China King Restaurant

4733 Jonesboro Rd # 150, Union City
(770) 306-6878

Recent Reviews

Brigitte Harris

Never had a problem. The lady that runs the place knows my voice when I phone in my take out order. I have been a customer for many years.

Shanta Clemons

There food is really good. Got the spare rib tips and beef fried rice. Loved the sauce on the ribs and the rice was great. The shrimp egg roll was fresh alsoFood: 5/5

Nook Exclusive

Lookin like this and wanna give someone attitude tuh go to hell !

Aweys Abdi

Don’t go to this place as the food is terrible and made me sick. I got a food poisoning also the staff were so mean and was calling us names in their language as my friend had to translate it for me.

Sonyet Kaay

This place will argue with customers instead of giving a refund or fixing the actual issue when we have HAIR in our food . Yall need to do better !

Rochelle Balanza

VERY BAD. Do not go here hair in there food.

Tonya Evans

Gross. I found hair in my food. I didn't leave the establishment as I ate it there. Lady at the counter wouldn't replace it or refund it. I only took two bites! Nobody else was in there but the staff and I. I can't even say if the food was good. I just threw the food away and left. I won't be going back.

Phillipe Janvier

Good food compared to most places. Far above expectationsFood: 5/5

Ty Leah

Don’t go here. They serve food with hair in it. Many videos are floating around social media support of the claim.

Vic Amaris

They have the best Chinese food in Union City and I have tried a few lol they are always consistent and pretty fast! I definitely recommend the chicken and broccoli combo plate. They have a couple tables in there but we always just get it to go and it's hot and fresh every time! I love their shrimp rolls and wonton soup also

Kisima Billie

Horrible food!!! Do not eat here!!! Found hair in my food!!!

Mcintodh L.

Five people found hair in their food and the owner will find a way to fight and argue with you instead of trying to fix the problem

Staci Hughes

Only Chinese Place I eat at, love it!! And my girl be getting you in and out!!

Just Tim

I got the generator Tso chicken combo. The chicken was ok (a lot of dark meat pieces) the rice was okay but the egg roll was off. The inside was a clay like material almost like tofu. Very dry. I wouldn’t recommend

Fredricka S.

I absolutely LOVE Chinese food so shortly upon moving to the area I was in search of a very good Chinese take-out that would become "my spot!" I found China King on Google and since it appeared to be NY style I decided to give it a try. I ordered my usuals Shrimp & Broccoli w/pork fried rice and house lo mein. The house lo mein was really good! Was very meaty, flavorful and saucy! The shrimp & broc was good and tasty but not enough brown sauce for me. The sauce was actually pretty thin. But the veggies were cooked well not too crunchy and not too mushy (thank goodness)! Now, the fried rice was a bit disappointing. Was a lil bland and dry. The pork was more chopped like than diced. My dad had house fried rice w/chicken wings. He felt his rice was also dry and his wings were fried too hard. However, the food was definitely edible and the portion size was good! This is the 3rd Chinese take-out I've visited in the area and although it is by far better than the previous 2 it's still not quite on the level to become "my spot" and so my search continues! But give it try...customer service was spot on along w/the Sweet Tea and it's a solid spot just not the BEST I've ever had! TIP: $8 lunch specials come w/a can drink but no egg roll

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