Big Joy Chinese Restaurant

1580 E Park Pl Blvd, Stone Mountain
(770) 498-3898

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Wal Do

Cozy place, great food & prices. The women working there were a pleasure and I found this place to be a little slice of Heaven.

Joi Fleming

The Beef Chow Mein had NO noodles...go figure. The large won ton soup had two won ton filled with some small chicken squares. All of it...pitiful, don't know WHAT kind of chinese this is...

Jasmine Jeanjacques

It's so good to come home from traveling and try a place for the first time and enjoy it! The food is fresh and good! So happy they didn't turn us away just because they were 30mins from closing.

Michael W.

I ordered takeout and was disappointed. Maybe I could take the disappointment better if the prices were lower but with higher than average prices this fails miserably. It was Friday afternoon early evening approx 5 pm. I ordered 2x shrimp & broccoli and an orange chicken. The S&B was so so. I've had better in terms of portion and flavor. The orange chicken was what appeared to be a fried filet chopped with gross sauce in the side . (See pic) Needlessly to say I will never return here. Summary: BIG prices, BIGGER disappointments.

Chelleigh Cuddy

This Chinese place is an oldie but a goodie. The sizzling soup is quite fun and tasty with shrimp, rice, veggies. We got the teriyaki chicken and the orange chicken, both of which were very tasty. And huge portions. The crab Rangoons were not my favorite but they were okay. The dumplings are okay as well, I'm not a huge fan of sage, and I think it's in there. But overall, good choice for Chinese!! Love the family style way they serve!

Tammy Robinson

Ordered pick upStaff was very friendlyFood was Delicious ?Many choicesRestaurant was nice

Lauren G.

Im currently eating my meal and feeling quite nervous. The process to order and pickup was simple and quick- but when I walked in, there was absolutely no one in the restaurant and the room smelled faintly of old cabbage. When I got home and opened my containers (I got sesame chicken combo with egg drop soup and white rice) I was surprised to see chicken the color of flaming hot Cheetos. It is bright red. Alarmingly like blood red. I've never seen sesame chicken like this before. It doesn't taste bad but im confused and the color is throwing me off and making me lose my appetite. The rice is crispy and feels old. The soup is luke warm but relatively tasty outside of the random peas and carrot. Overall, I probably won't finish my meal and I doubt I'll eat here again. It was only $12 but $12 I'm not willing to spend again.

Jeff Clarke

Its possible that the quality of the food was impacted by the hour I went. (Approx. 1/2 hour before closing). The fried rice... well wasn't. It was white rice with stuff included. The General Chicken, was better described as chicken soaked in low quality soy sauce. I am sadly very disappointed in this location.

Deborah Haskins

Although the orange chicken presentation was pretty, chicken wasn't done and wasn't cooked in the orange sauce. I had to add it which didn't make it as good. Also had hair in my egg roll. Haven't been to Big Joy in many years, thought I'd try again. Very disappointed. I'll stick with Majong

Crystal Renee

I go here for nostalgia, used to eat here as a kid. And the fact that their orange chicken is the best I have ever had.

Chuck P

Always the best Chinese food at the great price why pay more at those other places this place is a hidden treasure on a side road ,,, try it

Caleb Smith

Good, clean, inviting space to come in and eat. Had the sesame chicken and fried rice, water to drink and paid almost $15. Portion size was pretty good. Only problem is the high price and the chicken was swimming in sauce. I liked the sauce just not that much in my opinion.

Rochelle Thompson

The best authentic chinese !!Prepared fresh ,hot ,and if it's takeout boxed for travel.The owners are wonderful !My family and I have been eating and taking out for 15 years.

Robert dobbs

Flavor is apparently very expensive currently, cause they included none. I buy house special lo mein, and fried rice for meat, and flavor. $26 for a pint of each is a rip-off for good quality food. So for the water flavor garbage they pettle, I will never go back. Basically white rice, and plain lo mein.


Best ? Hot and Sour ? soup east of the Mississippi!?

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