"She Did That soul food kitchen"

3400 Centerville Hwy, Snellville
(770) 609-6935

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Ms. Parker

I drove all the way (35min) here from my home to support this sister and try some of her southern meals. Upon arriving I called inside to order and the young lady who answered advised that they are sold out of Fried Chicken. To which I replied okay what other meats do you all have? She replied the regular meats lol. I then replied well I’m a 1st time customer and I’m unsure of what the regular meats are, she ran down a list and I said I’ll go over the menu and give you a call back. To my surprise she hung up in my ear. I’ve never in my life felt so irritated. We’ve got to do better. Honestly. No thank you, if you need any help deciding here’s what most prefer or here’s what I like most on our menu, just lacked basic common courtesy and customer service skills. A customer was lost due to her ignorance.

Candlesby Val

Excellent, professional service! Food always worth the trip, never had a disappointed moment nor meal. You will be satisfied...

So Monik

Omg!! This food is so delicious. I went to a different Soul food place one day because "She Did That Restaurant" was closed and boy was I so disappointed. Please I need y'all open every day..Lol.(Imma Grand Ambassador on the low cause I tell everybody about yall food)EVERYTHING IS WELL SEASONED. My two year old is a very picky eater, but he kept coming back to my plate. He got to get his own next time :)

niya gilbert

The food was very delicious and had big quantities.I will be returning

DeAngela W.

You should really update your hours on your website and Yelp. Went all the way there and the restaurant is not even open on weekends. Today is Sunday. The day everyone wants soul food. On the website it says they are open until 7pm on Sunday.

Axel Barker

Very neat and convenient spot. They provide generous portions and for reasonable rates. I liked the meals a lot and the waiters were very friendly and explanatory. I recommend this place.

Tobi Mark

I’ve been craving Soul Food for the longest, so I decided to stop by and try them out! Long story short, my craving has been fully satisfied!

Rashad Manradgh

Very delicious restaurant. Will be back again!

Kris B

The food here is very delicious!!! Everything I ordered was very tasty!! The cornbread was one of the best I've tasted. The customer service was awesome. I will definitely be back!!

Jessica R Jackson

Dressing: on Hit

Savannah S.

This door so good I'm trying to figure out where this lady is macaroni and cheese is seasoned so well, cheese is perfectly melted. Chicken is always JOIUCY, yams are the perfect texture, the embodiment of balance between sweet and savory is indescribable. And her kool aid?! (Chef kiss) i don't know who this woman is but she needs to come home her food never disappoints and always satisfies.

Yoronda Miller

Food was delicious and hot. Very tasteful and seasoned well. I would cook the greens a little longer but everything was good. I will definitely be back again to try the meatballs and fried chicken. Like the other customer mention your plate will feel extremely HEAVY!!! Good portions

Jeffrey Crawford

Great little local woman-owned soul food restaurant. In and out in under 5 min: Fast food to go that is prepared slowly. They do, however, make their fried chicken after ordered to ensure it is fresh, crispy and not over cooked. I liked the ribs, mac and cheese, and collard greens. All meals are over rice and come with cornbread. The to-go meal felt like it weighed a few pounds and was a great value for money.

Amour Zay

I love the food here it is absolutely delicious, and awesome quality! The Mac and cheese dish is very tasteful it is real macaroni and cheese and not the craft Mac and cheese that is served for at home dinners, (Microwaveable). Everything is prepared fresh each and everyday. It is located across the Wendy’s, just in case you get lost. ?


I finally got to try this place today and I was not disappointed! I got the rib plate with collard greens and potato salad. Everything was really really good and ribs were flavorful and tender! Customer service was also great! I will be back soon ☺️

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