandwiches are always ?

Zuleima A

Drive thru is quick, food is always hot. This location used to be really great when it first opened. But now, I don't order on the app anymore bc sometimes they are out of the donut/milk that I want and I won't know it until after I arrive to pick up my already paid for order. It's safer to park after going through the drive thru to double check if they got my order right (ex. adding bacon to a sandwich or asking for NO cheese). I don't mind it bc I don't stop at this one in the early morning before work anymore.

Tommie Reed

When you order crispy bacon or well cooked bacon, you don't expect greasy, jelly, slimy bacon. And then when you ask to have the bacon cooked a little more so that it is done, your told, "we don't have any way to make crispy bacon ".This is not the only store that has served under cooked bacon and claimed they have no way to fix the issue.

Natalie Rowe

Be kind, approach with patience. The ladies are trying their best.

Kate DF

TERRIBLE - Overcharged Me - After a moderate wait, I ordered TWO donuts. TWO. I asked for a water (which costs $.99 BTW), which they did not give met. I left with TWO donuts, and they charged me almost $12.00 becaus they added someone else's bill to mine. I didn't notice until I got home. Now I have to drive all of the way back to get a refund. They don't answer their phone.

cherryl archer

I'm so happy they open back up

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