Zaxby's Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings

1780 Scenic Hwy N, Snellville
(770) 985-9888

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Amber Payne

Another first time visit. This location is in a pretty busy area, but wasn't very busy itself at the time. Service was pretty quick as well. I'm not sure what it is about Zaxby's, but I can't bring myself to like their fries all that much. The kickin' Chicken Sandwich is my go to, and I like their white cheddar cheese bites.Food: 4/5

lailah samone

10/10 They always have good service and speed. The food is usually fresh and crispy. I dont think there ever was a time they told me they didnt have an item.

Mayra _ovo

I have never enjoyed Zaxby’s in such a long time, the quality of food had gone down hill, but this location has been absolutely amazing!First of all, I ordered my food through mobile order at the wrong location, and after calling that location they informed me to go to the store and ask them to figure it out. I was a bit hesitant, but I went anyway.I told Fatimah, the cashier at this location what was going on and she went above and beyond to make sure I had my food.I have never felt so valued as a customer before, she was so kind and had a wonderful smile.I will definitely be coming back to this location and making it my permanent one, although it’s a longer distance than the one near me, she def made it worth it.Thank you Fatimah, you are appreciated!

Curtis E Norris Jr

Get ONE STAR because cannot leave ZERO. First eating at a Zaxby's in nearly 3 years...after my horrid visit here I remembered why. Horrible service, charge you for everything and do not ask. Slow as HELL and rude!Food: 1/5

Gregg Morrison

Take out order. Boneless wings and chicken fingers were very good; Tender and flavorful. Crinkle fries were also good, if a little mushy. Could've been crisper. It was a decent meal for the five of us. I just like my chicken to be more on the spicy side. Price is about average for fast food takeout:. About $12 per person.

Janos J.

Zaxby's is one of those places we only eat at about once every two months because we like their chicken tender plates. So honesty that is all I can only review about their food. I used to get Zaxby's off Highway 78 W, and always do online orders as by the time I pick it up they had 30 minutes to make it, but that Zaxby's never once made it on time, and they didn't begin to make it until I arrived. This Zaxby's off Scenic Hwy never gives me any issues. If you order online using their app and it says it will be done in 15 minutes, it will be done in 15 minutes. The moment I come in one of their employees hands it to me. The staff is friendly, and always gives me exactly what I ordered. No issues at all for online take-out. As for dining in or sandwiches, etc... ? I have no clue. If you want consistency with online take orders, and need to get your food in time, this Zaxby's is your place for takeout. [Review #666] (21st Review of 2022)

Ronin Jester

Food was good. Only thing was that they took a bit long, but other than that it was great!

Lyndell Hill

Good staff good foodThe gang an I can get pretty loud they didn't mine

Alexa H

Restroom were nasty, the employees are a bunch of teenagers. My salad came out good but the wings and things plate was cold. One manager was yelling across the dinning room area saying she lives 45 min away and that she couldn’t take a coworker home. Lol

Alejandro Navarrete-Aguilar

Horrible drive through service. I wanted to buy five combos #5 and they told I could get only two max per customer. What kind of business is that??? Never planning to return

Sarah Taylor

Who ever own this location needs to stop by at night. They close way earlier than door says. Check cameras or something. This is ridiculous. The close whenever. Door says 10pm and the close anytime after 9pm.

Sontisha Sykes

Can’t beat Zaxby’s chicken. Went through the line pretty quick around lunch time and the food was brought out to my car piping hot. The food is always good no matter the location. I especially love the fried mushrooms. Keep the mushrooms on the menu forever!!!!!

Jenny Schumm

Fast, efficient service AND they got the order correct unlike some other Zaxby's! We went inside to order since the drive through line was long. We will definitely come back to this one.

nicholas montana

Pulled up and the dude says “whatchu want” i ordered a large kickin chicken sandwich. He says “coke wit dat?” I said no i wanted a fruit punch. I pull to the window they hand me a small coke. I told them i ordered a large. So they give me a large coke that tastes like cinnamon. Before i pay i asked can i have a couple zax sauces? They hand me my bag and it is a small kicken chicken sandwich with burnt toast burnt fries and im just in awe how this new restaurant could mess up so horribly with such a simple order. Im not tryna be a Karen but im just amazed how awful this place is.

MPro- Vison

This has been my favorite Zaxby’s recently. Usually fast, hot & friendly. However, as of late they have been closing one lane making it a little longer. And they been out of ketchup. ??. Next one may not be as nice.

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Zaxby's Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings

1780 Scenic Hwy N, Snellville, GA 30078
(770) 985-9888