El Sombrero Mexican Restaurant

879 Buckhead Dr, Statesboro
(912) 764-2661

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Love Love Love this place. The food is so good & it only takes mins for ur food to be brought to u, there so fast. Great atmosphere & very nice & friendly waiters & waitresses.. We eat here all the time. U can walk in & be seated immediately they take ur order & BAM here comes ur food. It's always hot & takes so GOOD. Anybody that likes this food needs to go here u won't regret it I promise... It's our # 1 place to eat at in the BORO....

amber day

This place was great but the food not so much on my part. But at least the rest of the family enjoyed my taco seemed dry and greasy at the same time. By the time my husband and I got back he was throwing up dinner while I was convicted to the toilet. Sorry for description. But true! Great to hang for drink but the foods only good if your nice and drunk.

Marilyn Burnett

I enjoyed every bite of a taco salad with shredded chicken. It was enhanced by those delicious, crispy nacho chips and salsa plus melted queso cheese. All was topped off by a frozen mango margarita. Our waitress was perfect in every way., friendly and promot. I couldn't have asked for a better meal or service. Thank you, El Som, for a lovely dining experience and for being consistently top-notch in service, cleanliness, and great food at a reasonable price! That's why we go back to dine there frequently. I heartily recommend you to all my friends!

Shawn Melendez

I have always had decent service and food here. Not at the top of my list for (Tex-Mex) food. Usually the hole in the wall small restaurants who's menu is only in Spanish are the places I prefer. Authentic ??Food: 3/5

Travis H

Great Mexican food place.My wife and me have gone here since she was in college back in 2011. They've been consistently good.The only complaint is that sometimes it takes a while to get a table... but that's because their food is great and everyone goes there.

thomas shaw

Took our order, repeated our order and brought us our food that wasn't exactly what we ordered. We ate it and left lol. It was good. Service was meh. Noone spoke to us when we walked in or left. We will go back to the first location probably not this one.

jan Young

Plates were so hot all the sour cream melted.. my ground beef was not cooked properly.. waitress came ., I said I hadn’t enjoyed it st all as 3/4 of my food was sat there.. she sowed not one bit of interest in why? Walked away.. will never go again

Rebecca Killian

Sorry, usually great experience. Simply too crowded and busy. Had to ask for table to be cleaned..as the were removing dishes and seating without cleaning. Disappointed as its one of our favorite go to eateries in the borough. Today was a miss...other 5 times were absolutely great. Food, price service always good...believe college move in weekend simply had them over whelmed. Try any other time than GASouthern move in!!


Because those wings were BOMB! And our server did well with a big party. Otherwise, this was the blandest Mexican food we've had! We ordered a Texas fajita and it was A LOT of onions, some peppers and a sprinkling of chicken, some beef that was crumbly and maybe 4 frozen shrimp. The corn tortillas were alright and their salsa wasn't bad either. But, that fajita....come on! It wasn't a one-off because my brother-in-law ordered the same thing and ended up sending his back; I didn't trust that. Their margaritas and other cocktails seemed to be on point though and again, those hot wings were a hit. Still trying to figure out how a Mexican restaurant has bland fajitas ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

Jack Spicer

Very good food a d service. Friendly staff.


The food was okay. The prices were okay. Our order was messed up, but it was corrected. However, the service was terrible. We all sat there thirsty because the waiter never came back. We kept looking for him, but he just disappeared. We waited forever for our check.

Christina Duke

Friendly staff, love choice of seating upstairs, food delicious with gracious portions. The margaritas come in multiple sizes including grande!!

Alan Aly Alex Daniela

excelente servicio no me puedo quejar del servicio que dan

John Scott

I eat here literally 4 times per week on average. Great staff and the food is always good. I can be in and out for lunch in under 20 minutes! They have been a part of the community for at 35 years that I can remember. I'm sure I've eaten here a thousand times over the years.

chloe johnsen

my waiter was aaron and he was so helpful and was giving drink recommendations (he suggested the blue drink with the red bull can in it but i forget what it’s called). he was also very courteous the entire time and made sure to check that we were okay often. whatever he’s getting paid it’s certainly not enough.the food was delicious and well priced and i had a wonderful time

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El Sombrero Mexican Restaurant

879 Buckhead Dr, Statesboro, GA 30458
(912) 764-2661