Maleda Market

4856 Memorial Dr, Stone Mountain
(678) 949-9822

Recent Reviews


Their service is good and the store looks cleans as it compare with other similar store.But the quality of their fresh meet(kurte Siga) is s not as good as it used to be and I’m not satisfied with my last four orders in a row.I recommend not to consider Maleda for fresh meat specially for kurt siga.

Renata Irving

The kindest service, always pleasant. Amazing veggie combo. Coffee is also on point.

helina kebede

The store is clean and the customer service is excellent.

jikssa Catering

Dear Maleda Market family and stuff. Thank you so much for your help and support you did for me yesterday! You make my day! Keep up a great job to help us get through the day.Customer service and Cleanliness off the kitchen as well as front of the shop is really great. Very organized and definitely you will find the items you are looking for. Authentic spices you name it you will find it and it’s very reasonable price and a good quality not to mission the meat product they have it’s fresh. I think it’s a good idea to order ahead of time to make sure you the product you wished to have is available. That’s what I did and it worked out for me.THANK YOU EVERYONE! I’ll definitely will be back again.

Jennifer Crisp

I love this market! I am visiting from out of town and they had everything I needed to make an Ethiopian feast for my friends who live here in Georgia! The young lady behind the counter was so attentive and such a joy!


Always on point.....Atlanta best Ethiopian food and Market!!!!


I have been going to this specialty market to shop primarily for fresh meats and other exotic spices and baked items specifically prepared to suit tastes and flavors I have enjoyed growning up back in the days. I liked the ambiance and the customer service, especially of the guy I often find working behind the fresh meat counter. He could easily recognize me every time I went there and prepared my meat orders as perfectly as he could with care, courtesy and a big smile. The lady (owner's wife) also provided good customer service and would sometime go beyond their regular service duty to accomodate my request for something extra, such as, for example, grinding a certain spice I purchased from their shop, which she gladly did. However, I went back to the same place several days later to buy the same spice and asked if they could grind it for me. This time the lady was not there. It was the husband (owner) of the shop. To my unpleasant surprise, the man told me that they wouldn't do grinding and that they didn't have the grinder, not knowing that I knew they had the grinder and his wife had done it for me without hesitation previously. I didn't care to let him know that, nonetheless. Since then, I started going to their competitors to explore for better service and found better alternatives. I still go to shop at their place sometimes but almost always with less enthusiasm and interest. Otherwise, they seem to keep their shelves clean and well organized, and get the same good service from the guy in the meat section.

Natalie Mason

We've had cappuccinos a few times here and they are always perfect! And the staff is super friendly.

lich ch

Interesting store and nice service.

Solomon Asfsw

Great store and customer service

Solomon Betru

Best place to buy beef prime cuts, Ethiopian enjera bread and soices. Good and friendly service

Melat Yigezu

Good customer service and clean place.

Babi Samuel

Nice customer service. As I'm new to the city it's good to find a place with good service. Keep it up

Travis Westmoreland

This place has all the stops amicable, excellent customer service, an immaculate establishment, and incredible food.

Kokob Weldu

Great traditional food and good customer service.

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