"She Did That soul food kitchen"

3400 Centerville Hwy #H, Snellville
(770) 609-6935

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Claudet Braddy

Food is delicious and plentiful.

Atlanta Customs

I’ve been in snellville 3 years but I’ve been going back to Stone Mountain to get my soul food fix. But I found this searching on google and I must say the collard greens Mac n cheese and fried chicken was ?????.I don’t trust everyone to make collard greens but those were amazing !!! I’ll definitely be back to try everything else.

Gerald Williams

I have been a number of times!!!! She Did That …..every single time!!!! Food is consistent and on point! Let’s rally around her and make sure she don’t go nowhere!!!!!

chakiley scott

This is the best soul food I have had here! Much respect to the chef! I will be patronizing you again! Yes! She did that! Love it

Lynnette Howell

My Heavenly Father!!! Is what I have say when, and before I speak about “She Did That Soul Food”. Long but worth it post??????????I have been looking for a REAL Soul Food restaurant, since my husband passed 6 YEARS AGO (he was a country man that cooked like his momma); and Honey I have FINALLY found IT??????I pulled up as the owner was putting the sign “Welcome Home - SOLD OUT!” In the door and my heart sank. She must have read the expression on my face and came out to explain. They had sold out of everything except baked turkey, rice, black eyed peas, yams, Lima beans and two pieces of baked chicken. I said okay I’ll take it. Being that my husband cooked so well, I know that if they are closing early because they sold out, then the food is ????.She apologized for not having much to choose from.(Who does that, when your business is Booming)!!! But then she did something that I have NEVER-EVA experienced at other restaurants. She offered to fry me some chicken if I didn’t mind waiting. ?????? W-H-H-H-A-A-T-T‼️ I am sooooo happy that I waited?????That chicken was the bomb ?, it was seasoned down to the bones ? . The baked turkey fell off the bone ? and was also well seasoned. The black eye peas OMG?? They were out of gravy so they put the broth from the turkey over the rice ???, normally I don’t order white rice, but HONEY there wasn’t one grain of rice left when I was done ?. The Lima beans were perfect, the cornbread muffin “my God”‼️‼️ If that wasn’t enough, The Yams OMGoodness?????? I have NOT had anyone’s (including my own) yams that came close to my husband’s yams until now!!So many people claim to be able to cook “Soul Food”, but they either under season or over season the food. HOWEVER, at “She Did That Soul Food”. The food is not only well seasoned, but the food is cooked with LOVE????????So I don’t get upset and choose not to support this family; call first if that will help. Because I promise, YOU will not be disappointed. If not, then that is more for ME and my Family ????

Sherrod Murray

All the food good... best Turkey Wings in GA ? and Hawaiian meatballs gotta try

rusheen thompson

All I Can Say Is That Im Greedy But Heaven Knows I Got Put In My Place Today..... Lord This Is Alot Of Food... I Will Not Be Going Else Where Until I Try Every Last Meal Here. Thank You Fir Satisfying My Soul Honey.... She Really Did That YallI ordered Ribs, Mac n Cheese n Green BeansHubby ordered Turkey Wings, Fried Cabbage, n Collards.Both plates also came with Rice n corn breadOh and that cherry coolaid will have you slapping who ever tryna touch your drink...Pleasant Experience. I cant wait until outside dining becomes available....

shai wainwright

Googled restaurants near me while on my way to a job site. It's hard to find good soul food these days and these ladies did not disappoint. I was greeted with smiles and felt like I was among family. The food was great and the servings filled my belly and relaxed a stressful day I was having in the work field. These ladies were very nice and welcoming. Till next time.


This was my first time eating here, and this was the best soul food I've had in a long time. Highly recommend. Met the chef and owner, she was very nice. Felicia the cashier was amazing as well she had great customer service.

Raesha Thompson

I have lived in Georgia many years; tried out several different places but this food is some of the best I have ever tasted. I drove almost 35 minutes to try it & it was so worth it and then some. Thank you for sharing your gift. Will definitely be going back.

Bryan Henderson

I’ve been out here 3 years now and have tried a lot of different soul food restaurants and they all have that one item that isn’t that good!!! Not at “She Did That”!!! EVERYTHING IS GOOD HERE!! You can taste the SOUL in everything on your plate!! My top Soul Food Restaurant hands down!!!

Angela Mack

Real good food!! The owner is a wonderful person! She really needs a nice sign out front so more people can experience her delicious meals.Who wants to help donate or raise money for a sign??

Amode & Anyla

I started eating here on Monday and ate here everyday until Thursday. This food is the best in all of Georgia. I personally recommend her turkey wings and mac and cheese. I haven't tried everything else but man this is the best food that I've ever tasted. I cried when I found out they aren't open on the weekends. This is now my favorite restaurant.


Honestly, this is the best soul food restaurant I ever had! Prices are Great! I always go here as my cheat day spot. Restaurant is African American Family own and run which is a great plus for me! Owner and her kids are so insanely nice and great people. Food is always the best! I tried about everything here and man everything is so flavorful and delicious! Definitely recommend the Turkey Wings and Fried chicken! Best Mac and cheese & potato salad I ever had besides my mom of course! My go to spot! If you want some of best tasting Soul FOOD EVER!!! Come here Monday thru Thursday between 11-3 & 4-8. 3-4 is when they prepare for the Dinner service! Also don't come Friday Thru Sunday because the restaurant is closed and they definitely deserve all the rest they can get!! Love this place!

Kathy Johnson

The food is excellent! You get a good amount of food for the price! It’s the best soul food I have had in this area! The owner is awesome and truly cares about the service and quality of food she serves! Please stop by and support this black-owned business!

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