China King Restaurant

4733 Jonesboro Rd # 150, Union City
(770) 306-6878

Recent Reviews

Staci Hughes

Only Chinese Place I eat at, love it!! And my girl be getting you in and out!!

Just Tim

I got the generator Tso chicken combo. The chicken was ok (a lot of dark meat pieces) the rice was okay but the egg roll was off. The inside was a clay like material almost like tofu. Very dry. I wouldn’t recommend

Critique & Criticism

Customer service is good but, fried food touching the Styrofoam is a no no. Where us the wax paper for proper preparation!? Health inspector!!?

ChauChau N

Great price and food. I mean just look at this. Whole and a can of soda for only $8

Rl Bell

The food was good and fresh. The General Tso chicken was not as spicy as it usually is. *I like spicy.

Bre’s HouseOfLocs

Food was good, customer service was very good!

Cassandra Glover

Haven’t been here in awhile and the food was still good. I ordered the chicken and broccoli and it was so tasty.

Treylin Harrington

They are pretty good. The food is always hot, bit the peas, in the fried rice, are always hard.. the food is still good though

Damon Glenn

Terrible service, bad attitudes and high prices for inadequate food. I was rushed to order my food and, just a regular meal came up to almost $30 dollars!!!! Not to mention what I ordered was a small meal!

Craig Perry

Food was horrible. Chicken was soggy. Fried rice was made with yellow rice. Flavor was not good. Don't waste your money.

Alethia Robinson

Pretty Decent Food ! The only thing that was confusing was the sizes

Elishaje .Campbell

I have eaten here a few times. The staff were friendly and the food is delicious for a reasonably good price!!

Brigitte Jones

We always get our food there was great.

Twanda Evans

I love the shrimp and broccoli lunch special

Melinda Dong

New Business hours are Monday-Thursday 11:00-9:30, Friday-Saturday 11:00-10:30, closed on Sunday

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