Panda Express

6006 Memorial Dr, Stone Mountain
(404) 294-9889

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Amarie S

My team ordered a large catering order and Greg was awesome! The food was fresh and ready on time and my guests loved it.Thank you all!

Robin B.

The lo mein noodles were very dry and I got only 4 to 5 pieces of mushroom chicken. The zucchini pieces was in abundance. Never again

Anjennette Nesby

The only issue I have with Panda Express is that most of their entrees/noodles/rice are extremely dry. You have to ask for extra sauces.Food: 4/5

Bettii Love

The drive thru was around the building and when I got to the speaker I sat waiting to speak with someone for atleast 10-15min. The people behind me were asking if they were even taking orders. Horrible.

Tyla Marie Rose

Please DO NOT get delivery here. I do not know what's the issue or confusion when it comes to the online orders, But it's literally not worth the headache. The order is never right and the food is always dry.

My experiece

The staff was ok I ordered Beijing beef it was at a good temperature but not the crispy fresh due to being close to the last serving the flavor was consistent I was looking for, pro greens and chow mein was not up to temp at all. Not somewhere I would revisit.

S. Woods

This place has gone down hill!!! Management sucks! I used to eat here often now I drive at least 30 minutes away to a different location with better service.

Joseph D'Andrea

Placed a almost $30 dollar order door dash was supposed to deliver and stole my food. Then the store said they were remaking the food 4 drivers show up and never get the order because they haven't made it again. It's not like this is a place where they make your food from scratch all they hqve to do is repackage it.They won't answer the phone for me or the customer service from panda express. I wonder if this was purposely done because of the refusal to pick up the phone knowing that the calls were coming from me and panda express. This is how we treat our truck drivers who want to get a meal while they are stuck at a yard waiting for their truck to be fixed. I will never order from panda express again and make sure I go out of my way they don't even care about returning your money so you can order from somewhere else. Quick to take your money have your food stolen and take over a week to get your money back. Very unprofessional but I guess what should else should I expect from people who don't appreciate having a job or be a honest.

T. B.

Came here an hour before closing, the person said they have a “limited menu”And proceeded to tell me what they have. Not good service! How much does it cost to have white rice available? You don’t want to make extra food but you’re losing sales. Make it make sense!


Quick Asian inspired dishes already prepared for easy decision making when you don't have the 'full restaurant' money and/or time.


These bright workers only gave me like 3 slivers of beef and like 8 pieces of broccoli. Ridiculous. At least give us a decent serving if we order beef and broccoli not JUST BROCCOLI ???

black c.

Consistently good for delivery and through drive through my daughter ordered from a bubble tea restaurant food that was not 10 percent as good as this. The chef takes great care to make a great Kung Pao Chicken I have not seen as good outside of SF.

Woodrow Wilson

The Service was great. Everybody who was working the food line was wearing gloves. And my order was taken in a timely manner. I observed the employees & Everybody was wearing masks. The Lobby was cleaned. I was very pleased with my visit experience.

Deep dimples TineTine

This my first time ever leaving a review at any place. Bu! The food was horrible. No seasoning what so ever. Never again.

DanShawn Rivers

Manager very rude...can't speak or understand English..left of a meal that was sitting right there on the table.. instead of just looking she got upset..after back and forth she asked the girl who fixed it.yes it's mine... employees can't do their job with a rude unprofessional manager...Food was okay ?

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