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4550 Jonesboro Rd, Union City
(770) 969-6268

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Angel Kerney

Also in the ATL...they gave me enough food but I'm from Mobile visiting & the food filled the box up but it was rice...way to dry..hardly no meat mixed in it & my fried shrimp was cooked so hard...maybe I'm just use to better service or something cause I was really let down on this order...I expected the nice lady behind the plastic curtain was as sweet as could be...I won't be going back there for quick Chinese food when visiting the ATL area again & there's a Nail Shop in tha same little area place I told my sister don't bring me to that one anymore cause the lady that did me was pay attention to the door so much & rushing..she didn't do a very good job , when I tried to tell her how I wanted her to do something to my nails...she had an attitude...but I tipped her alright & thought....won't be coming back here again either...oh well...I'm not usually a complainer...but I'll just not return...take my business somewhere else that's how I deal with situations...on to the next place that gives me the service I feel is worthy of my little money...people you really don't have to be rude to anyone...just don't go back again....mic...drop...folks? ?

Jennifer M.

I had been having a taste for an order of good moo goo gai pan and since I am a recent transplant from Michigan I wasn't sure where to go here in Fairburn. After doing a search I am so happy I found China Wok!! My food was hot & fresh when I picked it up and it smelled wonderful! The customer service was great and I even appreciated them giving me a call to let me know my order was ready!! I asked for extra celery & mushrooms and that's exactly what I got!!! My new go-to Chinese restaurant close to my house!

Savi D.

Finally some food that I actually like. I have tried for years to find the best spots for Chinese food, but I didn't have much luck. This all changed last month, when I ventured to another part of town. I had a hair appointment in Fairburn, Ga and knew that once done I would need something to eat. So while at the hair salon, I decide to do a search in the area for a highly recommended Chinese food spot. This is how I stumbled across China Wok on Jonesboro road. The food is fresh and delicious. The are nicely fried, the shrimp fried rice is tasty along with the broccoli , egg drop soup, and the shrimp and Vegetable egg rolls. The owner and their family are super nice. The kids always super sweet. I have gone here on two occasions. I have to drive 34 minutes from where I am to pick up mu order, but it is worth it. I am always open find other spots, so let me know if you have any other recommendations.

Tasha D.

I'm from St. Louis originally so I'm picky about Chinese food. This is the best I've found in Union City so far! I had special fried rice and wings and they were both great. I went for the egg rolls but I thought they were average.


The owners are always really nice and the food is great. They have no problem making modifications to the menu items and it's always hot, fresh and fast.

omid kamali

Nice place to be.

Rob Jones

Good customer serviceAnd great braised wings well there my favorite

Ronnie Harris

Rice was not cooked thoroughly, Egg Rolls weren’t cook right the inside looks like it was soaked in cooking oil, Egg foo yong was fried hard on both sides, and the gravy mixture was too thick. First time last time

Chef N D.

Decent Chinese food. Not the best in metro Atlanta. This is down the street from my house so I go multiple times a week for the lunch specials which are relatively inexpensive. My favorite thing here is the egg rolls, which are delicious. I order those alone sometimes. The wings are a little small. The whole wings are better than the flavored wings. The Chinese dishes are decent. Chicken and broccoli, beef with broccoli, general tso etc. The lo mein is ok. Fried rice is top not, just make sure you tell them not to short you on the add ins like chicken and shrimp. It's worth checking out just call ahead.

Yolanda Johnson

Always great food. Clean and very consistent flavor and quality. We have been going for years.


Always great food. Clean and very consistent flavor and quality. We have been going for years.

Fredrick S.

Perfection from A to Z the wings are 2nd to none and really everything I've eaten here has been amazing and the customer service is unmatched

Gina Esquibel-Hoskins

Always great food


I live in South Fulton and I come over here because they have vegan options and meat options. They are always so kind to me and always friendly, fresh food. Thanks China Wok

Gina Esquibel-Neal

Always great food

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