JJ’s Fish and Chicken

5719 Rockbridge Rd SW, Stone Mountain
(470) 545-4799

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Dana Mosley

I ordered about $130 worth of food for an event. The half trays were super hot and the lady taking the money with the pretty hijab on charged me $3 for 3 paper bags to put the food trays in….never again.

Venita Pace

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but this establishment is not serving real catfish. I am from the dirty south and prepare catfish every Friday night, with fries, fried green tomatoes and homemade cole slaw and hushpuppies. Sorry not good!

Urban Hippie Rebel

EXTRA SKIMPY ON THE CONDIMENTS.. 1 cocktail sauce for 20-30 shrimp is pretty ridiculous especially when I'm ordering from Uber eats which charges me more. Food is great I order weekly from this location and Wesley chapel but it never fails when I order the 20 piece shrimp or 30 piece they give 1 cocktail sauce

justin barnett

I had such a great experience all thanks to the girl name was C. She took my order and was very respectful & nice. The food was amazing to me and I’m definitely going back soon all thanks to C.

Lanoard Brown

7/28/22: Good hot fish and fast service. The lemon/pepper special seasoning on everything is delicious. Good special/frozen beverage selection. The dining area is still not open for the dine in option.

AJ Stephens

Just visited there a few days ago and I have to say their chicken was really good and I like the seasonings they used on the chicken. Also, one of there cashiers named C was pretty cool and she got everything right on my order; including extra napkins and a hot sauce.

kayla moo

I had got wings and fish combo and it was so good! The cashier, i think her name was C, ( lightskin with curly hair) she was so accommodating, patient, and nice while taking orders and she double checked my order before giving it out to me. She did not go skimp on my lemon pepper seasoning either she did such an amazing job! I cant say the same for the other cashier’s though ? anyways yall need more people like her

Jones H.

Everytime I'm here I enjoy my experience. I always order from the $12.99 combo section of the menu. I live the twelve shrimp and three chicken wings combo with fries and a tiny taste of delicious coleslaw. Place your order and pay at the front counter, you will be handed a small wireless calling device that lights up when your order is ready. There is no inside seating like pre-covid 19. The seating booths are roped off, I hope they bring back the inside dining. The food is always fresh and deliciously prepared. My favorite is the banana pudding. They have a variety of delicious cakes. I will be back again soon.

T W.

Just don't! I wanted fried wings on my one day of fried food cheat day. Our neighbor recommended JJ's. Ugh! If you love over the top salty and hard fried, non-moist, tiny wings, this is the place for you! Oh and allow me to add that my husband ordered fried trout and received fried whiting( extra salty).... And for extra extra salty, sprinkle a bit more of their "special seasoning" on your way out. Terrible. I believe that I'm over with giving low end fast fried food restaurants a chance to buck the stereotype of low end fast fried food restaurants reputations. My husband likened it to city "hood" corner food that he remembers eating growing up with his friends after a night out. He's a Northener. I don't quiet know what that means because we grew on separate ends of the economic spectrum. He says it's named after JJ from Good Times, the tv show as both are based in Chicago. Now I don't know if he's telling the truth ( haha) about the origin so I will go with it and confirm the facts later. Either way, I will never order from there again. I value my low blood pressure and heart health. Value yours too.

Erika B

The employees here are extremely rude. I've been blatantly ignored multiple times both when picking up food for myself or for ubereats/doordash. And I've been scoffed at for asserting myself asking to be helped after being completely ignored for 5 minutes or more.If you like JJ's the food here is as good as any other location but for some reason (I wish I was exaggerating) the employees are some of the rudest and slowest I've ever seen.

Cynthia B.

Some of the best fried food ever!! My mouth is watering just thinking about it This restaurant has a nice friendly atmosphere and the staff is nice, friendly and helpful! Every dish I've had here is delicious and PLEASE DO NOT FORGET to sprinkle some extra crack seasoning on your meal before you leave!! I don't know what's in it but it's addictive just like the drug! No I've never tried drugs but I've seen the effects and the crack seasoning has the same effect . I've eaten JJ's for years when I lived in ATL. I now live in Athens Ga and travel to this location whenever I need a fix . You will not be disappointed although the line may be long because this place is always packed! Try it and I guarantee you will not be disappointed! Sorry for no pics but I can never remember to get one due to diving right in every time I get my food ‍

William G.

Excellent service and the food is awesomely delicious the price is so affordable and such a great variety of food to choose from.

Kim H.

The wait is crazy but be patient because it worth it. On a good day their food is seasoned perfectly, I believe they make their own seasoning. The lemonade is awesome they gave so many flavors. They are also available on DoorDash.

Cameron Malveaux

Always delicious- hot- fresh- the service is great!!! The wait time!!! Is organized, nice and professional!!! Been going to this location since I moved to ATL and let me just say! You guys will be very pleased with the quality of their food and the prices are reasonable.

Asia E.

This place stays packed, take my advice and order ahead online and save yourself a wait. The whiting fish, chicken winds and zucchini fries are my favorite combo. Be sure to add extra crack sauce to your wings and fish it's the best. I also love the lemonade my favorite flavor is the mango.

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