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Ryan Barker

If I could give zero stars, I would. We just waited in the lobby for more than an hour for a large coffee. ONE FREAKING COFFEE. We only got it when we confronted them and they proceeded to make the coffee and leave half the ingredients out in about 30 seconds. I understand McDonald’s is generally one of the places that will usually get the order wrong but this was absolutely unacceptable service.

Patrick Couch

Absolutely never have anyone taking orders at the front counter, it takes over 10-15 minutes to place orders inside. The place is always filled with fryer smoke. Taste of food could be better as well. This location absolutely is not good at all like it used to be.

G Roach

We placed an online order. The person waiting on the counter did a great job & went out of his way to help fulfill our order. The only way the only sugar free McCafe item was out, leaving only two options, no McCafe or lots of unnecessary carbs.

R Baldwin

Afternoon staff serve you when they get good and ready. Standing around jawboning and treating customers w/ attitude. I waited 8 mins to order a coke. I smiled... it was not returned. I hate dealing w people who don't care for customers spending their hard earned $$$ and would just assume see the business burn as to to serve. Sad.


This McDonald's is better than the other one in Statesboro by a long shot, but it's still not completely reliable. Usually it's pretty fast, but sometimes it's really slow. Sometimes staff is friendly, but other times not. My orders are usually correct, but not always. Sometimes the food seems stale. I don't know... It's, like, "good" as far as Statesboro goes. Statesboro is weirdly full of bad fast food restaurants. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anna A.

I asked for a sausage gravy biscuit combo, and he charged me for a sausage biscuit combo. And when I told him that my order was wrong he just got mad and had attitude with me and said well I didn't hear that. Excuse me I am on my way to work all I would like is some decency.

Saůcē Amåndą Grâce

Friendliest and best preparations in town. Great attention to detail. I drive past a McDonalds to come to this one. Thanks guys. Customer service is a dying art, but you guys got it.Bless

Mkaels Carnes

I would like to start by saying, DO NOT GO HERE. If I could rate it a 0 I would. They were gross, the kitchen was so freaking nasty. Food thrown on the floor, there was roaches. They were unorganized and had awful customer service. They were taking there time it took 35 minutes to get my order ( a chicken sandwich and a fry) and 15 minutes for them to just take my order. It wasn’t busy. AND MY CHICKEN WAS BURNT TO A CRISP AND WAS NOT THE RIGHT KIND OF CHICKEN. As soon as someone they knew went up there, they took there order instantly. Never have I ever been more disgusted with a place in my life. JUST GO TO WENDYS. (I couldn’t get a picture of the kitchen, I didn’t want them to ask me questions and waste even more of my time.)

Alison Casilli

I didn't get my fries so I called to ask for a refund or a replacement (they take your name and you can come later and get the item). I called and the phone rang until it stopped ringing...20 times estimated. I called back...same thing. I sit hitting redial until the "manager" pulls her head out of her 5th point of contact and figures out how to answer a phone. Have fun hearing that ringing all night.

Gnomish Smith

Typical McDonald's experience. Staff was apathetic but did their job. Food was as expected. Order was mostly correct. Fries were made to order, but the oil they cooked them in did not taste fresh. Burger was yummy salted meat with some toppings, same McDonald's flavor you would get anywhere else.

Chardia Simon

Went through the drive thru to order and the GM was taking orders and had attitude. How do you expect anyone to spend there money where you giving attitude. I politely said no and went across the street to Wendy’s. One thing for sure if your GM is like this your whole store is the same way. You can’t tell me any different.

Joi Marie

Absolutely disgusting will never be coming back!

Lazy Eyed Lester

I’d give zero stars if that was an option. Over an hour in the drive through after I ordered. Chick at the cash register with rope for hair was on her phone oblivious to the job she should be doing. Then wants to be rude. They need to close this place down.

Rachel Martin

Placed an online order (confirmation 1651), got in line for a drive thru pick up and was told to come inside. Then once inside they cashier didn’t know anything about the order (though it showed up on their “now serving” screen as displayed in the picture. DO NOT go to this McDonalds. They’re disorganized af and don’t know app orders at all. 0/10 would not recommend.

Chrystal D

I totally agreed with the previous reviewer's comments. We spent 30 minutes in the drive through after ordering. The girl at the first window that takes your payment was on her phone and refused to acknowledge we had pulled up to pay for about 5 minutes. Then she took my card wirhout a word spoken and ran it without confirming my order until she was handing me the receipt. Luckily she got it right and I paid for the correct order. Pulled up to the next window to get my food and sat there at least 5 minutes. No one acknowledged me. No one ever gave me drinks or food they did look at me and know that I was there. This was the absolute worst experience I have ever had at this McDonald's. They really need to do something to fix their problems.

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