Sunshine Jamaican Restaurant

5998 Memorial Dr, Stone Mountain
(404) 298-4290

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trichelle culberson

I love this place. I come here all the time. I don’t eat meat and she always accommodates me for it! The food is so good, it’s the only place I go to get my African food. And the lady is so generous!

Thanh Nguyen

Friendly service and tasty food. The jerk pork with beans and rice was delicious and tender. I could not recommend enough.

Kelene Thomas

I've been eating here for years. I love the food!! I have yet to experience bad service and /or nasty food. I always get the j*** chicken, rice and beans, and plantains, and the plantains are to die for!! The prices are affordable and great size of portions as well. ..THE BEST IN GEORGIA!!! I drive 30 minutes and don't mind at all!! ✌️?&?.

Jetlyfe Jay

I love the food but you always have to wait for 20 mins or more. Even if I call the order in and wait 30 mins before I go to pick the food up and I’m talkin just rice & peas cabbage. Love the food but I only go when I haven’t waited too late to eat.

Kitty K.

Seafood is made to order, delicious and fresh, worth the wait. Portions are a good size as well. Whole brown stew snapper and curry shrimp were incredible. The curry sauce had okra and carrots and the brown stew peppers and carrots, rice and peas covered in well seasoned sauce. We will be back for the most authentic in towns, tastes like somebody's mama's recipes. The woman at the counter was friendly and had good conversation. Would give five stars if there was a place to wait until food was ready.

Shellie Sweets Rob

I appreciate the lady at the front. The man in the back is disrespectful and uncompromising. He failed to properly make cabbage and wanted me to accept cole slaw texture or salad when I’m a vegan and that’s not what I ordered. Then refused to do anything about it after admitting it wasn’t fully cooked. He is still arguing and expecting me to care about your policies more than my plate. It’s unreasonable and I’m so tired of people who expect you to accept any ole thing after working hard to pay for a large plate that’s only 25% edible. Then the curly hair lady came and moved my keys that were on top of my old bag of food and threw it away. She shouldn’t have touched my things. I could have had more items in that bag. Period. The pregnant one. You reap what you sow. Horrible 1st experience. I would have a photo but she threw my stuff away. And I regret tipping. The short hair lady was the only professional. Imma tell everybody too.

Imari D.

Extremely rude. Terrible customer service. I called to place a to go order and the menu was different.when I expressed this she literally hung up on me.


Just tried this place over the weekend for the first time. Chicken/goat combo was delicious and a nice sized portion.The woman at the counter (Saturday) was very polite and respectful I appreciated that. She has a nice attitude. The wait time for the food also wasn’t bad.

Boss B.

Food is the bomb, but the place is not the cleanest. And they let u combo the meals. So u can get oxtails and goat

Keila K.

I had a craving for Jamaican food and found this spot riding down Memorial Drive. I didn't have time to read the reviews prior to coming so we literally took a chance and I'm glad we did! Omg that j*** pork was soooooo good. Never have I ever ordered that from any other restaurant but wanted to try something other than j*** chicken or curry chicken. My first choice was the fish but it's prepared to order which takes about 25-30 minutes which we weren't in the mood to wait. All seafood is prepared to order so I know for next time to call ahead for that dish if I'm in the area again. The pork was so flavorful and it was right amount of spice. And it's plenty of meat! Rice and peas, cabbage and plantains ran me ten bucks which ain't nuthin at all. I can always count on Stone Mountain and Decatur to provide the best island food.

Christian T.

Today was my first time trying Sunshine Jamaican Restaurant so I played it safe and ordered ox tail, rice and peas, curry chicken, cabbage, a beef patty, and plantains. The food is absolutely fresh, clean, and delicious omg the cashier was very polite and she told me I'd be back lol she was right.

Rob C.

Excellent food. Very tasty and with the two meat combo plate really good. I had the curry chicken and curry goat.

Melissa M.

I had the veggie plate here and it was fantastic! My selections were rice and peas, cabbage and plaintain. The rice and peas and cabbage were perfectly seasoned. I would definitely recommend this restaurant!


So honestly the gravy watered down. 4 oxtails on a large plate for 27 dollars is crazy and it’s not real Jamaican food cause I’ve definitely had real b4. It’s lacks favor. They give lots of rice and it’s ok cabbage could have little more seasoning and the oxtails again lack flavor. They are tender thought so I’ll give them that. Also the lady at the front desk rude rude attitude I mean customer service goes along way

LaBelle Franchie Francois

Excellent customer service is excellent—great food and price. People are going to complain no matter what.

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