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Vintinita Hill

It was Subway's anniversary and they were giving away 6-in subs as a promotion. At 12:15 I was going to order my complimentary sub sandwich and the owner told me that he ended the promotion at 12:00 p.m. in the afternoon and turned around and gave my Caucasian co-worker a free sandwich at 12:30. I told her what happened and she got me a free sub. I have never eaten there again. They should have been sued for discriminatory practices.

Paul Neighbors

It has been a long time since I've been to a fast food joint were the employee that was bymyself none the less still took me seriously as a customer thank you

Timothy Green

It's atypical subway. Tge only problem I had was seeing flies flying around the veggie section where they make our sandwichs. That was a turn off.

Ken Dp

The Ethiopian woman that made my sandwich was NASTY and pushed my sandwich when I politely asked her if she could cut it in 4. I won't be coming back. They have no customer service.

Joujou W.

Poor customer service. I was wondering what was taking so long for my change ? Now I know why....he waited to give me a bootleg torn dollar ? ?

HG Braf

Good customer service. Received meals in a timely manner.

Issam Ahmad

So so cheap and nasty

Levon Wright

It's very cool I extremely appreciated how clean everything was socially distance

Tanya Gallaga

This particular Subway has made me sick 2x that I've eaten there. There is 1 older employee who ALWAYS takes the trash out WITH his apron on. A female employee has been seen going to the restroom then NOT washing her hands afterwards but going back to work making sandwiches for customers. The head manager HAS been made aware of this but it still continues to happen. Please don't eat here,go to another location.

Ravikanth Vajjha

Train the guys properly before putting them into job. Didn't even cut the foot long sub into half.

bruce murray

I travel all the time. Good simple foodThey are always there.

Mr Washington

To be fair our 1st choice Subway closed early, reason unknown, so we took the chance and headed up to this one: The "New employee" knew his stuff and absolutely laid it out perfectly from 6 feet masked a professional worth every trip! a reflection on the manager and owner I think training; & who was standing there acting like he was helping not watching food cost lol. next day and Im just eating the other half of my footlong "Terri Chic" with spinach and jalapeños plus raspberry chez cookies definitely delicious thanks newbie!! @lways TIP!!!

Carolyn Thomas

When to Subway inside of Walmart. The food was good.

Dilecia Ellis

The food was okay but the guy that fixed my sandwich made me feel rushed to tell what I want on it. Other than that everything else was okay

destiny palmore

Mold on food .

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