Krispy Krunchy Chicken

3739 US-78, Snellville
(770) 736-8617

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Cara H.

Great chicken spot near our hotel, my family loved it! The potato wedges were huge and rolls sweet. Great neighborhood spot.

Nhan N.

Not consistent. The chicken is great on good days but so salty on bad days, even ketchup won't save you. I would have to throw away the crispy skin just to eat the meat, which defeats the purpose of fried chicken. Its a crapshoot every time I'm craving for fried chicken. I hope they read this review and fix their recipe soon, because Jollibee is opening up a new location 2 blocks away and I would prefer to support KKC because they seem like a local family owned location.

Arthur N.

I fucking hate the new location. The original location was down the street from the police station and once in a while i had to deal with the local dope fiends but rarely did this happen. Im from the neighborhood so i know how to deal with the dope fiends. Now the new location is a few blocks down and you get all the dope fiends from tl and downtown. I wished they would have never left the original location. The old location was small so nobody would really be hanging out inside. But now the new location is bigger and the dope fiends have more space to hang out inside. Guess im gonna have to go further instead of supporting my local store

Lena T.

Underrated and surprisingly juicy and crispy fried chicken! The biscuits I was not a big fan of and the Mac and cheese was okay. I do definitely recommend the fried chicken legs and thigh!

Daniel A.

The fried chicken is good, but the Mac is great , and the honey biscuits are addictive. Like I'm in Step 5 of my 12, and I am considering going back.

Meriem A.

You're better off getting McDonalds! It'll be cheaper and taste better! What a RIP OFF. I ordered a fried chicken sandwich from them and got a sad excuse that made a mcchicken look like a 5 start meal! For their crazy prices you would expect better food. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE!!!

King G.

I came here about 2 weeks ago and the food was great. And everything was fresh and not to greasy. The only reason I didn't give them a 5 star was because the young guy sitting behind the counter semi working found his cell phone more important then me being a customer.

Malik H S.

I came here about 2 weeks ago and the food was great. And everything was fresh and not to greasy. The only reason I didn't give them a 5 star was because the young guy sitting behind the counter semi working found his cell phone more important then me being a customer.

Tim L.

Great fried chicken! Tasty and fresh when I picked it up. Nice and clean service as well. Definitely returning soon.

Andy K.

Fried chicken is delicious. Crispy crunchy goodness just like the name says. Biscuits and mashed potatoes are also perfect. Definitely picking up from here again. Try their sweet and sour sauce!

Paco Alvarez

(Translated by Google) The chicken is tasty, but very expensive!(Original)El pollo está sabroso, pero carísimo!

Johnnathyn S.

So this was my first time having Krispy Krunchy Chicken. This is a location that had just reopened also. Here are my honest thoughts. Fried Chicken (dark mix)- it was crunchy, not as much breading as you would see on KFC's more like Popeyes. The seasoning wasn't too bad, slightly more on the salty side but not overbearing. It was good and def better than I had expected I will say. Jambalaya- it was okay. I mean, I wasn't expecting gourmet or anything but the flavors were there. All the meats in it were tender but was a bit cold, mind you, the location was only like 6 blocks away. So it was a bit surprising. Mac & Cheese- this was actually pretty delicious but..... it was a bit on the cold side too. You don't expect these to be that much lower in temperature as these are warm sides so I'm a bit stunned by that. Mashed Potatoes- not bad, was good in flavor, the gravy was fine, but..... was also on the cooler side in temperature. Honey biscuits- they are interesting. It's very sweet with the honey over the top. The biscuit itself was very crispy as it seemed maybe dry? Every bite was a dry crispy crunch(no pun either)! Don't get me wrong it's good but I prefer KFCs. I had priority delivery so I'm not sure how these sides were even cold as if it's been sitting out. You can just look at the photos and tell because there's weren't even any residue condensations on the containers. The flavors of everything were good but the experience was mediocre. I would've rated it at least 4 stars had it seemed like my sides weren't left out for a while. As I mentioned this was my first impression with Krispy Krunchy Chicken and so we will just have to wait and see if there's a second. Update** Had to update review and change rating to 4 stars as I realized it's not fair of me to lower it to 3 for one minor detail, simply because the service was indeed spectacular and food actually tasted good. Every restaurant during this pandemic is struggling, and we all need to remember that. Plus, I expected too much. Check this place out if you have the chance! Thanks!

Andy G.

Absolutely f-ing horrible. I ordered through grub hub and when I arrived at the location listed the restaurant was closed with a padlock on the door. When I called the restaurant they stated they could not give me a refund despite their restaurant location being incorrect. Don't waste your time with this poorly run establishment.

Jay B.

Bomb as fuck . Come here when your stoned . Your welcome . You'll thank me later.I usually get the fried mixed chicken or spicy Cajun

Carlos Bort

(Translated by Google) Smooth the chicken ????(Original)De lisioso el pollo ????

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