Doos Seafood @ Stone Mountain

1215 S Hairston Rd, Stone Mountain
(770) 457-3667

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Nekki Boult

The young lady at the front was amazing and accommodating. Thank you for looking out for us. My nieces and nephew were so excited about their lemonade and crablegsFood: 4/5

Kali Harris

Unpleasant!The “ butter sauce “ taste like vegetable oil and water. I even bought the creamy garlic butter sauce. It tasted a tad better but not worth .75 cent.When i made it back to my family’s house with the food which was 6 minutes away the food was then cold. The $17 clusters are very short a thin. I regret going there because of the short distance. I’d rather drive an hour to the next town than to ever spend money there again.Very disappointing especially with the cost.The young lady at the restaurant was very helpful and kind that’s the only reason i gave it two stars for the customer service.

Ronnie La

Called at 7:30 tonight to place an over the phone order an was told I had to come in because they weren't taking over the phone orders. Told them I was too far away and wouldn't get there till almost closing time if I did that and I would go ahead and pay over the phone if I needed. They told me I had to come in and it didn't matter as long as I got here before 8:00. Got here at 7:50 the doors were locked.

Nadiyah Carey

THE MOST HEAVENLY SEAFOOD BOIL!!!Y’all, they literally serve the best seafood boils I’ve ever had. The food is always fresh and hot. The cream garlic sauce is absolutely amazing!! I’d never had a boil with noodles in it before but I’m telling you it takes it to another level! This is a hidden gem but I drive 45 minutes there and 45 min back whenever I want seafood. It’s more than worth it.The only thing I will say is depending on who’s working that day, you can order in advance over the phone. Most of the time I’ve been able to do so but there’s been 2 times where I was told they don’t take orders over the phone. Nonetheless, I’ve always had great service. Hope y’all enjoy!

Pasia Tardif

My partner brought me here for awhile getting her seafood and I decided to try it one day. Best seafood I have ever tasted!! It’s clean and doesn’t taste like the sea like some places. Flavor is amazing always fresh? And customer service is awesome, always a friendly face?

Chie Creative Associates

Cashier had attitude....dinner not crowded for hump day on South Hairston.....but slow! Glad food was hot though! Even the coleslaw.....wt!

Ms. Brandy

The food was fresh and made to order. I got the large gumbo with rice. So good. I got my husband a shrimp poboy. He said it was good also. Try them. Something different from the norm.

Carla Drianna

10/10 recommended. This was my first time here, but I would definitely come back. Everything was fresh and seasoned well.

Missy Moss

Was craving for Crab legs. Checked my area and this delightful and delicious place popped up. The food was Poppin?

Bianca Cooper

The potatoes in my order was grey, the shrimp and the corn was over cooked and the crab leg tasted old and there was white gooey stuff on the crab meat. I paid a lot for this combo and it was not worth the money AT ALL !! I’m disappointed


Went here the other day and had a experience that raised a couple red flags. I went in and placed my order and paid with my debit card. Another of the ladies behind the register then came to me before I signed the receipt asking me to tip on the receipt and they will give me the money I tipped out the register. I told her I don’t know about that and she pushed again for that . I told her if I tipped that I would need to change the total at the bottom , she told me I wouldn’t need to do that . I told her I’m not comfortable doing that and walked out . I don’t know what’s going on at this location but something not right .

S Cochran

Originally left a good review until I called at 7:50 and someone hung up in my face. I’m confused because they don’t close until 9pm.I loveeeee the food here. Sometimes it’s not the best closer to closing time, but still good. The crawfish here is my go to. Closest in Atlanta that reminds me of Biloxi, MS !! I eat here at least once a week for my crawfish fix ? The shrimp bowl in creamy garlic is also to die for. Shrimp po boy is in my top five favorites here based on other places. The service here is usually good. The food stays hot and fresh for a while. I love how they package the food because it doesn’t spill in my car ??. The muscles are good. I don’t really care for the potatoes here, as they are kinda bland. DONT FORGET TO DOUBLE UP ON THE BROCCOLI!!! It is ????

Karla Jelks

Good and flavorful food. Somewhat stingy with condiments.

Ciara H.

I placed an order over the phone for a shrimp po boy and small fries. Con(s):They were a little unorganized when I arrived to pick up my order. One cashier waved me to her for assistance, while the other cashier was assisting someone. They were protected behind plexiglass; I was very uncomfortable with the non exiting 6 feet social distance at the register. Next, my information was LOUDLY requested while the STRANGER was near me with the other cashier and the growing line of strangers behind us. Just as I whispered my info, the other cashier loudly stated "That order mot ready". And this was after I gave them more time to prepare it. I was then waved away to wait "wait over there". But then It WAS ready because I was beckoned to a weird space between the line of people and a "counter". Lastly, I had to ask for all the condiments I ordered. It was was a little over priced ordering a la carte because I did not want the combo. PRO: The sandwich was prepared as I requested and tasty.

Tonia Long

I called and placed an order for pick up, when I arrived the staff was nice and friendly, there was no wait time and my food was ready, fresh and hot, I ordered the shrimp combo and all I can say is that it was delicious, I was very pleased, I have a new eating place that I will frequent,

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