1550 Scenic Hwy N, Snellville
(678) 585-3792

Recent Reviews

Stephanie Rucker

Very slow service...very slow!!!

Deborah Hamilton

I was very disappointed that they ripped me off on my delivery. If you charge for.something you should make sure that item is in the bag. Then they won't answer the phone to even address the problem. Never again and I am telling everyone I know how this store cheats its customers.

Marta Escamilla

we are poorly cared for sometimes he/she ignores us

Sharee Owens

The last message from Subway clearly states "2 or more footlongs are 5.99". I had the unfortunate event of having an employee tell me 2+ meant 2+1 so I had to buy a minimum of 3. I tried to explain to her that's not what the text message said and attempted to show it to her. In doing so, I accidentally leaned up against the counter and it started to close, unbenounced to me. She got loud and said she knows what the coupon says and I need to buy 3. Once a younger make employee saw the text, he was nice enough to take our order. As he is ringing us up, the lady then yells " she needs to redeem that coupon now!" I proceeded to press redeem and show the younger sales associate, he gave me a thumbs up and continued our sale. Then another lady comes over saying she needs to redeem that coupon. They were telling at me and causing a scene with a line forming, all over them being wrong about the coupon their company sent out. This was absolutely ridiculous. I will never spend another dime in this place!

Lisa honey

Good food

Jennifer Brown

Lip smack'n delicious subs.

Michelle G

Their posted hours list they’re open till 10:00 pm on Mondays. At 7:15pm they were out of bread and refused to say what time they closed. The employee stated “when we’re out of bread we close” . Not even one star horrible customer care !!

Giannavlogs! !!

Had flies everywhere

Maha Idrees

Old workers are so rude man and woman. Kicked me out of the store before I even got to put my stuff down and they told me to go wait and sit outside! Not to mention my family did come by and buy food from there less than 5 minutes later..... never giving buisness to these people again. And these people have seen me order food from here before as well!!! So shocked and humiliated. Service is completely unacceptable.

Gianna White

Had flies everywhere

Gianna vlogs !!

Had flies everywhere

Chandresh Patel

Great services

The SP Channel HD

The best and most beautiful Subway I have ever been to!

Yaya Lopez

Found a hair in the sandwich!!! I let the owner know and I requested my money nicely; and they offered me a cookie instead!!! Horrible service and hygiene...

Robert Komarovsky

This place is horrible. (Subway inside Walmart) Food is all kinda messed up. Management is rude. If you ask for extra plastic forks they look at you like you asked for 100 dollars. Portions are smaller then other subways. Tomato's were old and smelled like cleaning solution. Do yourself a favor and go anywhere else.

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